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Video: Practice RAW Lousa World Cup DH 2020 - Round 4

Nov 1, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

Another day, another race. With barely a moment to catch their breath riders headed up for another day of practice on a slightly different track in Lousa for the final round of the World Cup DH season.


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 Vital RAW is so much better ;-)
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 idk how they manage to make the same thing look 5x better
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 poor PB copy of the epic Vital idea..
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 @TobiasHandcock: it’s all about the guy who hold the camera
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 The track changes were so much clearer on Vital. I'm not complaining though, the more footage, the better.
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 This is some mcdowells big mick coverage Pinkbike unoriginal NAW
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 why would you complain about something provided to you for free? they are both enjoyable to watch, don't be a crusty c*nt.
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 @threeohsix: because Vital RAW was around for a few years and the first of it's kind. You're used to having these now and take it for granted, but it is literally the first thing to name the video series that name.

Pinkbike pulled the biggest unoriginal douche bag move and named theirs the exact same thing. Zero originality. In the world where the word plagiarism means nothing, it's a shame.

All they had to do was use any other word....but nope. "Pinkbike Edits" "PB Uncut" "Unfiltered Runs" "Race Clip PB & Me"
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 @blowmyfuse: why are you even here then if you think its shit?
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 Vital definitely has higher quality video but the way the filmer uses that zoom makes me queasy. Pinkbike has better filming technique. I'd call it a wash...
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 @blowmyfuse: while you have a good point, I’d say it’s a tribute to vital by calling it RAW. it's common knowledge and obvious that Vital had it first, there’s no arguing that - knowing this, Pinkbike names it the exact same thing to show respect to it. Sort of like a band covering a song - it’s obvious All Along the Watchtower exists, so any iteration of it afterward would be considered a tribute (dylan, hendrix, u2, dmb)
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 Vital crushes their WC video coverage. It inspires us to level our stuff up, and I know they take stuff we do as inspiration too.

MTB media is a small world and they’re awesome frenemies. Looking forward to next year already.
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flag blowmyfuse (Nov 1, 2020 at 14:28) (Below Threshold)
 @brianpark: passive aggressive is what it's called. You're just saying "we're gonna copy it verbatim and we know Sooner doesn't have the money to like Specialized would if we copied them.
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 @blowmyfuse: I like this approach. This is going to work out well for you
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 @brianpark: @brianpark: passive aggressive is what it's called. You're just saying "we're gonna copy it verbatim and we know Spomer doesn't have the money to SUE us like Specialized would if we copied them
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 @cuban-b: mis-spelling on my phone. Read it again. And eat an eggplant with hairy peaches hanging down from it.
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 @blowmyfuse: Nobody likes you
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 @cuban-b: awww, hurt my feelings and I'll run home to mommy.

Does that line "Nobody likes you" work for you at the water cooler when you don't like stuff Chet says to Daphne & Elmer ?
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 @blowmyfuse: LOL you are so lame
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 @cuban-b: You're the only person who has chased me thread to thread & harrassed me bro. If you need a friend, talk to a local.
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 Really wish they would show some of these steep parts in the live feed
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 We are not the tooth fairy and have to deal with limited cameras on track. Covering more of the technical and steep sections means that we wouldn't be able to show you the flat sprint section from five different perspectives anymore - that would truly upset our viewers. Best regards, Red Bull Media
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 @paulpimml: true that, what’s most exciting than seeing people pushing hard on pedals on flat sprint section
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 @rommfly: The directors come from Tour de France probably lol
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 Please can we keep the double header format for next year?
So we can have a 10/12 round world cup
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 Phil Atwill is the man, just look at him!
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 I bet the riders who sacked it off home before these 2 rounds as kicking themselves. 2 epic tracks. Dont know about everyone else, but I hope this new, 2 rounds in 2 days format is here to stay after COVID. It's great and the 2nd race is so exciting.
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 I find the Pink Bike raw really hard to watch. Watched this then the Vital edit and the Vital is just so much easier on the eyes.
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 This GT Fury is knocking and noisy like a DH bike from 10 years ago. WTF?!
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 Almost all bikes creak and clank after hard or from 10yr ago
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 @nvranka: you can particularly hear the GT’s team bikes clank more than other team bikes. Also, those bike get a great service which eliminates any wear so there is nothing to do with hard use.
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 May be wants to drown out all the noisy free wheel bodies?
Funny that a noisy bike is not directly slower?
But personally like my bike to be nice & quiet!
Also not a fan of tyre insert noise?
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 7:00 ... so smooth
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 Anyone know if it’s the exact same track, no changes?
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 Just a few I heard
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 They have change some sections for race 2, You can see in last vlog from Bernard Kerr.
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 Fin looking fast and smooth.
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 What's with the whistles?
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 Broken bar dude
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 Carbon bars??
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 no, it's the 8-bit alloy
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 Well if it broke it means that's carbon, right? As everybody knows, only carbon bars break, while aluminium is invincible.
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 @DavidGuerra: lol, was is carbon or not??
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 @leadrien: Thanks for the clarification. I was gonna stoke the "carbon bar" fire over on the forums...
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 Can we get some consistency with the fantasy league?! Last week we could change teams between rounds, this week you can't ?
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 Filmed with a potato
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