Video: EWS Practice Begins in Whistler - The Privateer Episode 10

Aug 11, 2018
by Pinkbike Originals  

Adam heads out to practice with Scott athlete - Scotty Laughland. As a former full-time EWS racer, Scott is the ideal practice partner for Adam to help suss out lines on the longest stage of the EWS - Top Of The World all the way down to the bottom.

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 1 episode per day?! You guys on the production team are animals !.. Excellent work
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 Barelli: OMG he is LOOSE
Zorsprung: always check for tokens
Scotty: you need to chill
Sam Effing Hill: 90% of people are too loose and will not chill
Psychologist: omm
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flag thenotoriousmic (Aug 12, 2018 at 10:02) (Below Threshold)
 I have noticed that he’s got absolutely no chill and possibly no brain ether. Clearly talented but doesn’t know when to back off to avoid carnage. I hope he sorts his head though and smashes is.
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 It's been awesome to see how seriously Adam is taking this opportunity. Pin it for all of us wishing we were in your shoes!
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 Keep shredding Adam. You're famous and the first boob autograph will be fun!!!
  • 11 10
 Nooooooooo! It's 2018 and we don't say things like that anymore... especially when Adam has a gf who he is pretty committed to Wink
  • 14 1
 @lalalalaura: yeah we hate boobs in 2018
  • 13 2
 @Wesleybikes: Everyone loves boobs! Boobs are amazing and I would love to see more boobs in biking. I just happen to think it's 100x cooler to see boobs strapped into sports bras and put on bikes than just being exposed for dudes to sign... But yeah, more boobs would be great! Not really dying to see Adam's boobs though, I bet they are really hairy.
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 Damn.....I was just working on his bike this evening and I knew I forgot to ask for something.....
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 When do these dickheads start racing today
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 @what if he was to sign I hate boobs on boobs?
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 Because it's a privateer video, I'll just make my usual post:
1) Best thing on Pinkbike
2) Adam rips! Good luck dude.
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 Most interesting and relatable piece of bike media maybe ever? Can we have a season 2 please where Adam learns to keep up what he's learnt on his own, something for us regular joes to copy Wink

Good luck Adam hope you f###ing smash it!
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 An episode a day leading to the big show.... and now it’s tuesday, almost Wednesday and still no Adam vs EWS?!!!? You’re killing me here!
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 Hey PinkBike, this is a great series. Really shows how cool the bike community is, with all the sponsors helping out with product and athletes! Have really enjoyed this series and hope Adam has a great race tomorrow. We're all rooting for you!
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 I don't follow racing at all but have watched all of these and enjoyed the story more than I thought I would. Part of me thinks that Adam just needs more confidence generally, he just seems a little unsure of himself most of the time. I guess a good race would boost that. Then again he does have some serious balls to be riding at race pace in Fox Enduro kneepads.
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 with DH WC MSA getting all the main media.... There is more coverage from the EWS Whistler from the Privateer than the EWS itself.... Does this still make him a Privateer??
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 Having dribbled my way through that triple section 3 years ago... hat's off to you sir.. you are no privateer... massive respect... I cased that double 10 days on a row.... you smashed it. Props.
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 This series has been so great. When are we getting episode 11? Hanging out for it.
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 Great series. Tons of inspiration! It’s almost impossible not to root for Adam after watching it and seeing him work hard and learn so much.
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 Wow! Tuned out from Pinkbike for awhile, house needed some work...but just binge watched this whole series! So stoked for Adam, f$ck top 50, you got top 20, let's do this bro, for all of us armchair EWS racers!!!
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 These are coming fast and furious this week - love it!
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 @LewisBuchanan had no issues about the double actually being a triple ???? #sendit
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 Good luck tomorrow, Adam! You got this!!
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 Adam - looking good out there...we will be rooting for you tomorrow!
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 Love this series, huge respect for the production crew cranking them out so fast like this at the end.
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 Awesome series. Would be amazing to follow three different riders for a full season and make it a 30 minute episode each week.
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 I usually online read the comment section. But this has to be Said:

This is the most interessting Video series ever done on pinkbike. Go Adam!
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 Jordan Hodder cameo while talking about the double vs triple section? He's a fast dude.
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 Adam can ride, you have to be moving fast to nail that jump. Agreed... More Hodder!
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 episode 11?
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 @Pinkbike Originals - is there an ep 11 on its way?
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 Loving this series. Go have fun Adam, you got this.
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 Good luck today Adam! Nail the triple dude!!
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 Nice dude good luck, even though 29ers triggers me.
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 Love these vids!
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 Smash it Adam !!
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 Dig these videos

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