Video: Raw Trackside Footage from British National Downhill at Hamsterley Forest

Jul 11, 2021
by Wideopen Magazine  

Wideopen brings the action from the opening round of the British National Downhill Series at Hamsterley, hosted by Gravity Events.

Via: Wideopenmag


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 For those who think the track is unnecessarily dangerous, remember the riders potentially have to get into an uplift truck driven by Danny's old man.
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 You mean when they actually bother having enough drivers?
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 I hope the organisers take constructive criticism - I think its fair to say a couple of those tree trunks should have been padded up...properly?
Buy some stuff designed for the job and follow UCI safety protocol, the sport is dangerous enough as it is.
having said that enjoyed the footage regardless.
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flag kingdick (Jul 11, 2021 at 2:45) (Below Threshold)
 Pussy !!!
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flag betsie (Jul 11, 2021 at 3:56) (Below Threshold)
 maybe you should volunteer to organise a race, tape a tack or look at all the dangers, buy the extra padding that warriors on PB ask for and go put it up on track, take it down afterwards too before your long drive home, you might want to race the race too just so you know every root and stump on track....
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 @betsie: Gravity Events are a volunteer outfit?
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 @kingdick: username checks out
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 @valleytroll: is king-willy gravity events?

I volunteered for a while with the SDA, taped tracks, had the battle with the BC chief com over which lines we had to remove due to being potentially unsafe. I only stopped due to personal circumstances.
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 @betsie: respect for that mate - anyone volunteering time into our sport, particularly to get races happening
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 The same UCI protocols that enabled a rider's bike (and rider RW sliding down the hill) to enter a crowded spectator area at the last World Cup? Do me a favor, they still use wooden stakes (those awful blue triangles that PFP took in the face), and stakes with metal spikes that are designed for electrified cattle fences.
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 @THEATB: those electricity poles were banned in the UK a long time ago. New poles, like used in football were purchased.
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 @betsie: could you clarify what £90 entry fee covers then?
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 @TomasK: £90?! You’re kidding.
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 @TomasK: as a start...
Poles (they get broken)
Portaloos, remember they are cleaned throughout the weekend too
Prize money
Maintenance of equipment
For a non SDA, timing equipment hire
Hill hire

From memory, BC coms don't come out of the organisers pot.

You would be surprised how close some events get to making a loss, some make a loss and are covered by other events.
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 BDS prises come from BC. The volunteers who race might get their entry back but it's a Friday and Sunday night job for them sometimes with long drives home. 7 hour drive home and finishing at around 1900 the other weekend then work on Monday morning! 2021... Understanding and empathy..
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 The tracks at hamsterley are great but they are short, way too short to be running a National downhill race! Come on British Cycling, get it together man!
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 I think Malcolm the organiser done a great job putting on the event. With the support of BC. It seemed to work well.
Even the uplifts were efficient as they had drivers helping with the loading of the bike’s.
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 Riding Hammers in the wet is a great reminder of you how shit you actually are on a bike, it's like a root farm
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 getting the feeling its greaseyon that track???
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 I got concussion just looking at that he'd vs tree crash
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 So was 29 a fade or 27.5
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 Gravity Events again? Nuff said - useless!
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