Video: Rallying the New Canyon Lux Trail on Rocky & Alpine Trails

Aug 18, 2021
by Canyon  

Words: Canyon

The new Lux Trail takes everything that is great about the Lux — the lightweight chassis, the unreal speed and unrivalled pedalling efficiency — and adds a serious dose of capability courtesy of its downhill-friendly geometry, longer travel (120 mm) fork, dropper post, wider bars, and meatier tires.

Emily Batty
Emily Batty on the new Lux Trail

bigquotes“What I love most about the new Lux Trail is that it's one of the most capable bikes I've ever ridden in a lightweight package. It goes uphill, just as fast as it goes downhill.”Emily Batty

But why a new, additional flavour of Lux? Because there is more than one way to ride cross-country. Once upon a time, cross-country meant just one thing — going as fast as possible, between the tape. All XC bikes were fast, ultralight, short-track rockets. But cross-country has evolved. Yes, riders still want a fast, light, race-tuned bike that covers ground as quickly as possible...but they might never toe the starting line at a traditional race. They’re looking, instead, for the perfect whip to help them cover as much trail as fast as possible. Or perhaps these same riders are still racing, but now they are competing in longer, more technically challenging events — such as the BC Bike Race. These riders still need a race weapon, but these kinds of competitions call for a less twitchy, more confident, and forgiving speed machine better suited to long days in the saddle.

Product Development Engineer testing out the Lux Trail in the Alps.

bigquotes“The Lux is a very successful race bike, loved by both our pro riders and customers for being super light and efficient, with its agile handling and capable, power-saving suspension. But not every day is race day and not every race is a world cup. Sometimes you just want to enjoy that efficiency and speed on a wider range of trails or with a bit of extra buffer. Be it for pushing the limits even further or just adding some confidence – this is the bike of choice for performant and fun trail riding. I’m very excited that we could take the race-proven technology of the Lux, sharpen the design, spice it with some extra travel and a modern geometry – et voilà!”Johannes Thumm, Product Development Engineer of the Lux Trail

Ryan Petry puts the Lux Trail through its paces in the states.

bigquotes“After riding the Lux Trail, my head went straight into adventure mode. I live for big days on my bikes exploring new mountains and trails, and having a bike that can climb like a cross country bike, yet can handle just about anything nature could throw your way allows me to re-think days that I once thought were not possible.”Ryan Petry, Professional Mountain Biker


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 Music could be used for torture purposes argh! Their marketing guys need to up the game
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 Glad someone said it.
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 Unless they changed all the bikes after shooting, it certainly looks better built then current Lux. Mine got cracked seatstay after less then 1000km and I didn't ride anything even remotely similar to this in promo video, not to mention I never crashed. And what's "best" is, that Canyon says it's not material fault, so I can basically stick my warranty somewhere and buy new frame if I still want to ride bike.
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 the legendary canyon service...
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 And there was me considering one of these for local rides that include some jumps bigger than the 60cm "allowed" for this according to the Canyon website...
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 that sucks, I was seriously interested in this but if Canyon's CS is that s**t, I'm out. Hoping that's not the case anymore
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 @mountainsofsussex: current official statement from Canyon is "it's not manfuacturer/material fault, but there was overload". Overload?? Really?? Bike should handle 120kg rider and jumps up to 60cm. That's Canyon's statement not my. I'm 75kg and ride flowly xc trails with no jumps, rocks or roots as max what I ride, rest are fire roads and forest roads. How would 75kg rider who doesn't jump and ride anything extreme (not even close to what xc tracks looks like, and bike is suppose to be made for xc racing) cause overload on seatstay is beyond me and my imagination.
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 @primozj: it might have taken 6 months for delivery, but at least Giant replaced my road bike frame that had cracked at the back of the top tube, with "marginal" seat tube insertion. Though Canyon were really good with a friend's road bike frame that cracked by the seat clamp. But that was a known fault with their seat clamps that they didn't bother with a recall for...
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 So canyon sponsored rider likes canyon bike...colour me surprised. That said I quite like the look of this but the reach is a too long for the size I would like. It's a perfectly good reach for an enduro bike but I feel it's a bit too long for an xc bike. I prefer something a bit more in the 450-460 range on a large but that's just me.
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 hating the "downcountry" labeling....its a XC bike. slacker with more travel is just the natural progression of XC. That said, this looks like an absolute ripper and I'm interested. The CF 6 with SLX, DT Swiss and Fox, carbon, and TWO water bottle mounts for $3,999 could very well be my next bike. Fantastic pricing.
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 There's a lot to compete with out there. First thing that comes to mind is the new Kona Hei Hei CR DL. That bike seems to get everything right if "downcountry" even exists.

If it actually does exist then Specialized had it dialed years ago with the Camber. That bike was very good.
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 Finally the industry corrects itself and starts building light & enjoyable to ride up & down bikes.
For sale: 160mm enduro bike ..
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 Wait I’m confused. What is difference between down country and trail? Just seems down country is quickly becoming a trail bike with short travel. Eliminate term - how about trail light??
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 Mike Bike Consulting on fire at the moment.
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 Would've liked to see Jack Moir ripping one of these
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 won't last two descents
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 This is literally an advertisement without any editorial or journalistic intent?
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 This is just what a non-race XC should be - light, but not so light that it detracts from the ride.
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 IMO this is a cross then back country bike. It doesn’t have the downcountry geometry like the transition does.
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 Hahahahaa! This is downcountry. Classic.
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 Why is Emily riding by herself? Not safe to ride alone. Hit me up next time I will go with her
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 Looks like a Giant ATX 990. Those were the days. When Warner was a force.
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 Great tune - anyone know what the soundtrack is?

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