Video: Rachel Atherton Shares Her Advice on Mental Preparation, Injury Recovery & More

Jun 30, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesI asked you to interview me last week on Instagram (@rachybox) ... I hope you find something useful to take away from my Q&A... some tips for mental preparation....injury recovery best race memories (Gee & I winning World Champs 2008! and kids in MTB!

There were loads of questions so thank you, I couldn't get thru' them all so I've answered a few reoccurring questions... I also visit the physio for the first time since lockdown and get some adjustments! 

Rachel Atherton


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 I like how Rach is open. Race nerves are horrible. I've never thrown up before....really enjoying the footage.....
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 Came across her YouTube channel the other day, definitely putting out some good content!
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 When a champ shares wisdom, I listen carefully! Thanks, Rachel!
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 Yes Bad side of racing?
As much as used to enjoy racing, while racing crashed will happen but not all will end in injury
However some will & for me, that takes joy out of racing as was never going to win anymore anyway!
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 Too cute! Thanks for sharing your passion, insight and wisdom on the topics. A joy to listen to.
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 Great insight...Airedales are the best dogs though.
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 I know she is sponsored by Red Bull, but seriously, I cannot imagine fizzy Red Bull is going to do you much good before a race run.
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 There is an old interview with Linford Christie, back in the early 90's, where he talks about eating a slab of Dairy Milk before each race to give him that instant sugar rush - and we know how big bars of chocolate were 25/30 years ago. I guess the same could be said here but part of it is psychological, superstition even; "Shit, I've not had my Redbull, I'm gonna loose".
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 @elliott-20: Interesting, as a sprinter too. Good enough for him, good enough for me. Stack of candy bars justified at last.
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 Redbull may well be responsible for more injury's though?
Would be interested in a study do they give better results or end up causing more crashes?
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 so we will not be making any trail bikes........
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 Enjoyed that Rach.
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 Cool video

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