Video: Practice Highlights with Eliot Jackson - Lenzerheide World Cup DH 2019

Aug 9, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Eliot Jackson provides you with all the action from yesterdays practice session.

Video: Red Bull


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 Eliot is so wholesome. He definitely has a career in children’s television if he wants it...
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flag funkzander (Aug 9, 2019 at 12:03) (Below Threshold)
 he reminds me of a young bill cosby
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 I find Elliot really easy to watch and between himself, Wyn and Cathro I think all bases are nicely covered. All three are awesome.
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 I wonder if they could get a regular TV show going. Weekly 30 minute episodes - Wyn doing fun interviews, Cathro doing technical analysis, and Elliot doing behind the scenes with racers. They could expand to cover DH and Enduro (maybe add another person and do XC?).
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 Why doesn't Eliot ride anymore ?
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 By choice. He still races, and is still sponsored, but offers a lot of other things in return for his sponsorship like data analysis (he's a computer whiz), social media publicity and of course his insight and commentary for various publications/media. I enjoy his features on the Downtime podcast.
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 I think there was also a health thing that prevented him from doing it full time from what I remember.
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 @NorCalNomad: I read somewhere that his asthma played up last season which is why he couldnt race or train. He also had that huge crash in Val di Sole 2016 Worlds, which might have knocked some confidence
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 @NorCalNomad: IIRC, he thought it was asthma, stopped racing, got a re-diagnosis and came back to his current thing
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 His section on this trance vid still gives me the old goosebumps, power out of the turns!
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 So good!
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 @Lo-J: so good!
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 Have a listen to his interview on the downtime podcast. The most interesting I've listened to. Just such a unique take on everything. Too hard to condense it into a paragraph so just listen haha. On another episode about the 2019 season preview he said "I wanted to race maribor because I had never been, but then I forgot to do any training"
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 @WelshClemo: Negatory, I just listen to a lot of Downtime!
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 Eliot's the man.
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 Eliot brings so much to the pre WC hype!
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 do NOT get me wrong I love these videos but it seems like only the big names get interviews, making it the same people getting interviewed over and over. personally id like to at least see some chatting with people like bruce klien , sandra rubesam, ect.
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 Eliot/Red Bull, Thank you for putting the riders names up on screen!!!! Some of the "other" YouTube channels don't do that, and it's frustrating, because obvs, I don't know every single rider on the pro circuit by sight!!
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 Love Eliot! Such an all around nice guy.
Can't believe it's 5 years ago since he quit DH racing!? Where did the time fly...?
Happy to see he found some niche to stay in the industry even though his asthma prevented any breakthroughs in DH racing for him.

Btw. I would love for him to take Claudios' place in the English Red Bull commentator booth, and let Claudio do the German commentating instead. I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, Claudio is awesome, but even though his English is great I feel like he is too slow in processing and translating to keep up with the natural commentating flow of Rob Warner or an Eliot Jackson for that matter. I still always watch the English version, because without Rob it's just not the same!
Anyone here feeling the same?!

Oh and this is the video in which he talked about his health issues, for those that are interested:
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 Nina Hoffman in the Full Minnaar kit!
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 @ratedgg13: #hoff4syndicate
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 We need an Elliot for XC and more line analysis for Enduro!
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 Eliot is one of my favourite riders - so versatile, so smart and simply a nice guy - love his videos!
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 Need to allow Chromecast on these vids peeps
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 Talk to redbull

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