Video: Lockdown Get Together with Rachel Atherton, Jolanda Neff, Isabeau Courdurier & More in 'MTB Women of the World'

May 20, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesWe joined forces with some of the women in the mountain bike community across the world, from Downhill and Enduro to Cross Country, junior racers to elite world champions. Please enjoy this fun video whilst we’re all in lockdown, we’ll be together at the races again soon!!! And shout out to @charlie_lesterrosson for the idea to make this video happen!!Gowaan Gals

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 Miranda Miller is a mood! YES!
  • 5 0
 First crack a cold one
  • 4 2
 Those Krinkle Cut potato chips are dangerous. The 1lbs bag from Costco has a way of disappearing...go ride Miranda!
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 @HopeFbn: Canadian quarantine
  • 18 2
 BRAVO les filles!!! It`s so well made, such a good spirit putted into that. Bravo! Thank you / merci!

Let`s see if the guys can do better... I`m not sure of that ;-)
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 I love seeing more and more women riders every year on my local Utah trails
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 Evie Richards' legs are impressive, she looks built like a track cyclist!! Sorry, hope this isn't considered an inappropriate comment, it just really stood out to me how strong she is!
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 The phrase "Someone had too much time on their hands." is reaching whole new levels during this pandemic. Hope it all soon gets back to normal since this is getting way out of hand now. Big Grin
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 One does what one must to stay entertained in times like these..... PFP's Bunny Slippers takes the cake. All in good fun.
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 Very cool, well done!
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 Someone should make a video with each rider doing a trick (midair, manual, trials, bmx, downhill, etc,.) and with different scenery.

And great work, Ladies. A very creative idea. Teamwork!
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 Some of these are not like the others... glad some of these ladies are getting the chance to relax and take a break. But I'm sure most would rather be RACING... Smile
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 I should have stayed racing in cross country!!! Doh!!
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 All of those people can ride better than me in ways I can't even comprehend. I still don't understand the value of that video or the mindset of those who appreciate it.
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 Cute video (-:
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 Great edit. Cool vibes!
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 That was a wicked edit!
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 Great seeing women on the trails, because, well, I like women.
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 AMAZING video so cool good vibes
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 Lots of World Champions jerseys!
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 Those Gowaan girls crack me up. Northern through and through. tup
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 glad someone finds us entertaining haha thanks!
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 Lol ... look at her lap at 3:03
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WTF is that on her pants?????
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  • 1 0
 just 2 creme eggs and a Lindt bar
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 @gowaan-gals: yeah.. Right..
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 Curious why no USA athletes represented.
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 Kialani Hines represents!
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 because you didnt pay attention
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 You're all too busy arguing over corona virus and china and just being generally insular to realise the rest of the world exists
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 Comel jer
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 Diggin it Ladies!
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 Straits wife.... Cor
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 That was awesome. Super clever and fun!
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 Josh bryceland in drag 1 min 5 sec??
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 That would have been really funny.
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 Emilie Siegenthaler. :-)
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