Video: Practice Highlights with Eliot Jackson and Ed Masters - Snowshoe DH World Cup 2019

Sep 6, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotes"Riders are scratching their heads in Snowshoe as the new track hurls drops, rocks and epic jumps at the athletes racing in the final round of the UCI MTB World Cup 2019. Join Ed Masters and Eliot Jackson as they walk the track.

Will we see Laurie Greenland's momentum take him to the top step again, or will the Frenchies, Amaury Pierron and Loic Bruni regain their dominance?"
Red Bull


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 Wish Eddie was racing but he's pretty darn entertaining from the other side of the tape!
  • 9 2
 Definitely a team I’d like to see more of!
  • 3 0
 Man Eddie and Elliot are a super due, that was entertainment at is finest !!
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 Eddie's entrance. So good.
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 DH has always been such a white sport, that it was pretty cool to see Eliot on the scene. Besides him being a very nice guy ofcourse. But after watching his dance moves, I realised that deep down he is just another white guy.
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 I can't not laugh when I hear Eliot's giggle, and Ed was killing me with that camo gag. Great team!
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 If ever I start a company, any company, I'm sponsoring Elliot Jackson lol. Most likable dude ever.
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 Buying Enduro Cheating Cape
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 Mr Eliot, no matter which race or qualies video I was on through out the season, you have always managed to make smile! You bring such a good energy to DH worldcup so entertaining and enjoyable! keep it up dude! Thanks for your work it is priceless!!!
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 these guys are a hoot
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 Did Eliot eat an edible before this footage? Giggly bits.
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 I just wanna tickle him!
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 I thought he couldn't giggle any more thane he already did in his videos .... and then they added Eddie. They should let Warner and Claudio sit this one out and put these guys in the box.
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 Fresh prince of big air! Dudes are funny!!!
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 how did eddie not get run over?
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 the Rocks are speaking Māori !!!
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 Wyn's camo e-bike, eddie's camo game... c'mon!!
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 AHH! A talking bush!!
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 Eliot seems like a great personality for commentary
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 Holy I genuinely did not see ed at the start
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 I like camouflage ;-)
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 I don't get the no points for quali - why then bother to have a good quali run? No reason to chance anything. It's like a world champ race - just the one run matters.
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 Exposure for the sponsors by making it into the live feed. No exposure, no need to sponsor you...
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 Because a couple of years back Gwin and someone else were neck and neck for the title going into the last race. Gwin won qualifying and the title. Come broadcast of the race and first thing from Rob Warner was talking about Gwin being the champion. Complete anti climax to the championship.
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 What's so funny

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