Video: Pure UK Speed on an eMTB

Dec 27, 2018
by DEITY Components  
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The tension is electric as the landscape of two wheels continues to be pulled in every direction. To escape the debate, DEITY's Joel Anderson gets loose as he hauls ass on board his DEITY equipped Specialized in the latest production by Caldwell Visuals! Enjoy some pure UK speed!


MENTIONS: @deityusa

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 This guy should take up mountain biking
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 Burn the witch
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flag cxfahrer (Dec 27, 2018 at 8:47) (Below Threshold)
 No No No
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 Does it float ?
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 @kegron: only if it weighs like a duck...
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 Lazy bastard
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 How so fine sir - did you watch said video production? - its actually got shit all to do with eMTB, he is just railing turns, same as in every bloody vid nowadays, the eMTB is of no use in this ride really, not sure why they even bothered to mention the E side of it - apart from pedalling upstairs, which you gotta admit - is pretty awesome
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 Lazy, but much faster than you. I guess he worled harder on his skills than you.
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 @makdthed: I'm just trolling dude. Guy was shredding!
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 Hustling an ebike looks to be a great way to gain muscle. Slightly more fun than weights, but almost as effective! You would gain lean mass in no time riding like this with any frequency.
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 @jaame: I am pretty sure that once you get to this skill level, the kinetic energy does most of the job for you. You just need to get your hips moving. I am seriously looking at E-Zesty. It will boost my skill level for sure. If I can cover 4 times as much terrain as on a normal ride, be able to practice more, I will get better for sure. Shame that E-Zesty comes with lame shock.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Judging by the way he is working that bike, he is getting a good workout. Even that stairs huck. He would have had to have pulled up pretty hard to make it.

I did 54km on a turbo levo in the summer. That thing was heavy AF. Very hard work on the upper body. I would consider an ebike again if they dropped the weight to mybe 17 or 18kg. My Nomad is 14kg. The levo was 23. Too heavy to be fun except for the novelty of powering up hills.
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 @WAKIdesigns: ... and a lame battery, and a lame motor... and still 90% the weight of all the other emtbs.
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 @Richt2000: you mean E-Zesty? You fail to see one thing, you can remove both the battery and the motor, you get a normal bike for bike park riding, the weight penalty for the coping is only 800g, also those few people I know who own ebikes use 1/3rd of the power mode all the time.
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 Looks suspiciously like a mountain bike
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 Looks can be deceiving.
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 At no point in the downhills did he pedal Razz
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 Presumably we have to describe this kind of riding as "rowd-E" rather than "rowdy" to keep the marketing wonks happy?

Good vid.
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 hate to say it but the Kenevo is a beast of a thing, couldn't care less if it was spawned by Satan himself ill take the highway to hell if its that much fun any day
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 Mine is a right laugh! Get more runs in in less time and it weighs about the same as an early millenium DH bike. It just has much better suspension!
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 just burn it before it lays eggs !
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 I came here for the comments
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 We all did
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 Incoming!! Let the hate flow through you
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 sorry i click the article without realising.
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 I'll watch it on pinkebike.com
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 Wtf... The uneducated responses towards e-bikes on this site is hilarious "i like to work for my downs" ???? it'ss cheating" ???? blah, blah, blah. I could list many more.. If You like riding bikes and want to do probably 5x less the amount if actual riding than someone who doesn't have an e-bike that's fine. You are only cheating yourself out of runs and bike time. If you wanna be a purist then ride a single speed totally rigid bike and ride it everywhere without uplifts and never push..... Whilst none ebike riders are either stuck in an uplift Que or blowing out there ass pushing up run number 3.. I'll ride 4-5 times the amount of runs. I'll be equally as knackared at the end if the just accomplished the same amount of riding most people do in a month. Haters are gonna hate!!!
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 Nah, it's mostly just cos people who ride normal mountain bikes would rather spend their money on better components on a bike that is inherently lighter and more nimble, which doesn't eat brake pads and tires continuously.

