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Video: Putting Red Bull Rampage in Perspective

Oct 12, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesRed Bull Rampage is the pinnacle of freestyle mountain biking, the event where the best MTB riders push the limit of what is possible on two wheels and redefine the sport. But how big are the jumps and drops they jump off? It's easy to lose perspective of the size and scale of the craziness in the Utah cliffs, so we've brought them into a city to show you just how insane they really are. And don't worry, Jaxson Riddle is okRed Bull Bike

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 I'm gunna need some cholesterol medication after ingesting all of that cheeeeeseyness.
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 This video is heavily inspired by the aesthetic of Wes Anderson movies.
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 @sriracha: which seems like bizarre application for promoting Rampage
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 Wes Anderson Presents: The Daring Coterie of Desert Hucksters


Brendan Fairclough
Several of the Wilson Brothers
Bill Murray
Anjelica Huston
Brandon Semenuk
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 @SATN-XC: I actually think it was great! Entertaining, a little different, and Nicolai was engaging. But all very cheesy.

It would have been better if they overlaid some big buildings onto the images of the rampage site. Then you'd really get a better sense of scale. Otherwise, it was good fun!
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 @bonkmasterflex: agreed, comment was not intended to knock it ...though I guess it comes off that way.
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 yes but i liked it
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 And some wine Wink
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 @sriracha: only missing Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
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 @atourgates: 10/10 would watch
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 This is really good for showing non-bikers (us too) some perspective.

Well done.
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 I thought Rogatkin did a great job as a presenter, but I wish they had actually included the footage of the footage of the crash of the museum from the high end cameras...
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 The crash wouldn’t have fit the narrative of the video.

Hopefully we get some behind the scenes on that one, but I imagine red Bull maybe a little embarrassed about that incident.
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 seems like a missed opportunity...especially for a promo heavily borrowed from Wes Anderson. ...a sudden dramatic crash in an otherwise structured video ....the viewer would have found it to be most satisfactory (to borrow a line from Royal Tenenbaums)
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 It really pissed me off that they teased it made me sit through a video and then never actually showed it. Video turned out to be really good but that’s not the point. Ha.
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 @BCpov: I though it was kinda funny at the end of it just cutting out lol
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 What crash is this?
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 @rogue28: this one...
Basically the ultimate huck to flat. You can actually see Nicholi Rogatkin in the crash clip in the bottom left in the white filming the end segment for the above clip.
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 Today I learned that Rogatkin would make a great presenter!
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 Nicolai does some amazing tricks but keeping those white clothes clean in the desert might be his best yet!
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 maybe his next trick will be named the spin cycle
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 @adrennan: that should be the name of the 1440. 1080 is the twister, 1440 is the spin cycle.
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 75 ft = 18 meters, 72 ft = 21 meters, and 60 ft = 18 meters. mmm ok
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 c'mon its bro-science.
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 Yeah there was some interesting distance comparisons throughout.
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 I suspect different feet were used each time.
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 I was hoping for a conversion to “pinkbike feet” too
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 I think the world is messing with us imperial units users.
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 Hobbit feet, regular feet, British imperial feet. Just lots of feet to measure with
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 If you didn't enjoy this, you are grumpy. That was awesome.
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 2nd that. That was awesome. Omg I can't wait.
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 This was actually really really good, and I'm genuinely surprised at the negativity. I thought they knocked it out the desert
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 Well the whinners ? Is that enough to make you stop thinking it’s a slope event ?
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 but the landings are groomed!
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 @nikifor88: So what... do you really expect somebody to land a 15m drop on a pile of sand. Stop with the nonsence please !
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 @Vraiphil: You wouldn't recognise sarcasm if it slapped you in the face, would you?
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 @bananowy: tbh the level of stupidity here lately is so high it may be actually hard to tell who's joking
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 @nikifor88: Haha yeah the whining under Rampage articles has been out of hand for sure.

@Vraiphil Just to be clear dude, we're on the same side here Smile
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flag ajaxwalker FL (Oct 12, 2021 at 11:11) (Below Threshold)
 nah...i've been trying to work out why i'm not a huge fan of the "slopestyle" rampage course and I think it's this. Basically the guys are so friggen talented that any size jump they seem to always be in control. So basically the comp comes down to best trick. What I want to see is the guys out of control, struggling to make it down the slope. The jumps/drops don't have to be as big, just sketchier. I remember one year some guy went slightly off line and was out of control and it ended up being one the highlights of rampage.

In saying all that, the event is still awesome and i'll definitely be watching. Oh and one other point is that I prefer timed events rather than judged events so maybe that's why I don't care for the tricks as much.
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 You want to see sketchier but the riders lives are on the line. That’s why they make sure the course is “safe” by building out their lines to give them a tiny bit of room for error
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 @ajaxwalker: If you want to watch riders struggle to make it down a slope, go watch the back of the pack in a rainy XC race while we get to enjoy the best freeriders in the world go huge in any way THEY see as the best to progress THEIR riding.

If you think it comes down to the best trick, read the judging criteria on redbull's website. If you think the riders are always in control or the lines are easy/not sketchy, watch some highlights from previous years.

