Video: Railing Corners in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island

May 30, 2021
by Liam Morgan  

Nic Court shreds some of his favourite local trails in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island for the first volume of the "Cowichan Cycles Team Shredit" series.

Nic ripping corners
We gave this one berm a really hard time

For this video, we wanted to highlight the styles of riding which Nic is most comfortable with; railing corners, riding fast, and getting steezy.

Cowichan Cycles Team Shredits Vol. I
Cowichan Cycles Team Shredits Vol. I
Nic was all gas no brakes during our shoots

Nic ripping corners
The man can ride a corner, that is clear

Forbidden Druid Nic
Smiles for miles with this guy, featuring the Forbidden Druid

Supported by Cowichan Cycles | Address: 2-2628 Beverly St, Duncan, BC
Riding: Nic Court
Video/Photos: Liam Morgan
Many thanks to Forbidden Bike Co.


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 Awesome! Saw you guys filming on resurrection and you got hella good scrubs.
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 Thanks man!!
  • 14 6
 Need more shots of destroying berms! /s
  • 27 23
 Hey Pinkbike, could you post another preachy video telling us not to skid?

Or, I don’t know, at least require a token shot of fixing the berms in the credits before posting this stuff.
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 Hey man! Appreciate the concern for these local trails! Personally over my years of living in the valley I’ve built many of the existing trails and have helped with many as well. We have groups that we get together and maintain the riding on my Prevost every year and that amazing place is enjoyed by people all over the world.

For this video we did re back the corner in the first shot. The last shot was a step up built by Darren the CLAW! He also had given me permission to shoot a year back. After the shoot I hiked water up to the jump and re packed the lip.
I take great pride I. The trails are valley has to offer and appreciate every day I get to ride them
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 I don't know who you think was skidding my guy
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 @nicksdabomb: That’s great to hear, and thanks for the commitment to trail building and maintenance.

For context, Pinkbike recently posted a video correctly pointing out the damage roosting causes and telling people not to do it. Which is great, except that basically every edit posted on the site includes obvious roosting, which delivers a very different message.

So I know it’s neither effective or rad to post a psa at the end of these. And I don’t want to see cool shots of dirt flying disappear. But should these videos make some effort to adjust the message they send, and if so how should they do that?
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 @Blackhat: the video was "things trail builders hate" and its true, trail builders hate skidding.. so if you are making dirt go flying while making edits, you best be packing a shovel with you and fix it up after as Nick has said he did.
Nothing wrong with pink bike putting out a video to raise awareness of the sustainability concerns.
Problem solved.
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 @Blackhat: sometimes dirt sprays when you go as fast as you can. People aren’t going to ride slow to save the ails though. In the end it’s a sport and we’re all trying to better ourselves at it. Dirt sprays are sick and trail building make the biking world go round!

Plus ruts are sick
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 @nicksdabomb: The point is not that *you* damaged trails - I'm sure you haven't. The point is that the video sends a message saying "skidding into freshly laid berms is cool". You fixed that berm but thousands of people who watched this and will go do the same thing won't.
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 Agreed! And not only this video. More than 80% of videos that PB posts include some hot-shot video edits of oversliding rider killing trails with "shredding"...
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 Getting ready to get out this morning and this video’s got me pumped even though I already am (:
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 Use and Abuse those berms, they can always be rebuilt.
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 Yes buddy!
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 Awesome vid!
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 berm killer!!
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 Unreal boys!
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 That was Little Mountain. Pretty far from Duncan.

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