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Video: Practice RAW - Lousa Downhill World Cup 2020

Oct 28, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

Big jumps, loose corners and fast tech. The Lousa World Cup track looks like it has it all. Who will come out on top on race day?


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 PB why do you even try to rip off Vital, calling this a VIDEO. Get your own words for things or GTFO!
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flag gally-nh (Oct 28, 2020 at 16:59) (Below Threshold)
 Vital sucks and has ridden PBs cattails forever. Get over it.
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 Well now I get the joke. Ill go ahead and see myself out.
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 The way Vital's video shows multiple riders in a row through the same spot is better than the choppy editing on this. Helps the viewer get a sense of line choice and who's got speed this week.
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 @gally-nh: COATtails, bro.
Well, that's nibbed that in the butt.
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 @CRAFTY-P: "nipped in the bud" bruh.
But I could care less.
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 @jeremeybyrne: “Couldn’t care less”
Potatoes, tomatoes.
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 Ironically, this was posted by ”Pinkbike ORIGINALS” Big Grin
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 @jeremeybyrne: your flag tells me you should know what irony is, bruv
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 @gally-nh: If by riding PB's "Cattails" you mean having half of user generated and original contant grabbed or copied by pinkbike for click bait posts a month after its been in the forums, then yes, Vital is riding the sh*t out of pinkbikes "Cattails"

VitalMTB/Littermag has long been part of the World cup coverage and doesn't half ass it like pinkbike does. They have users with real information in their forums and have been posting this stuff for years while pinkbike is struggling to play catch up with them

All the respect for what pinkbike has done over the years, it truly is the beacon of mountain bike on the internet, but their copying of vital the last few years has been brutally obvious when it comes to the world cup coverage, team and tech rumors.
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 @TheBrosCloset: First of all, it was an autocorrect on my phone. Second of all, theres the door fanboy -->>
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 @gally-nh: so delicate.
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 @CRAFTY-P: I did realise it. It is also why I purposefully said I could care less. Rather than couldn't. You actually missed my irony kinda ironic. I was hoping to get more responses like @joehollindrake Being british he understood it.
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 You could call it "more free footage for ungrateful tools with first world problems"
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 Lets go with this. I like it
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 This type of filming gives me a headache..... Zoom out a bit, and go easy on following the riders, please.
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 OMG - just hijacking this comment to say the Redbull cameras on live feed are the worst at this - and have been for years. Start zoomed out. Stay zoomed out. Don't squiggle around following the rider in full frame across the screen!
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 Love the initiative though!!! The more quality coverage the besser!!! Smile
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 If you haven´t check out the riding in this vid! Some serious insight in what´s really going on when WC riders are hammering down these trails - not just your average helmet cam!! CHECK IT OUT!!!
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 PB why do you even try to rip off Vital? pinkbike RAW FFS GTFO!
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 I don't even follow vital like I do PB and I still noticed this. get your own content. BOOOOOOOO
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 @skimtb1 :Hey the more footage and content of can get of world cup DH the better!! Keep it up PB!!
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 I watched them both, loved seeing the additional footage fwiw.
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 What should we call pointing a camera at riders and then uploading it to the internet? "Raw video" is pretty standard for unedited footage, and tons of brands, companies, and channels use it to describe their videos.

We don't want to bite anyone and Vital does an amazing job at their raw videos, but I legitimately don't know how else we'd describe these.

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 @brianpark: Seriously? You aren't saying "Raw" though you are copying Vital using all capital letters...Vital did it first and you copied them after realizing not everyone wants overproduced long-form 10k bike reviews. Why not "practice unedited" or "practice clips." Just own it. I watch both but I remember when Pinkbike used to be like Vital still is. They are the website version of Palmer, Missy Giove, and TEAM ROBOT. Pinkbike has become roadies with wide tires and blatant over-sponsored content.
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 We get twice the amount of RAW footie we've been asked for...yet, we still complain. Humans are interesting creatures.
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 @Milko3D asking*
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 @brianpark: your point is valid. However if you do need to differentiate here are some options: fresh, natural, organic, unprocessed, untreated, uncooked, unedited, au natural, nude, bare, unattired.
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 @Milko3D: No one said don’t post this. It’s great! Pinkbike claiming they didn’t just copy Vital is laughable though.
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flag joepax (Oct 28, 2020 at 19:05) (Below Threshold)
 @Milko3D: That's like saying "more content is always great". Same thing was probably said in a meeting and next thing you know you're putting out a reality show. This RAW footage is ASS.
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 @dtroyan123: when did vital release their patent on the word raw in capital letters?
Shut up
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 @Bikerdude137: They didnt. But they have been using RAW since the littermag days, which makes it look like PB is being lazy at best. At worst they are using it maliciously because they know that when someone searches for Lousa World Cup RAW that they will come up first. Making money for both these sites is all about the amount of people you can get to click on your shit. It looks lame for a second major site to start using the same terminology that the other site has used for over a decade.

