Video: Red Bull Hardline 2015 - Short Highlights

Sep 14, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  

Full highlights coming soon.

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 I'm thinking Redbull should have named it "ImpossiBull Line".
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 with actual bulls
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 ^^^ I lol'd. nice work.
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 Basically, anytime redbull gets involved you know shit is about to get turnt.
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flag kolya (Sep 15, 2015 at 14:14) (Below Threshold)
 1000 bucks says Lacondeguy, Agassiz, Strait, Zink can finish Hardline
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 1000,000 bucks says they cant !
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 They'd probably glide over the jumps like they were nothing for sure, but I think they'd probably struggle with some of the nasty tech sections? I could be wrong though?
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 "Hardline" or "Rampage," Which would be the tougher one to make it to the bottom? (in one piece)
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 Here we go: Freeride vs DH racing debate...
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 Rampage vs Hardline is an illogical question. A Rampage line is built by the rider within their skill set. Riders who struggle with tech build smoother lines, so realistically anyone who can hit the massive features at Rampage can get to the bottom. Hardline requires far more technical ability.
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 If you can do rampage you can easily do a dh course. Just not fast like the top pros
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 But hardline isn't just a DH course
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 Think SUPER T needs to come out of retirement to slay that course. Miss that dudes riding
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 As in Tyler Klassen? Havent heard that name in a longggg time, since back to the Drop In days.
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 Romo too.
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 Drop In crew reunion!
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 What happened to Romo? Does he still ride?
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 Super Monster T also needs to come out retirement for a track like this Wink
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 He's a DJ now I think
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 Yeah Tyler. Loved the drop in shows, Jib, Kranked. He had so much style in the air.
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 I love all of your opinions. Yes to everything.
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flag kubaner (Sep 14, 2015 at 18:58) (Below Threshold)
 If you're going to act like a child online at least have something to say.
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 Romo is a DJ and has some other business interests I think, Super T was running a bike shop in the Fraser Valley
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 Romaniak was doing the Hair Straight Back tour stuff in the old Stund webisodes. Wish they would make more of those, in fact I think I may have to go and watch some now.
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 I LOVE Super T. Had style for days in a time when almost nobody had style. Even now I think his style would look sick, unique, and not dated.
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 Klassen ride trails I build near my house in 2006. He ride fast but I easy punch harder and smoke more cigarettes faster ok
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 Super T and Carlin Dunne will be great building a line! Carlin was with Super T One of my favourite Rider.......the Lines there rode were massiv.......Remember that part from NWD, as Carlin crashed and didnt recognize that his hand was broken.....awesome.....i really miss these movies!
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 ^ The "phantom" drop I believe! That is the biggest drop with the sketchiest run in I've ever seen. Carlin Dunne had a sick moto-like style. We need another Ultimate Freeride Challenge to find more crazies like him.
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 holy shit its like a time machine. what about kinrade? he stills shralps, and while we are at it schleyer and wade deserve mention as well. i'd bring up tippie as well, but no need. hes still in the mix.
drop in was cool.
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 Kinradical still rides, he builds at Retallack and rides around the interior, super nice mellow guy
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 and yeah most definitely gnar, I just endeavoured to keep his name in the mix. his setup at retallack looks like a "must visit" for me.
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 A bigger highlights video please !!!
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 On its way...
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 good because we missed the big hip
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 just realized it was to wet to hit it.
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 ^said no one ever
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 How about a full length video with all of the riders runs UCI DH style? Is that too much to ask?
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 This vid needs to be retitled "the video your healthcare providers don't want you to see..."
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 Sorry but Britain is actually a first world country where all citizens are entitled to free healthcare.
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flag scvkurt03 (Sep 14, 2015 at 15:20) (Below Threshold)
 @MarsTheGuy We get it, dick, our country is screwed up. Almost as tired of other people saying it as I am Bible thumpers freaking out about gay marriage.
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flag MTBCAM (Sep 14, 2015 at 15:27) (Below Threshold)
 I love how the victims of the U.S.'s shotty health care system are the ones who always take the flak for it. We are the victims...We didnt ask for this shit over here. I'd gladly move to BC or Europe and just ride bikes all day if it weren't for my daughter being here in the U.S. and the ex is pretty set on @MarsTheGuy take your rub it in your face attitude and shove it.
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 Hahaha, guys that was a joke. I'm the first to be ashamed of the UK politically with the conservative party selling off the country to their rich friends and denying entry to the refugees they themselves created. Future looks bright with Corbyn though!
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 Americans get into enough trouble even when we have to pay for healthcare.. If we all were 'entitled to free healthcare' like in the UK, the whole country would be a giant episode of Jackass. Flaming jumps. bodies everywhere..