Plus we don't have to try and pedal a 25kg bike about if the battery runs out mid ride or the electrics go. Normal bikes also don't have a battery that wears out every few years and costs several hundred pounds to replace (same tech as phone batteries, and everyone knows what their lifespan is like).
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 @AD4M: You want to spend more money on components making your bike lighter? Rather than spending £200 on a rear mech that's 10grams lighter than a £50 mech just give your car keys to your friends to carry and you will save 200grams every ride and save some money towards an e-bike.. no amount if weight saving will make you as fast as an e bike, Up or down a hill. The extra weight makes the bike more planted in the slop and the extra inertia means they jump further.. Trade of is yes they are not quite as nimble, but a worthy trade off. As for the battery you will get 1000 charge cycles if looked after. Even if the battery does have a fault they are made from 18650 cells and can be bought very cheap they are the Same cells used in everything from laptops to tesla cars. Yes the bke is heavy and you are right you would struggle peddling it back with a motor fault, same as you would struggle to get back if you rip your tyre open or taco your wheel, it doesn't stop you going out.
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 @Thewootts: I meant that spending the same price on a equivalent mtb at the same price as a emtb generally gets you better components and suspension, especially brakes.

Yes, you make a valid point in that there is a point of diminishing returns with regards to components, but a £2-3k emtb is generally fit with poor equipment such as shimano deore or tektro brakes, basic suspension from rockshox or suntour, and sometimes don't even have a dropper. A mtb in the same price bracket will have decent mid range suspension from fox/rockshox, decent brakes such as xt or guides and 11 or 12 speed gearing which gives solid performance at the price point.

My point was that an mtb is lighter simply because it doesn't have a battery or a motor that adds 7-10kg to the bike.

As for the battery, it is a fair point you raise, but it is dependent on how often you ride. If you ride 3-4 times a week, you'll probably ruin the battery in 3 years, and they're not cheap (£700 for a turbo levo battery as an example).

Your comment about taco-ing a wheel or ripping a tire off is a moot point, since if that was the case, much easier to carry a 14kg bike back to the trailhead than a 25kg e-mtb.
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 I think you dicks just like an argument more than actually hate ebikes
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 Why does it play at 1.5x speed?
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 This really is happening now so quickly, you can feel the acceptance coming. Who the f..k still walks up mountains to only get maybe 2 ski runs in a day.....who the f..k will grind their way up the mountains when hords of people around them are flying past and getting 3 times the amount of runs in.....it's just simple progress.....some people just have more emotionally invested into the current so perhaps find it harder to cope with change...
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 Ridden a Kenevo now for 13 months.

On the weight comments, you just get used to it fast and fitter to counter for it. Bigger core and upper body work out. The only trails I’ve found it to be a penalty are on sections that are steep and tight that require you to carve to control speed as brakes are ineffective on any type of bike.

The weight incidently is the same as what most of us used to ride DH on a bit of 10 years ago. Except the weight is lumped between the cranks rather than spread over the entire bike resulting in mostly pluses than negatives for handling at speed on a descent. Also makes it super stable in the air, great beginner DJer!

