Video: Race Recap with Ben Cathro - Leogang DH World Cup 2019

Jun 9, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

Ben Cathro recounts all the action from Leogang and interviews Tracey Hannah, Loic Bruni, and Greg Minnaar about their runs.

Photos by: Andy Vathis, Nathan Hughes, Ross Bell, Dave Trumpore & Matt Delorme

Presented by Five Ten

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 Met Cathro working trackside at Leogang on Sunday - said he been upto 3am that morning and would be the same again that night to get these out asap. Top bloke
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 He’s an absolute machine. Whole event team is—photo guys too.
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 When riders are using your videos to help them win you know you have a great product! Whether or not it made the difference for Bruni, we won’t know. But it does speak to the confidence your audience has in your analysis. Great work Ben!
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 When Bruni pedaled hard and early out of the stump section I thought: "Must have watched Cathro's analysis"....and lo and behold!
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 Loic's run was probably the most accurate and controlled I've ever seen. It looked like a virtual rider overlay to show what the optimum way to ride the course would be.
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 Loïc - rebound-ed for the win!
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 it was so cool two years ago in Andorra, right after a loose Danny Hart on the edge all time Bruni pulled a similar super composed run to make virtually the same time. Danny faster by .01, amazing!
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 Great piece as always. I like the observation of Brosnan and the stumps. Seems like any race that has them, he just floats over them like they aren't even there... Makes it look so easy....(I think he is usually the first one that goes OVER them..)
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 There's that famous stump on one of the tracks that only he bunny hopped clean over on the first race, next year everyone was doing it
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 @ctd07: It was Lenzerheide... Uhm... 2017?
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I think 2016? was the first year in Lenzerheide.
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 Starting to really enjoy these, wasn't convinced initially but Ben is coming across really well now, and the lad is no dummy when it comes to commenting on line choice etc.. Loic's admission was witness to that..... Well done, bring on Andorra :-)
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 I’m just here to say that Pierron I’m stoked for. Anyone that is that chill and competitive at the same time gets my vote.

And that’s coming from a Gwin fan.

Props to Cathro for the video! Thoroughly enjoyed!
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 Cathro is awesome! I hope he's making some $$ from doing this, and I hope there's some funding for all of his travel and equipment. This stuff that he puts together is mint.
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 Santa Cruz are funding the whole thing, he did a pre season video about their deal together.
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 @Radley-Shreddington: Awesome! Thanks for the info. I didn't see the pre-season vid.
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 @Radley-Shreddington @Leppah yep we’re paying him for his excellent work. His videos for us are also separate from his Santa Cruz program. Smile
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 @brianpark: Excellent work indeed.
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 I watched Greg's run 3 times and every time I felt like he was going to win. Fingers crossed that he and Gwinn are competitive for the rest of the season, seeing them and the French guys all at the top of their games would be awesome. Ohh and Danny Hart looks like he is going to win something this year as well.
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 great race, greg was on a serious tear for sure! and a well deserved win for tracey and big ups to nina!
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 Favorite part of the weekend for me was seeing Luca in the top 10 again. Great confidence builder for him. Always pulling for the east coast crew...
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 Love hearing what is going on in the junior division. keep that coming. @ben-cathro
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 Subtitles for Greg but not for Loic? :-P
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 Probably due to the background noise, I can hear Loic just fine but cranking up the volume for Greg's section will probably get me rude stares in the office - the background music is so loud.
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 All good but particularly interested with the Bruni stability bit. He does look incredibly stable on the bike
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 A couple of dodgy edits but Cathro is fast becoming a go too. Good for him, and especially good for us.
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 Is that a Hightower LT on Cathro's shirt?
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 Could be..he partnered with the syndacate now!
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 He rides/races Santa Cruz bikes.
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 Finally some serious post race analysis. Ben for everything.
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 Now I want an entire episode on Bernard Kerr’s final jump before the finish. It broke my brain!
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 Man that was a moment, thought he was going to end up in traction
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 Favorite part: That kinked jump they all went sideways on.
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 Top quality insights as always. Thanks Ben
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 Went back and watched Kerr's Cathro spec roots section. Pure genius
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 Great job as always ben! Keep it coming! But i'm sure the photographers would appreciate some credit for the pics!
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 They probably got paid
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 This is a Pinkbike video and the photos are all owned by Pinkbike, no dramas. Andy Vathis, Nathan Hughes, Ross Bell, Dave Trumpore & Matt Delorme were the photographers and their photos were bloody lovey.
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 @ben-cathro: It just raced my mind that they deserved been mentioned... I appreciate the fact, though.
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