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Video: Railing Corners & Sending Jumps with the 50to01

Jul 10, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

The 50to01 crew rails corners, hits jumps and has an altogether good time at the Freedom Ride weekend at Rogate Bike Park.

bigquotesWe had a well fun couple of days at Rogate Bike Park for the Freedom Ride weekend. Cheers to the organisers for having us and all the sound people swinging in, saying yo and grabbing some bits n bobs. Catch you at the next one.50to01

Edit and mix by: Josh Lewis

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 Dang. These guys used to be pretty cool, but now they're mostly about selling clothes
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 And pedaling anti-vax bullshit
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 @ODY89: Wait, what?
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 It's really interesting how attitudes are changing towards 50:01!

I do think they deserve a bit of credit for trying to turn an online following into an income - most of the guys aren't really sponsored so aren't earning anything from this, and whilst there are a few lads that are actually sponsored and earning money from it we all know how well they're likely to be paid based on the PB rider survey. The tees they make are super ethical etc too so I can't criticise them for it. They also do loads of good round here, lots of digging and maintenance etc.

That said, I have unfollowed all of their accounts. It's not just the antivax stuff, if you dig a bit there's some really worrying holier than thou stuff - calling their fans sheeple for believing society's lies, ripping on people for not living life like they do etc. Also living in Sheffield I regularly bump into them in wharncliffe - they have been super friendly at times but have also been massive jerks. It seems to depend on which bike I'm riding that day, what kit I'm wearing etc, they always check out my bike before they say hi. Definitely come across as very superficial and I'm less of a fan each time I meet them.
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 @everythingscomingupmilhouse: just out of interest, what is their argument for antivax?
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 @everythingscomingupmilhouse: Spot on. I live near a "small" hill of forest where you can have it all, XC, roadies, gravel, enduro guys. I do a bit of each. Anyway, I've noticed people around, on the forums, are always so keen on praising the friendship among bikers and what a friendly sport it is in comparison to football/soccer (to give you an example) but it's incredible the amount of judgment a bike and a kit can lead some to change their behaviour. One time I was road riding and got through a dozen groups that didn't even replied to my "hey there", I had to get home to change bike cause it was windy AF, and all of a sudden different bike and kit and I'm one of the gang.
Narrow minded snobs.
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flag Rudella (Jul 13, 2021 at 1:50) (Below Threshold)
 @everythingscomingupmilhouse: Only time will tell with this one. But I doubt they are "anti-vax", my bet is they all had their immunisations when they were kids.

But taking a novel vaccine technology (never passed clinical trials for humans before), on a healthy young people who have close to zero risk from a virus - when there is no long term safety data - is actually insane.

In the UK, if you do have a problem with a vaccine, you can apply for a Vaccine Damage Payment - from the government (tax payers money), of maximum £120,000 and you have to prove that you are over 60% disabled directly caused by the vaccine. The manufacturers have complete indemnity - they are not liable.

I wouldn't swing a leg over a bike that had a disclaimer like that.

Add to that the fact that the yellow card data shows 1400+ deaths from the vaccine already in the UK and millions of reactions.

This isn't vaccinate the vulnerable anymore - this is a huge marketing campaign. I really dont think the 50-01 guys are stupid for taking a stand against it.
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 Round Sheffield they pretty much build the most ridiculous jump lines on public land without permission. The lines are waaay to hard for almost anyone else except them to ride them (and consider how many crashes they usually have in each video just to ride the lines). The trails exist purely for them to make their videos. After that, they're usually torn down by the forestry commission and remain a problem area in negotiating trail access between riders and public authorities
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 @ODY89: anti-all vax or anti-covid vax?

there is a difference...
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flag Rudella (Jul 13, 2021 at 1:57) (Below Threshold)
 @conoat: Exactly.
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 @Rudella: www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/deathscausedbycovid19vaccinationandtypesofvaccinations just to clarify for all the anti-vax sheeple that will be reading your off-topic spew there have been 0 deaths associated in the UK with any covid vaccine. I take a cocktail of strong drugs for long term disease of which the list of side-effects includes all the very worst that can happen to a human. Guess what, I man up and accept the nature of probability (science) and my qualify of life is massively improved. Not like all these whining little bitches who can't take a completely harmless vaccine for the benefit of others.
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 @browner: Wrong. It's nothing to do with "manning up".


The MHRA has received 450 UK reports of suspected ADRs to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in which the patient died shortly after vaccination, 960 reports for the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, six for the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna and 24 where the brand of vaccine was unspecified.
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 @Rudella: Brilliant - if you cannot accept these risks. Good luck making money on the stock market, good luck driving, good luck when you or someone you know has cancer and will be forced to accept higher risks. Have you heard of long-covid? 1 million people in the UK have that. 000's of ADRs from which no conclusion can be drawn at the moment is only proving the argument for science
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 @browner: >1 million people in the UK have "long covid"

citation please
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 @browner: We are making the same argument, simply on opposite sides.

