Video: Red Bull Foxhunt 2015 - Rachel Atherton's POV

Sep 27, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  

Red Bull Foxhunt with Rachel Atherton took place in Edinburgh, Scotland this weekend. Over 100 riders raced down the hillside as Rachel chased them down to the finish line with around 35 riders managing to beat the World Champion.

Full results here.

MENTIONS: @redbullbike / @GTBicycles / @GoPro


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 chasing 100 women on MTB? Thats the dream!
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 Would probably be more fair than when Rachel is doing her job.
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 I'd rather have them chasing me Smile
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 "I fell in love the moment I crashed into you, all of you"
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 the track is cool too, wide open sections and single tracks with trees section mixed in and some nice shades, i can smell the cool breeze through the screen, this is almost like a laid back xc race without uphill
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 That boys and girls is how to be a humble World Champ. Awesome to see the fun everyone seemed to be having out there Smile
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 seriously couldnt be a cooler chick!
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 woo hoo woo hoo. ooo shit sorry
  • + 21
 she isn t used to see people in front of her haha Big Grin
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flag scott-townes (Sep 28, 2015 at 7:39) (Below Threshold)
 Just below her Wink
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 I love the idea of the Fox hunt races. The Atherton's are such a class act
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 Last one thought she'd got it and then.... "oh f*ck"
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 That was funny!
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 Rachel is like a polite heat seeking missile! Awesome event, would love to do it just to say I raced against the Athertons.
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 Yeah, they were all so polite to each other...."Oh I am so sorry" "No I am sorry, it was my fault" "No I am to blame, I did not see you coming." "Its OK, wanna go get some tea?" "Oh that would be lovely Rachel!, And afterward braid each others hair and talk about suspension fork damping theories"
When I have gone racing, its more like "get out of the way you DICK!" and I am like "Dude, its just beginner class cylcocross race, chill the F out."
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 @oregonryder lol they dat cranky in cx?
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 It says Dirty Rachel Atherton
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 Redbull Foxhunt USA featuring Jill Kintner?
  • + 6
 And Aaron Gwin
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 Great idea and impressive that 100 young ladies rode down the course
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 Fox hunt is right.
  • + 5
 Is tits!
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 wasnt a massive gap...but there were an impressive number of girls at the finish pen already
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 Remember that she doesn't just have to be faster, she also has to spend time and energy passing them.
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 absolutely..i just remember last year there being a helluva less girls at the finish. Gee's one is going to be interesting because he has to overtake in quite a lot of tight singletrack
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 Was this the course Claudio rode in his preview?
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 Nope, that's the Irish one taking place this weekend in Rostrevor. Can't wait!
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 Alright ok. Are you going to race there? Big Grin
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 And that is how heaven looks... with Rachel as foxy lady... dreams come true.
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 that was seriously a GREAT POV .. Love how your yelling down the whole way. !!!!
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 What an awesome video. Well done girls. Brilliant riding and Rachael u really are a top girl
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 that course looks like a lot of fun to ride. rachel shreds. that dual slalomesque overtake was very nice
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 She da fox!!!!!!
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 zebras are avid listeners
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 Sickbruh. You deserve a specialized session 8.9
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 Jeez the title of this article had me excited????
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 Anyone know when Gee does his? Or is the video out??
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 Now that's a fun afternoon out.
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 I wonder if half those chicks are still coming down.
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 I don't get it
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 that was sick! hahaha a few times were a bit hairy
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 id be honored to passed by rachel!
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 girl who she passed near the end was thinking "f* close"
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 The other riders may as well have not been moving!
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 where can I find that pix of gt force in main topic?
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 yes, tnx! U made my day! love that bike Gt Force! cool pix!
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 Rachel gives no mercy !
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