Video: R-Dog, Kade Edwards & Casey Brown Ride Whistler's Dirt Merchant in 'I Love Flow'

Sep 18, 2019
by SRAM  

Poetry by R-Dog
Video by Mind Spark Cinema
Photos by Anthony Smith

Regions in Article
Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Trails in Article
Dirt Merchant Pro-Line


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 "We gotta go shoot this edit at the golden hour - the light will be siiiick"
"Dirt merchant is in the shade, it's just gonna be super dark."
"But... it's the golden hour. I saw a thing on pinkbike that said it'd be siiiick."
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 I don't think Casey Brown is "one of the most stylish riders on the planet."
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 I'd have to agree. She can still ride way better than myself, so i'll shut up here.
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 There is a girl on a neon pink and white YT that shreds this trail SO much harder!
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 Gotta love the slow-mo shot of her casing one of the smaller jumps.
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 @Allforfun: I saw this girl last week on that very trail and you are correct......and she's super cool
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 @gtbiker87: that front-wheel case made me cringe so hard
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 bruh she just barturned the whole way down Smile
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flag ConnorP15 (Sep 18, 2019 at 17:59) (Below Threshold)
 As much as I hate to say it, I think if I was a girl I could be a pro. At least in freeride.
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 Let's get you some treatments or at least a wig and test the waters@ConnorP15:
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 she is one of the most stylish "female" riders on the planet, c'mon what were you expecting to see, her boosting as high as those two?
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 @ConnorP15: um. Congrats, I guess?
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 CB would die at Rampage
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 Not saying I'm that good just commenting on the level of riding, there's some bad ass chicks out there that ride way better than me, Casey brown being up there, but I gotta say I expect more than just some bar turns from pro riders. @ldhbaker:
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 Damn you guys suck! She is probably the most stylee female rider out there. It's relative. Why you always have to diminish women by comparing them to men? No wonder women would rather ride among themselves and avoid guys all together.
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 @slayerdegnar: not the most stylee female rider out there. Telling it like it is, damn snowflakes.
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 @jaydawg69: It's so ridiculous when people use the term "snowflakes". Don't be patronizing and flippant, or in the very least be creative. I'm sure there are things out there that you care about, but you wouldn't expect to hear that others think they're unimportant.

Also, Casey is awesome. The video left a little to be desired, but that shouldn't detract from how great of a rider she is, and it's certainly not because of her riding in it.
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 @ldhbaker: everyone is awesome and should get medals.... couldn't think of a better word but whatever eh.
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 @jaydawg69: So why does she win most of the whip comps if she isn't? Not really any other comps for women for style. Results don't lie. Rather be a snowflake than an a*shole. You're just mad that she has more talent than you and is sponsored.
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 @slayerdegnar: she didn't win the whip contest in Whistler (only 5 girls entered) and won in Innsbruck with only 2 participants. Any of the top racers have more style/speed... sorry Snowflake. From a*shole.
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 Have you guys watched Vali, Veronica, Marine, Tahnee or even Manon's whip?
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 For an edit about flow with riders with great flow, this has pretty bad flow ????‍♂️.
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 Lotta shots of jumps being Cased....
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 I see what you did there
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 Cabirou and Holl can whip better now.
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 Casey sure is getting alot of hate for here for this one. I saw what everyone else did in the video but we all understand that on the highest levels (in just about every sport) women will not be able to compete with men. So why not just leave it alone. No need to trash her riding just because it wasn't on the level of the guys in the video.
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flag nurseben (Sep 18, 2019 at 17:29) (Below Threshold)
 Whoah dude, chill for a second. Why woudl you say that women will not be able to compete with me? That doesn't make much sense to me cuz there is nothing in mountain bike that is "sex specific", ie it ain't that physical to ride a bike, certainly no where near as physical as doing gymnastics.

I think the reason woman aren't going to extremes in sports is part cultural and part desire, but these things go hand in hand. How many girls are pushed to ride BMX and skate?

So yeah, let's be fair.
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 @nurseben: I am being completely fair and just pointing out the reality of the situation. I never said women couldn’t compete with you, I said ‘at the highest levels’, meaning the best men in the world (like Kade and Ryan) will always be better than the best women (like Casey). And this has nothing to do with extremes in anything. This applies to all sports from swimming to golf to tennis, etc. Name me one sport where to best overall participant is a woman? Where a woman holds a world record of some sort? Maybe there is something out there but I can’t think of any because there aren’t many.

And to say that mountain biking isn’t physical? What are you taking about?
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'It's ain't that physical to ride a bike'

Never go full retard.
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 She was probably nursing an injury but toughed it out to meet the demands of her sponsors - without complaining and just being her usual badass self. Optics can be deceiving - we have all seen edits where Casey has crushed things that would scare the bejesus out of 95% of the commenters on here so let's all just take a deep breath and enjoy the free content.
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 Casey Brown is better than 99% of the females riders that pass through WBP, and probably 80-90% of overall riders there. Just last week everyone was complimenting how big she was sending at Proving Grounds & now doing DM with some steeze isn’t good enough? Go Casey!
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 I held the belief that mountain biking was one of the few sports where girls/women were generally given more respect and encouragement from male riders.

Looking at some of the comments on here, I could easily be led to think I was wrong.

The likes of Casey and Vero Sandler, as another example, would probably out ride most of the people commenting on this article.
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 Casey rocks, R-dog rocks, Kade rocks!
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 not enough slow-mo
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 Never thought I'd see the day when people would hate on an edit from WBP - especially one of DM
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 Factory riders, riding WBP, specially DM, rather old hat, the Remy in Squamish ones are miles better.
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 They prob thought about bringing Semenuk to this and then realized that the other riders would look like like beginners trying their first whips next to him so told him to stay home.
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 or Rheeder
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 Not a great video. Shots were too tight (could barely recognise the trail) and too much slo-mo IMO.
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 those barturns from Casey Brown were soooooooooooooooo steezy
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 Meh I like Casey, yes it's a trek ad, hope to one day be as good as Casey. Dirt merchant gnarly would rather ride goats gully Smile
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 Rad. But Trek still sucks
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 Youtube home video edit apparently
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 Pink bike commenters are getting even more nasty. Geez. I enjoyed the edit! Great work!
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 Expected better from Mind Spark tbh.... used to be the best of the best.
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 Casey is rad! Everyone should shut up !!!
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 What's with all the negativity here. We all loving riding don't we? Video was awesome and Casey Definitely shreds.
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 It's not the shredding, it's just that we would like to see her in the kitchen preparing steak for us, men. Harrrrrrrrrrrr.
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 CASEy Brown
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