Video: Race Highlights - Nove Mesto World Cup XC 2019

May 30, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Kate Courtney and Mathieu Van Der Poel take the win at the second XC World Cup of 2019. See the full results here.

MENTIONS: @redbullbike

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 Gonna put this out there... Think I enjoyed this stage more than watching the DH. Bring on the downvotes.
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 Not sure I'd go that far, but that was still pretty exciting. I was entertained.
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 That's because XC is so much better than DH... It takes an athlete to ride XC, but any fat wannabee can take the lift to the top and ride downhill!
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 @billreilly: Actually, that's completely incorrect. Anyone can ride any course, but only the elite can ride it fast with technical proficiency. You would be silly to think that the the DH riders we watch aren't athletes. You're mixing up the separate fitness requirements needed for different disciplines; cardio, strength, not to mention injury management, risktaking and psychological preparation. Hats off to XC riders, their cardio and mental fitness (tenacity) is amazing!
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 those are kind of tracks where I ride my enduro.....
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 Yeah this is proper MTB. I think the natural rooty surface makes a big difference. Much better than the kitty litter gravel on so many other courses
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 @Franziskaner: yeah, it looks really nice, the track is awesome, they did a great job there. I am not a huge fan of xc, but I must admit I enjoyed watching that. The race was very tight as well.
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 Dlatego mieszkam w Czechach Smile //
Thats why im living in Czech Republic Smile
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 @jodek: no to musisz byc tam bardzo szczesliwy. Czech did much better progress with biking than my country, I go at least once a year to ride in your country, mostly at Rychleby, but there many interesting spots. Cheers to my neighbours.
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 Keep up the great XC coverage.
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 I might have to start watching more XC...
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 Watching the XC on these tracks is more interesting then watching the DH tracks that look like XC paths with big jumps.. just sayin! Love it folks!
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 That was exciting racing. XC is where you can see athletes battling side by side for the best lines and racing to be first in the next tech section. It is so much more exciting that seeing timed, single rider time trials in DH.

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