Video: Raw Downhill Action From Crankworx Innsbruck 2020

Oct 4, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

An extra serving of raw racing action fresh from the hillside as riders get up to speed for the World Championships.


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 This footage shows that Crankworx choose the only non-exiting parts of the track to film the live feed. Really good work by Crankworx to find such uninteresting places!
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 You mean the start and the end? I love my racing like a pulp fiction film too. Watch the middle, and work out the beginning and the ending later.

Shame on you Crankworx for delivering free-to-view content of the only racing happening this year!
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 Says the guy who would be lucky to finish dead last in quallies. The first 10 seconds there was a huge save wtf were you watching.
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 Yeeeeeeeeea BROOK !!!!!!!!!!! 11th place !!! This footage was better than the live footage lol
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 glad we could help Smile
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 This was more entertaining than the race footage honestly. Still grateful for anything though!
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 during the rb live transmission unfortunately only the lowest part of the track was shown, unfortunately the lowest part of the track is the most boring.
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 Watching multiple riders hitting the same part of the track in rapid succession is fantastic. Seizing how the line choice differ, how they carry speed etc... Is a real blast.
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 random question - i should probably know the answer - what's the whistle for after they clear each section?
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 Dude, I've wondered about that for ever! Is it for photographers or something?
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 To warn people below of a bike on course.
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 part of the course safety system with race marshalls, as mentioned warning of rider on that part of the course
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 It's a public works project for underemployed traffic police
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 If you hear the whistle, get off the main line. Helps reduces incidents with spectators and among racers. It is a bit less important in world cup level races, but really important in local races where riders of all levels are on course at the same time during training and even during the race some people get overtaken.
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 @Mugen: Thanks! That makes sense.
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 @trabri: Thanks! That makes sense. I guess it never occurred to me anybody would be on the trail in the middle of a freaking race. Then again, I've never been to one.
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 YT’s taken the top spot on both sides! Way to go!!
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 Ben Cathro?
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 Vital got rawed
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 Watching Brook gave me goosebumps.
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 Bruni is on fire !
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 No doubt, but he wasn't here!

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