Video: The Pros Start Practicing For Joyride - Crankworx Whistler 2018

Aug 17, 2018
by Pinkbike Originals  

WIth Red Bull Joyride just a few days away, which tricks will be on show? We caught up with the riders during practice to see what's up.

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 Seeing emil riding again just make me so stoked!
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 Yesss, hopefully he's back on it. I can't wait to see him, Rogatkin and Rheeder face off. BTW I feel like Rogatkin is going to aim for a twister into a double backflip on the jump line and maybe a frontflip barspin to no-hander off the cabin... omggg
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 lmao these guys are bunch of dinosaurs
29er DH bikes are in full production and these clowns are still riding that one before 650b?
get with the times!
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 Lol they can't even keep the wheels on the ground with that tiny contact patch, one small bump and they launch into the air!
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 @ctd07: it will definitely hurt their times down the slope
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 Is Semenuk gonna be at the start gate for moral support?
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 I guess he's building his own course for RAW100 V5
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 why did that get down votes? that would be hilarious haha
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 But how many Ryans is it?
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 LoL, right! Annnnnd, why only 3min? How about 30-40min vid? "What's the deal with short awesome videos?"
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 @richierocket: Kids these days can't sit and watch anything longer. And they said I have AD oh look a new video.
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 @Hobo1337: LoL, didn't think of that.
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 Is there a age limit for how tight your pants are or can my grandpa start rocking skinny jeans?
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 Grandpa Would kick ass for sure
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 I can't imagine not wearing a full-face for that stuff. Just wrap me in some bubble wrap.
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 from this video I predict half cab combo, frontflip bar to tuck and flat drop flipwhip from Rheeder
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 180 half-barspin onto the wood thing, then just ride the rest of the course like that
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 @toddball: that would be killer. Or ride fakie the whole track
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 Miami Hopper? anyone.
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 Alabama Steamer?
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 @kubaner: Cleveland Steamer
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 Has Semenuk got bored of winning this now?
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 They had their lunch?

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