I trust my immune system that has developed alongside the coronavirus family for thousands of years and the fact that in my age group, less people have died of coronavirus than from car crashes or suicides in the last year. A very large percentage of people have natural immunity already.

Vaccinate the vulnerable is a reasonable idea, if the risk is high for those people. To have widespread campaign to influence everyone to take a medical treatment they don't actually need, with NO long term safety data, is crazy.

Did you ever read about the number of years that doctors were told thalidomide was safe for pregnant mothers? There was no evidence it was safe. There is NO evidence that these vaccines are safe long term either - but they are being given to people , even pregnant women.

No evidence is not evidence !!!
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 @conoat: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-57693637 "The latest figures from the ONS show there are 962,000 people in the UK with multiple symptoms four weeks after initial infection."
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 @Rudella: Yup we're really not making the same argument.
  • 6 1
... The majority of these reports were in elderly people or people with underlying illness. Usage of the vaccines has increased over the course of the campaigns and as such, so has reporting of fatal events with a temporal association with vaccination however, this does not indicate a link between vaccination and the fatalities reported. Review of individual reports and patterns of reporting does not suggest the vaccines played a role in these deaths.
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 @browner: from your own link: one of 385,000 people in the UK who have been suffering "long Covid" for more than 12 months - and that number is growing.

so you cherry picked the bigger number for 4 weeks, when the definition for "long covid" seems to be 12 months.
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 @Frederiknc: oh, so now that people are dying following a vaccination, we are quick to point out that they aren't inherently related, buuuuuuuuutttttttt.....previoulsly when someone died *for any reason* and happened to test positive for covid, that was always marked as a covid death...

funny that
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 Lets Ride Bikes and have fun guys.
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 @conoat: I didn't come up with the definition of long covid... It includes that 4 week number. Imagine being sick for a month... That is long enough. That is longer than malaria, dengue, etc. Absolute madness that you are grasping at these straws. It was literally on panorama last night.
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 @Rudella: im
Sorry but this really annoys me. The number of people reported as dying following vaccination is not equivalent to those deaths being CAUSED by vaccination. This comes up time and time again.

The figure is reported so that scientists and the public generally can see death rates in the cohort of people who’ve had the vaccine and compare to the average known death rate normally.

You need to read the information more carefully as what you are implying is incorrect.
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 The key point which you seem to miss is that this is the affects of covid, after you cease to have covid. Similar to ME after a viral infection it could potentially last year's for some, or be irreversible for those with organ damage
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 @browner: The effects long term of the vaccine are unknown also, and people have the right to refuse that risk.
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 @Rudella: People do have the right, but they might get their arguments destroyed on social media
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 @browner: I don't watch state propoganda.
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 @Nickybgoesdownhill: Deaths from Covid were counted in a much more liberal way (28 days rather than 14 days for vaccines). And it's very likely that the vaccine deaths are underreported.

At the end of the day time will tell, if you'd like to take a vaccine with no long term safety data then it is entirely your choice.
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 @conoat: I'm almost at bingo. you said cherrypick earlier, now state propaganda, I think I need you to say sheep, or liberal and I'll have a full house.
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 @browner: full house or bingo? or are you playing calvinball? perhaps your inability to make any sense here, as well as previously, also affects your ability to think critically?

If you don't think the motherf*cking BBC is state propaganada.....I guess it worked on you.
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 @conoat: lol is the terminology of bingo also a conspiracy for you? This is literally too good. Have you never played bingo with your nan? Google 'bingo full house' now
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 @Rudella: how COVID deaths were reported is not relevant to how the vaccine deaths are reported. I’d also argue that the very fact most western governments are publishing huge data sets on death rates unvaccinated people vs normal rates doesn’t allow underreport inflation of vaccine death rates.

I’m just fed up that people everywhere roll
Out these stats and hold them up as proof that the vaccine is killing people. It isn’t. These stats are provided by governments all
Over the world as a first warning system so that experts can check that the effect of the vaccine in large data sets.

These stats are a genuine source of publically accessible and legitimate data but by deliberately misinterpreting It you are misleading people and they aren’t making their mind ups with the true facts.

A study was released recently in the Netherlands claiming a very similar thing, however it made all of these same errors and was quickly debunked. However, the damage is done. Now people are sharing it as peer reviewed ‘evidence’ that the vaccine is deadly.

This annoys me as in Australia where I live we have so many people who are hesitant and reluctant to take it. And it’s slowing our recovery and getting back to normal and I’m
Fed up with it.

However, I agree the choice is yours and I completely respect your right not to have it if you don’t wish. I just want people to
Make this decision with the real facts
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 @Nickybgoesdownhill: I really appreciate your missplaced anger. Not that you shouldn't be angry, but man are you shooting in the exact opposite direction of the true target.

if you want your life and freedom(what ever shred you had before covid, in OZ) back, perhaps take it up with the people that wrongly took it from you to begin with, not your fellow citizens that are questioning those very same people.....
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 @Nickybgoesdownhill: It all comes down to the risk to you. If it's a very low risk, you have to see if the unknown vaccine risk is worth it.

