Video: Full Highlights - Proving Grounds 2019

Sep 9, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

The first ever Red Bull Rampage qualifier event went off with a bang, despite heavy winds and rain throughout the day. In the end, 3 riders conquered Marzocchi Proving Grounds and earned their way into the big show.


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 Man the angry comments about rampage becoming a “slopestyle event” are getting really old. You can’t really recreate rampage anywhere and we should be stoked they have a qualifying event at all. I think it speaks to how unique and awesome the event is in the action sports world that we have such a hard time defining it even.
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 I guess they could have held it at the old Rampage site.
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 And some of the top slopestyle guys didn't even make top 3.
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 @talhaslam. I totally agree. You guys seriously need to chill out, I was there to witness it all firsthand and although it isn’t rampage, as he said above you can’t replicate rampage anywhere . Again although clearly not in Utah, some of these obstacles did replicate some of the drops and similar set ups that are at rampage . Believe me witnessing some of these guys come off some of the drops and the landings although not huge cliffs definitely not small either and not easy impacts, I think an appropriate mix considering it is a qualifier leading to the event . From my perspective as a spectator, breathtakingly impressive , as I’m sure Rampage is.
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 When one of these whiny little keyboard bitches completes a full pull down the Proving Ground course, then Rampage, then I'll give af what they have to say.
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 The people who are making the “Rampage is too slopestyle” comments need to get a clue. You can pretty much guarantee they are made by guys who ride XC trails on an Ebike, and there idea of a freeride trail is rocky fire road
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 I agree. Everyone should be stoked in what is happening here. This course looks sick and original to anything I've seen. Sure some steep, cliffy mountains would be cool. But there will be a chance for that soon enough.
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 Seriously its annoying. why is it that when it comes to any Fest series like Black Sage everybody is stoked and wants more but when it comes to Proving Grounds all we hear is complaining. "its not Utahh, the treeees, Oh great another slope event".....f*cking eh, It's just Ironic.
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 @xzpsmk: totally agree
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 Yes Casey Brown!!!
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 She is so awesome! What a beast! Looked waay more comfortable that I expected. Really cool to see her keep pushing forward! Great job Casey!
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 Huge props to her. Stepping up big time and proving to all the girls out there they can roll big if they choose too.
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 It would be cool to get a written interview with her about how her riding is progressing, and how she feels about these comps. Were those her biggest features ridden to date?
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 Weird edit, all over the place. Dope event though!
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 Sick event. Looks awesome. I wonder if they could do rampage proving grounds at one of the previous rampage sites maybe a month prior to the main event or something. Maybe for logistics and scheduling sake there would be minimal or no building your own line. Just before the comp, event builders would just revamp some of the previous lines lines with mix of drops, jumps, and tech chutes.
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 Is there going to be more of contest format video coming out or is the 3 minute highlight video all we are going to get? I just want to see some full runs.
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 There will be a longer highlight video produced by RedBull in the next week!
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 I wonder how many of the guys already invited would have survived this quali event? I can think of a couple that absolutely couldn’t hang with this level of trickery
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 Definitely an interesting point. I wonder if that means tricks are going to be rewarded higher by the judges than in previous years.
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 The judges were trying to look at it through rampage eyes I think. Nikolai threw down a technical run but didn’t hit the 25ft drop, thus didn’t place.
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 DJ's riding is so rowdy. Some of the best style in the game.
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 Dude is a Slayer!
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 I’d say this is as close to rampage as you can without being in Virgin, nice work those involved! Proving grounds indeed! Hats off to Marzocchi!
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 Wait, what happened? Would be nice to see the top 3 runs or bits of it. Gotta say the course doesn't seem to represent rampage very well...
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 Wait, nothing of the front flip flat drop?
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 He didn't announce his drop in so nobody was ready with a camera. It was mentioned in the photo epic.
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 @kingfish666: gotcha, thanks for the info
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 @MAX1MXS: ridiculous
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 That made him first alternate ?!! #wtf
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 @dirtbagluvin: Due to wind he was forced to straight air many of the other hits. Can't get into the top 3 with one big banger. Had he been able to put down the run he'd been planning and working on... score would have been really good. He had some serious heat going all week.

But then again, so did many others who's runs were effected by the wind.

I'm looking forward to seeing what he does in the future. He's an animal.
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 casey brown is straight buns
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 Was it confirmed who qualified? Or is that done later?
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 That first angled drop looks super sketch! Awesome event!
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 That angled portion isn't even a complete bike length. Definitely a unique feature. Many of the riders had different ways of dealing with it. Few of them were doing a cool like nose bonk into it.
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 Who got alternate spots.
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 Hardline and Rampage !!
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