I’m fitter and a better rider since owning one. Simple reason, riding more often, at least double the km per ride, 5 times the descents per ride as link trails up differently that would be too brutal otherwise and a whole body work out (more like DH but with added cardio).
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 can not work out if these comments are just trolls trying to be funny and wind people up or if they really are so stupid - can PB make a icon that tells us simple people when someone is just poking the snake for fun.
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 Some of these are trollin but there is genuine hate, notice no American comments? They had to be geo locked out of these articles because of the rabid frothing at the mouth
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Yes - good catch, no US commentators ... ... shame we have to still put up with genuine ignorance though, US or not .... sigh
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 @makdthed: From the US and please try to be fair I'm new to this site but a EMTB rider and love to ride. Can care less about the hate and negative comments about EMTB's. it's a revolution join us stand beside us or get out of the way. it's going to happen and it's a good thing for MTB sports.
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 People people people first of all its made by tom Caldwell hes the master mind behind British pie say no more..... And Joel Anderson is a lunatic on anything with 2 wheels Combine the two you watch and you enjoy it. Mic drop
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 That was pretty fast. Where was it filmed ?
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 Joel Anderson and Caldwell is such a perfect combination. Basically the same fun skilled style as when he was riding the BTR Pinner. As for the e-bike bit. The point is probably that the weight of motor and battery don't negatively affect the mastery he has over his bike, but they do allow him to get back up there another few times to have another go without having to hang his bike over the tailgate of a heavy pick up truck. Or even more, the whole e-thing is unrelated as this is an ad for Deity.
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 “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering e-MTB's.”
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 The thing I’m not getting is with uk law the motor is limited to 14mph , I have had a go on one and this is too slow for majority of trails. I have also had a go on a deregged one and it’s a f*cking rocket ship! Don’t know where I’m going with this but it’s all still a bit vague. Dude in the vid has skillz for sure though
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 Well if you're going down it doesn't matter does it. I've tried one (rode straight into a bench after being surprised by the boost it gives, wasn't a fan overall) and the engine just cuts out over that speed so it's not like you can't go faster than 14.
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 @Denning76: pretty useful on uphills, prohibitive on downhills owing to the extra 9kg.
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 @Denning76: it does if you're on a trail where you need to pedal to keep your momentum. Just feels slow.
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 Agree, that limiter can be removed with little trouble. With a 36t front sprocket i spin out at 37mph
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 honestly, hats down for railing it so hard, spent a day on that Turbo Levo and I felt like riding a pregnant rhino down the trail, no fun.. he looks like he´s enjoying
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 this is how ebikes must be used!
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flag makdthed (Dec 28, 2018 at 4:29) (Below Threshold)
 nope - whats the point - this can be done on non-ebike - use ebikes for other shit than this
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 TAKE NOTE PACE - This is how to make a bike look fun and poppy, just as you described your RC295 in the video but didn't show it very well.
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 Anderson + Caldwell = Always Fire
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 I feel ashamed to say that this was sick!!!
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 Well, this edit is much more CYCO, than I'd expect. Nice one, and now I'm trying to forget... Smile
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 How come this isn't on the homepage?
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 its good but it just aint got that frisky feeling. you can see him really working it
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 That's converted me. Rad riding and high voltage video
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 Where is this!!!! Awesome vid
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 @WAKIdesigns: Tesla open sources its patents unlike bike industry so would be be a mini Tesla!
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 Where this was filmed the push to the top is savage,It's where an e-bike comes into its own!!
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 Yep, def wont be long till I push the button on one of those bad boys. Just looks to much fun not to.
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 haters gonna hate, and it will hurt.
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 How can it be pure speed if he's using a motor?
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 he is going DOWNHILL dude .. motor aint helping in anyway - apart from adding more weight,
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 What's your definition of pure speed then? I admit I'm no linguist but I always thought unpure speed was when riding against the moving direction of an escalator or when ripping the hell out of a turbotrainer. Irrespective of how he got up the hill, most of the riding shown is pretty pure by my definition. Except for the bit early in the video where the rear wheel is spinning but the bike is static. It may be speed according to his bicycle computer, but it is not pure.
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 WTF I love eMTBs now?
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 Tell Mike Levy to convert his Mini into a Tesla...
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  • 10 11
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 Get a vajankle, should calm you down.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Adds a whole new meaning to toe cheese.
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 @WAKIdesigns: recommend me your favorite one.
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 @EnduroriderPL: Frodo replica by Mattel
  • 1 0
 @WAKIdesigns: and I thought that you had enough of full bush by now but it seems that I'm wrong.
  • 1 0
 @EnduroriderPL: after 12 years in Sweden I miss Polish customs
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 @WAKIdesigns: Just Googled vajankle. Really wish I hadn't. I despair for the future of humanity.
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 @WAKIdesigns:you can always count on me when it comes to welcome you warmly on Polish soil when they'll deport you. Which they will because someone form swedish administration also reads PB comments.
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 @teamcliff: Did you also find memes about sharing it ?
@EnduroriderPL: I write this from a sofa in Gliwice
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 @WAKIdesigns: so it's done already. Still it's better than just 7 years in Tibet.
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