Honestly, the top of the top bike handlers are visibly frightened standing in that gate before their runs year after year and we still get the "slopestyle" comments.
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 @nikifor88: Didn’t see that one coming haha, you got the point of my reaction spot on though.
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 Boo, waited the whole video to see the slam!
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flag neighborino (Oct 12, 2021 at 12:08) (Below Threshold)
 last time i watch a video posted to pinkbike, pathetic
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 Good perspective on how huge the features actually are. R.I.P. McGazza! Flipping the canyon like a boss and showing em how its done.
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 I wish there were tributes every year at Rampage for Jordie and McGazza. Both an inspiration to the sport, both great people. I see a lot of articles on Jordie around this time, not so much for Kelly. I was honored to be able to watch Rampage in person a couple of years back. Was a bucket list event for me since getting into everything back in the Disorder days. We all did pushups for Jordie, it was amazing. The entire canyon was in sync. I didn't see anything for Kelly. I never got to see him ride in person but I took a bit of time there to remember his influence, especially at Rampage.
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 @krashDH85: First presented in 2016, the Kelly McGarry Spirit Award was created to celebrate the Red Bull Rampage athlete who truly embodied Kelly's larger-than-life personality, positivity, and perseverance.

I can't think of a better way to remember him than that!
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 When Nicholi pulled out that tiny telescope haha This was great.
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 It looked like that last drop went a tad deep.
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 Someone give Rogatkin an Oscar!
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 Saw some behind the scenes footage, Jaxson did not have a smooth landing from that rooftop to say the least.
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 I am all for Rogatkin to be the hype man for every event!
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 Then what would Tippie do?
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 @Jvisscher: Okay, they can split the hype duties!
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 Hahaha dear lord that was good!!!!!
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 Looks like they rewrote the ending to be a little happier than it actually panned out. I prefer the antagonist approach.
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 It's been so dry this year, I don't see the need for floods. Also, it's well past September. The guy is definitely not in fashion!
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 Loved that but I love Wes Anderson !
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 Rogatkin should compete next year!!
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 Video pure joy to watch thank's RB and PB, also Nickolai ddid awesome job presenting
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 Nicolai Rogatkin killed it!!!
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 Rogatkin dresses like my grandfather. RIP
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 Can we do something about Americans giving their kids stupid names? It’s spelt Jackson and it’s a surname which obviously means the son of Jack. I swear some of these names you get across the pond is basically child abuse. Wink
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 Brits be like "colonel is pronounced kernel, and lieutenant is pronounced lefftennant. This makes sense, and you're the idiot for naming your kid Jaxon.".
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flag thenotoriousmic (Oct 13, 2021 at 5:36) (Below Threshold)
 @N-60: well you’re more than welcome to invent your own language, take over the whole planet and teach the whole population how to read and write and then you can pronounce words however you like but until then try to speak English correctly and no more shitty names for children. Remember they’re going to be adults one day. Wink
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 @thenotoriousmic: Just here to point out that languages that people actually speak (so excl. programming languages and artificial languages like Esperanto) are not "invented". Or "owned" for that matter. Also that the British Empire definitely did not take over "the whole planet", nor did it teach conquered populations how to read and write. Those nations already had their own languages in which they read and wrote before the invasions.
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 @bananowy: well not the whole world but most off it and yes English was definitely invented in England by a man from England, that much is clearly obvious but if they have their own languages then they’re more than welcome to pronounce that however they want but not when they’re speaking queens, the least they can do is pronounce it properly after everything we’ve done for them.
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 @thenotoriousmic: holy shit what a take. I'm torn between the assertion that "English was invented by a man from England", and the implication that colonialism was a beneficial service to the peoples that faced literal genocide, but start here. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_English
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 @thenotoriousmic: No, English was not invented by anyone anywhere. I'm trying to explain to you that's not how natural languages work as opposed to formal and constructed languages. English belongs to the former. You're so out of your depth on this topic that I really suggest you take what I'm saying on board and look a bit smarter next time it comes up in conversation. I'm genuinely trying to help you here.
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 @bananowy: I’m looking stupid? Do you honestly think I’m stupid enough to believe that one day in England an Englishman invented English and unveiled it to all the other English people? Or could it have been joke? I’m obviously trolling but my points valid. If your going to adopt a language at least bother to learn the correct pronunciation and meaning.
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 looks like Progressive adv
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 White pants after Labor day?
That's as bold as any line at Rampage.
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 Im looking forward to 2022 E-Bike Rampage
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 Rampage 2001: 0% marketing, 100% power
Rampage 2021: 50% marketing, 50% power
Rampage 2041: now loading...enter rider name:_______
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 Who made this??? this is the worst!!
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 Umm... ok, that was, um, interesting.
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 Who gave the greenlight on the rat tail? Nasty D:
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 Jaws drop by bender .. that'll put it in perspective..rampage is just a lame trick show now..let's see some gnarly shit
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 Orly... Bender was pushing boundaries no doubt but I think some of these drops are at least the same size. Interesting that he never actually managed to land that one. Maybe a little 'grooming' is actually necessary when things get that big. Big Grin
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 A) Bender never landed it.
B) Hucks are way bigger in Rampage now than when it started. Like, not even close in size.

"iTs SlOpEsTyLe"... get out.
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 Anyone know what time it starts at?
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