Video: Qualifying Recap - Leogang DH World Cup 2019

Jun 8, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Ric McLaughlin takes us through the 2019 Leogang Qualifying as it happened.

Video: Red Bull

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 I like this new segment from Red Bull. Their coverage keeps getting incrementally better.
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flag myfriendgoose (Jun 9, 2019 at 1:18) (Below Threshold)
 Are you joking? This is the most pointless milquetoast bullshit. Show some racing.
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 Good to see a bit of quali footage to tease us for the race tomorrow. This is another great addition to the race weekend coverage.

Am so excited for the fird round of the world cup now, I can't believe that the first free or four riders can be separated by fousandths of a second! All this excitement is making me firsty..I'm away for a beer (or two or free). ; )
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 Nailed it on the coverage this time @redbullbike. Just a little more riding shots of maybe places where line choice is the same as to not give away any secrets and this would be a banger. Still waiting for the day when qualies will be full coverage...the viewers are there, especially with the limited amount of races for a WC sport.
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 A bit of qualifications? We've watched finish line for most of the time. This sucks
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 I’m fairly impressed by the host of this video (name?); he had some good, thought-provoking questions for the riders. Kudos.
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 Ric McLaughlin - he's been hosting all the EWS coverage for a while now.
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 Ric McLaughlin. He does all the post race interviews for Red Bull and is the host of all the EWS videos. Quality interviewer, questionable haircuts.
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 @adrock-whistler: ...and pants choices. but otherwise, great EWS previewer and highlighter.
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 Needs more bicycling. Like the interviews but needs mote more riding footage.
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 Greg so chilled out, think he's gonna do well!
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 Are you Tracy, are you Tracy are you Tracy Moseley in disguise... Are you Tracy Moseley in disguise
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 R. Atherton; What up Tracy, how you feeling this morning??

T. Hannah; Hold my beer.
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 boring. show riding, not just the finish line.

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