Video: Qualifying Recap - Fort William DH World Cup 2019

Jun 1, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Ric McLaughlin takes us through the 2019 Fort William Qualifying as it happened.

Video: Red Bull

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 really like this direct interview after a run! Interesting to hear what the riders think directly after when it's all still fresh in their mind. Looks like it pissed a few off being so tired though ahha.
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 Yep, good work Ric. Just needed to peel away a bit more to show some of the riders coming in...
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 @Otago: Totally, would have loved this if it was 50/50 riding & commentating.
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 almost like a spoiler though...I want to see riding clips first please...was really excited thinking they had 14 min plus of qualy action...not!
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 @tamallama: agreed. It's like eating ice cream and all you get is the bole and a spoon without a single scoop.
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 This looks like absolute carnage. Some top riders out already, hope Loic is fine after what looks like a proper off too. I just hope they can keep themselves in one piece at the race tomorrow. A heroic race may be cool but I'd hate to see more riders being drawn from competition.
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 When did Bradley Wiggins grow a beard and start doing DH world cups?
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 is that a Litpro coverd in tape on pierrons visor?? if so thats pretty cool
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 Love the 90's wrestling reference Rick!
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 I hope marcelo or dak wins
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 Why the visor with so much wind
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 So you can see
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 Zebra pants?
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 representin for the missing Tahnee! Frikin awesome!

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