That being said I am stoked about the amount of content that is out these days.
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 @Bikerdude137: No, thanks. I will keep talking.

@Tjjones1214: 100%
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 My photocamera also calls unprocessed pictures RAW. You may like to ask Vital if they feel like suing them (Panasonic, in this case).

Though maybe it is different for video material than it is for photos, I don't know, I'm not too much into that.. Either way, if Pinkbike has to change them, let's call them sprouts.
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 Pinkbike has been posting videos with "RAW" in the title for over a year just by searching "pinkbike raw" on YouTube. Why is it now people are losing their absolute minds over it?
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You're a smart guy. You can't plead ignorance to the obvious branding rip off.

Even starting it off with the "Video....RAW"

It's a total copy-cat
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 @Milko3D: well said. Keep er going PB
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 @dtroyan123: dude, in the pro video world, this is called 'raw footage'.in cinema,It would be called daillies. It is certainly how vital came up with the title.. Even if they were firstas a mtb site, they have no lock on a standard industry term. Are you gonna attack vital if they start calling their panshot photos pans shots because PB ran a panshot contest? Honestly, this is ridiculous.
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 @skimtb1 @dtroyan123 lol absolutely no issue saying Vital did this first, and they do an amazing job.

We have our own original format for pre-WC insights (Inside The Tape), but we figured why not give people more of what they want as well?
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 Tell this to Semenuk. The word RAW with capital letters is not a Vital's trademark,sorry.
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 Now I need to know, who was the first to do a spy shot? First look? Long term review?
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 @joepax: you may be exaggerating a little bit there, this isn't their reality show, it's an idea that works and we've been asking for. They already have a reality show, hah (which I don't follow).

@dtroyan123 So it's okay when Cathro does it but not PB?

You guys need to calm down, it's a raw footage. What should it be called?

"RoséTwo-Wheeler's Uncooked Sloping-Downward BigHill-Cycling Exercise"!?
@brianpark I haven't trademarked this yet, you are welcome to use it on the next raw vid, you have my full permission Big Grin

Because all those words have been used before? It's RAW footage, when I search for RAW footage this is what I expect, given safe search is on.
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 Is this a reliable source?

(Safe search was on "moderate".)
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It's all good that you guys produce this content and put out tons of your own original stuff. It's great.

But you know on the business side, it's all about clicks. Google "Louisa RAW" and see what comes out on top... If I was a small outlet, i'd be pretty chapped that a marketing behemoth dogpiled on and stole my swag. It's a bait and switch.... I dunno, call it whatever you want, but if you keep it up, those vital guys will probably keep throwing shade pinkbike's way...
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 @brianpark: pinkers RAW it will really increase your google traffic too
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 @brianpark: call it whatever you were calling it before you plagiarized vital sancho
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 I wonder where the hell are all those guys who said the track was too bike parkish and not steep enough, just after looking a few helmet cam previews at the begining of the year.
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 This is one of the most interesting courses I’ve seen for a WC! It looks seriously difficult and unusual. Can’t wait to see what the world’s best will do with it.
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 Feel like Sam Hill would be insiding lots of those corners
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 Is the perfect track for Sam Hill...
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 Better question than all the Vital /PB stuff. Why is Cube shown in the video?
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 I'm kinda new to watching races/practices...are the whistles to let other riders know someone's coming down the chute? I notice they're also there on race day, when only one rider is on the course at a time, so it seems like that wouldn't be it...
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 2.06 >>> Beginner type of crash !
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 3 seconds in I thought it was Friday
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 Track doesn't look that easy
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 Even though it doesn't look overly technical there are a lot of sections where it looks hard to carry speed. Should make for some interesting racing.
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 Who's the guy with the orange pants? Smooth as butter!
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  • 2 0
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 I had that exact thought. Orange creamsicle is looking fast.
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 Loved watching everyone case the drop before the turn. I wonder what the fastest line will be there. Hope Cathro takes a look.
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 A real dh course .. all dressed
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 That one person's butt - you saw it don;t lie.
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 Ha! Whatta rump
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 For everyone it is new !! I think it will be a good race !!!
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 Who is on the Gambler kitted out with Ohlins? That's a gosh darn good looking bike.
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 Emanuel Pombo
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 One of the best courses. Good job course builders
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 I’m sorry but that filming is pish
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 Nothing will ever beat a John Lawlor Vital Raw
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 Not too worried about the title. Great content!
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 Got sick of that whistle blower
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 What in the Sam Hill was that!?! 1:15-1:25
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 simple. Pinkbike: ROAR
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 Filmed on the dad cam!!
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 So glad this event is actually (probably?) going to happen!
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