Video: Practice Highlights - Vallnord World Cup DH 2018

Jul 13, 2018
by Red Bull Bike  

The downhillers get their first taste of the Andorran track during practice and timed training. After visiting the Alps last week in Val di Sole the Mercedes Benz UCI MTB World Cup relocates to the Pyrenees, Europe's other biggest mountain range, and specifically Vallnord in Andorra.

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 Love these! Looking at the younger riders I kinda miss Ratboy's fluidity, there are a lot of smooth riders who seem float and only touch the ground at key spots, but his style is rather unique.
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 Luca has some of that, a tiny bit....
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 Bruni was hauling a** in his pajama!!
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 This weekends race is gonna be a banger! There are some young guns shootin for that podium. I'm callin for a first time winner up there. Or that flying french man who has 3 under his hat already.
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 Has anyone ever achieved their first 4 wins IN A ROW?
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 I don't understand telemetry kits.

I get that they're good for recording data and seeing how your bike is performing on sections of track, but for me there are too many variables that make it seem pointless.

1. There's no way of knowing your speed through a section of a track. If you hit section A at 30 mph and see you braked only 10% of the section, you can't recreate this again in your next run.

2. Tracks change every run, because you only used 70% of your travel in section B, doesn't mean you won't use 90% next run. (New holes, roots etc)

I get it in formula one where nothing really changes from lap to lap, but DH just doesn't work for me.
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 Ik don't think they use it to make the rider faster, but tot make the bike faster: how fast does the shock react to bumps, how often does it go through his whole travel, and so on.........
Remi says it in the video himself......
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 Is it me or thirion flying from rock to rock looked absolutely savage!? Love its attack mode !
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 Hart at the start...OH MY GOD
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 Great video! Happy to see longer videos of practice and qualifying. Is there a way to stop the banner adds from showing up?
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 i like Amaury as much as anyone, but i think i want someone else to win this week just to keep it interesting. am i wrong?
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 I gotta say, Commencal is fielding a lot of people in the WC circuit. Hats off. 29'ers are working. high pivot ftw.
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 4:43 what in the h... *play back again*
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 Mucho excelente video!! Everyone is juss gettin the bitch!!
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 looks like an awsome track to race on. cheers
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 loic Bruni's race kit. your kidding me right ?
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 dont forget schladming Big Grin
but vallnord is probably the one current wc-track that gets closest to good ol schladming
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 Pope Bruno looks fast

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