Video: Racing the Megavalanche with a 360° Camera is Wild

Jul 22, 2019
by Chain Reaction Cycles  

*note: you can click and drag around to change angle on desktop, or use your phone to experience the footage in 360°.

Experience the Megavalanche like never before with this 360 camera footage from Vitus First Tracks rider Nathan McComb.

Beware, bit of carnage early on and some intermittent explicit language.


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 That was terrible. I should try again in a few hours when I’m not tripping on LSD
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 What else do you normally trip on...? ????
  • + 7

I often trip on the cat....!
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 Public Service Announcement: Click and drag right on the video to aim the camera. ;p
  • + 8
 The Glasses on this guy!!! Hahah it's a miracle they stayed on his face! ;p
  • + 2
 Pretty cool, just gotta keep moving the camera around, and yeah, 300 degrees is good, the rider is the 60 degrees I don't need Wink
  • + 4
 Is there anyway to make the horizon sit level and not at 45 degrees?
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 Are you supposed to watch this on some special 360 player? The sideways bottom screen is useless and the top one is not much better.
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 HAHAHAHAHA, So Much Fune Dude!
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 That was an amazing point of view... I had to watch it twice to figure out how to move the camera view around but once I did, it was fun to watch...
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 306 degrees is all you need.
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 What are you talking about drunk guy?? Wink lol lol
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 @whattheheel: Show up to the party early and that's what happens... Actually, I was sarcastically trying to correct the misinforming title to this page. As earlier in the party, as you fellas might not have noticed, the title read - "Racing the Megavalanche with a 306° Camera is Wild" - Wild as the party I showed up early to. Or did ya'll just show up late. The chicken says the egg.
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 @scottyrides5: I knew exactly what was going on thus the Wink first... lol
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 @whattheheel: I see, I thought it was your eye, you poked your eye and were squinty like that. Followed up by a couple real loud yells.
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 We got to work on your internetting....
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 why the hell is whole video tilted 30deg to left??? or just problem at my reciever?
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 the Josh Bryceland vid from the other year is much better.
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 No shit sherlock
  • + 1
 that looked hard hahah
  • + 1
 What just happened?
  • - 1
 I lasted 1:36 seconds, and I had to fast forward past that incessant electronic thumping noise.
That video sucked.
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 sounds like me on date night.
  • + 1
 who downvotes a premature ejaculation joke??? oh... premature ejaculators.
side note: can anyone on iphones move the camera? i can't get the vid to do anything.
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 I was hoping for a big wreck
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