Video: Rapid Fire Questions with Rampage Winners

Oct 21, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWinning Red Bull Rampage is an accolade that has graced the presence of a very select number of riders. Here's what some of those riders have to say about the freeride event with such a prestigious history. Red Bull


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 Who do you hate beating you most?

Brandon (playfully): Ryan Howard

Brett (dead ass): Brandon

lol. Kinda like that Brandon has never even acknowledged the Brett “I can do a backflip-one foot-can as well” rheeder narrative
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 literally spit out my water I was drinking while laughing Big Grin
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 Could Sorge be any more laid back. Man i love his attitude.
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 those Nelson boys...all laid back.
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 "Someone on this hill will win" LMAO
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 Sorge legend! such a great character!!! Good luck to all the riders thank you so much for putting such a show, thank you Red Bull for bringing it to our houses ... and really..........this year...........que gane el mejor!!!
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 DJ for the win.
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 thats my prediction too
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 There is a 66.6% probability a Canadian will.
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 And the correct answer is: The judges
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 Brett was actually 8 by the time of the first Rampage (he was born in 1993).
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 I can see Carson Storch on the podium... where, I'm not sure yet, but top three for sure. You can quote me. Smile
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 More of this please. I like seeing the lighter side of Rampage.
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 That was sick. Getting psyched for Rampage now.
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 Rheeder the only one with real answers. Everyone else either like “I’m the best” or “everyone’s cool”. Rheeder claiming it for Storch
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 Love these guys
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 Can't wait for Friday, its going to be SICK!
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 I want all riders down safe for the win!
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 Great video. All cool dudes but could Sorge be any more chill......doin' Nelson proud.
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 By far the most funny Rampage video I have ever watched LOL
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