Video: Profile of Test Rider & Working Man Collin Timmermans

May 29, 2020
by Yoshimura Cycling  

Meet local good guy and shredder Collin Timmermans. He rides the wheels off of anything he touches, gives great feedback as a test rider, and is a great all-around guy. As he puts it, "I love to ride at my level and to test stuff." If you see him on the trails, say hi, you'll be glad you did!

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 So thankful for the Lord, all the rad people out there. I could flood this page with random stories and thank-you's ????
What an awesome sport to be in, meeting people, coaching kids. Cruising or racing. Keep a huge smile on you, help everyone, fast or slow!
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 How rad is this!! So much fun thanks guys!
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 You have some incredible skill Mr.!!!!!!
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 Riding and working on things..... Cool. What are those flat pedals you like, I ride in SPD's and am looking to try some good flats?
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 @radiusofone: Yoshimura Chilao. Spent 2 years hammering on them before release. USA made, heat treated ceramic coated spindles, comfy platform! Check em out! ????
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 @collintimmermans: Great video! Good luck with your racing - hope to see you on some EWS coverage soon!
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 @collintimmermans: Collin, this is just what I was looking for, some informed input. Thank You.
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 @radiusofone: no problemo, happy to help! There's lots more features but I'll let you find those ;D
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 @pinhead907: thanks so much, I would keep it interesting haha!
I applied for pinkbike academy as well. So Hopefully that's my ticket (waiting for word back)

If not, I won't be slowing down!
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 Well, I guess with Suzuki road racing shuttered(well, lets be honest, Suzuki has been the red-headed step child of the MX market for years as well), Yosh had to go somewhere.
They've got CNC machines and the knowledge of how to make some really trick shit
Kind of a round about way to say 'hey look at us' though
Would've rather seen a simple product showcase
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 Way to go Collin!!!! Somebody sponsor this man!!! #thewizard!
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 Haha! Wooooooo
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 Awesome to see a local gettin' it at Oaks! Pedals are looking dialed. Yew!
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 Yeah buddy! Thank you. Lots of work went into them, Yusaku really put his heart into it. So blessed to be surrounded by these awesome people. Safe shredding out there!!
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 Good for you, Collin! See you on the trails!
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 Woot woooot! Ride safe
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 Good style and technique!
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 Thank you! Fun is number one!

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