Under 59-year old males in Australia, there have been 15 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Under 39 years old - 3 deaths in total. The facts speak for themselves.


Having a vaccine shouldn't be a condition on normal returning. Anyway, all the best to Aus I hope normality does resume ASAP!
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 @Rudella: absolutely, it’s a personal choice and I can understand if you don’t want it.

Either way, I can’t wait for us to head out of it. Happy trails bud.
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 @Nickybgoesdownhill: Amen, cheers you too.
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Kinda lost interest when I heard Ratboy' lame excuse for not riding WC's anymore. There is nothing wrong with saying you're fed up with being under the gun all of the time and just want to ride for fun. I can respect that. No need to get all Greta about it and go the carbon footprint bs...
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 Well that turned into an absolute sh*t show of comments didn't it. That'll teach me.

Let's see then:

All anti vaxers of any description are wrong. You can pick and manipulate data to "prove" anything you want, but the fact remains that the risk from the vaccine is lower than the risk from covid for all groups, so getting it is a no brainer. It's also lower than the risk of clotting related deaths from the contraceptive pill or flying as a relative example. This line of reasoning is also completely self-centred and selfish, as whilst young healthy people getting the vaccine may only have negligible effects on their mortality from covid, it will help to greatly reduce transmission rates and thereby have a significant impact on mortality rates for more vulnerable groups. We all spread covid, whether it presents us with a mortality risk or not. The situation and data are clear: get the vaccine unless you're a selfish tool who cares more about preventing an unmeasurable increase in risk to you from a vaccine then preventing significant risk to many, many other people from preventable infection.

Ratboy et al may have presented some questionable opinions about vaccines but this doesn't invalidate everything they do or stand for. The climate crisis is real, it is certainly not BS, and whilst ratboy may be seen by some to be a hypocrite as he clearly does still have a carbon heavy lifestyle, at least he used his platform to say something and tried to make a change. That is more than most people do, and probably more than you have done. It's always easier to criticise others ain't it.

And with that folks, I'm out.
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 @conoat: Nope. No difference.
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 @mdsgh13: can you try using more than 3 words to expess what the literal f*ck you're trying to say?
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 @Frederiknc: Google it, the last thing we need is opinionated non bike drivel here. Oops too late.
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 @Frederiknc: but that exact statement can be used for COVID related deaths as well the figures were huge initially but again in the elderly or people with underlying health issues etc,
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 @browner: the vaccine isn’t even 100% affective so there’s still a chance of getting COVID even when jabbed
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 @clayflint: the point is if every person passes the disease onto less than one person as is the case with the vaccinated person, then the disease disappears exponentially instead of grows
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 @everythingscomingupmilhouse: clearly nobody gives a crap about opinions on here better off for everyone if you keep this waffle to yourself bud..
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 @a-d-e: thanks for giving me your opinion, which is that I should keep my opinion to myself.....
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 I came here for comments on the epic weekend at Rogate Freedom ride and all I'm getting is Covid this Covid that.
Take a chill pill or is that bad?!

All time weekend for me and the rest of the people.

Live To Ride not hate.

Peace ✌️
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 Big pharma is all over the chill pill, mate.
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 If anything I think this is an advertisement for how bad rogate has got recently. This is the slowest and least loosest edit they've done and it's mainly because of the building at rogate. Corners are shite (other than the sberms which are class) especially that new open corner they've put on bottlerovket to redirect it. Open, sandy corner after the fastest section of the track? Great idea. Plus everything is too small for the speed of the track. The dmr track should be killer, yet you have to be on the brakes to do the whale tail properly otherwise you massively overshoot. New far beyond ridden is too small for the speed of the track and the small top line on bottlerocket, I'd say those little tables border on being dangerous. Happy ending used to be great, now the lip is shorter and steeper? Savage kick on it have to lean back on the lip for it to feel good. I went straight after lockdown 3 and their new jump at the bottom of tripple r rated (in fairness this jump is actually quite well built) had a massive sand patch at the bottom sucking all speed before the biggest gap there. No one gonna go out with a watering can and a shovel and maintain? Now charging a tenner to rider there too? Mad that the same company owns windhill where there's way better built tracks and longer runs for the same price. A tenner... For rogate....You can ride tigne with uplift for the same price
  • 2 0
 needs a proper rebuild & better maintenance - I mean look at twisted oaks or bull track vs rogate? admittedly rogate has mostly steeper technical and the 'flow' blue lacks flow.some of jumps are real sketchy in my opinion just the landings are too short like a DJ landing on a racer jump especially the 2 tables that conclude bottlerocket - huck to nose flat landing every time..
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 Roost proof soil
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