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 You forgot to mention "having as many kids as they can't afford." Wait, we already do that.
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 Corbyn would ruin the UK, he's a communist. but hey the youth know best uh huh vote Corbyn, kids. when you have less jobs, more debt, more terrorists, and they sell the gold fillings in your teeth then yo, congratulations you did well. must've forgotten about s certain Mr Tony Bliar not so long ago and his social engineering traitorous cronies
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 Hey MTBCAM, I'll gladly buy your ungrateful ass a one-way ticket out of here if you promise never to come back.
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flag dualsuspensiondave (Sep 14, 2015 at 19:42) (Below Threshold)
 When do pepole finally realize that there is no such thing as free healthcare? You pay double or more on taxes to pay for the healthcare. Last time I was in Vancouver, B.C. they took out over 40% of your pay in taxes. For someone like me, that would quadruple my cost for healthcare, and decrease the quality of my healthcare. Socialist countries can be awesome, however to say that their healthcare is better is a big stretch. The real problem in the U.S. is the energy program and the two party "who has the most money" political system.
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 If you are "entitled to free healthcare" who provides it?
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 dualsuspensiondave - if they took 40% of your cheddar, you must be earning a fair bit. Congrats by the way!
Base rate for earnings up to 44 grand and change is 15% to the feds, plus another 5% to the province so 20%. The next 45 grand (so from 44K to 89K) is taxed at 22% to the feds, another 7.7% to the province, totalling almost 30%. You have to make $138 000 before you pay a total of 40% to the federal and provincial gov'ts. Kinda stings to pay that much I guess, but I wouldn't know!
I'm certainly not saying our healthcare system is perfect - far from it! I would have to drive 8 hrs and do the private healthcare thing to get a decent reconstructive ACL surgery and my mum is a year into the wait list for a hip replacement - pretty shitty system in a few places when you look at it. Sure am glad it's there though. When I blew my knee I had no waits or bills for care, and the quality of care was pretty good I thought. It is not free though - I pay $125 a month for my healthcare which covers my wife and kid too.
whatever, politics suck - let's go biking!
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 @bakenbikin - That's crazy, because if that were true in Vancouver I would be living there or somewhere else in B.C. It's definitely more than that or was when I was there 8 years ago. There was a lot of under the table jobs there because of it (movie sets). I was told by multiple residents of B.C. and parts of Canada that 40-60% of pay was with held for taxes depending on where you live there. Hell, I get 30% taken out now here and have no healthcare. Even better though because a $14,000 surgery by a really good doctor only cost me $2000 without any insurance. Politics do suck! Stoked for you living in B.C., definitely the best place I've ever been. Cheers!
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 Cheers! i can tell ya I only pay the 20% due to my tax bracket. To be honest the only reason I could spout those numbers is cause I googled that shit! The governments have the full break down of the tax brackets if you were ever interested (or bored enough) to read them.
There's other deductions off my pay check too - CPP (canada pension plan - bound to be totally drained dry by the time i ever get to retire!) and WorkSafeBC (basically workers comp insurance) - that adds a bit less than 5% to the total. I can't say I feel like I get total value for my 25% but it's not bad. I think the 40-60% numbers must have been just people frustrated with paying taxes complaining about the pain!
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 @SlodownU Trust me I've left this country many times fighting illegal wars so that you can make that retarded comment, and I have to say, life is pretty good in other parts of the world. Its great here in the U.S. too, but people actually put down their phones and enjoy it in other countries. You should try it some time, it might chill your ass out.
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 I do like out of this whole section of comments that the person who commented about UK healthcare is from the UK yet the rest of you are american and aren't what you'd call clued up on UK politics, Blair was an arsehole but let's remember why he decided to commit war crimes in the first place guys
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 The only people who get free healthcare are the lazy jobless scroungers who don't pay into it. See my N.I. contributions and then tell me it's free...and what do you get from the NHS, a waiting list so long you end up paying to go private. Sell off the NHS and let people get what they pay for, same with the BBC.
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 ^^ Agreed, the lazy twats get everything then complain they don't get enough benefits yet they have top of the range everything and the rest of us can barely afford to live!! I'm waiting on getting allergy testing done, waiting list = 6+ months for a few blood tests
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 @mretard - so he could get votes from a blood thirsty public and gain pally pally influence with big brother USA and - the big one - get a nice fat retirement job at the EU? hmm ok WMD it is then
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 @Jimfunn Sounds exactly like the situation here in the U.S.
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 @gnarbar Completely agree on Corby, Personally not a fan of either Party but grew up Labour and to me it's astonishing this guys got in, maybe he was the best of a bad bunch but still. The dudes been around for ages, spouting his liberal, ultra Left wing bull.. Having a minutes silence for killed IRA terrorists, pals with Gerry Adams , anti Israel. anti armed forces, thinks Hamas and Hezbollah are "friends," doesn't believe in austerity when it's just another by word of a government living within it's means, wants an open door policy on all refugees and immigrants, which when you consider how Britain is already unbelievably stretched to breaking point on housing, the NHS, Schools and jobs, is quite a statement. Oh yes a massively left wing leader is exactly what Britain needs, not,
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 Anyhow,back to the biking. . .
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 dan likes to scare people
  • 12 1
 Bernard Kerr could be the only rider who ride hard line!! and rampage!!
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 I am looking forward to his Rampage input he has a ton of balls and handles a bike nice. Not too many WC riders on the Rampage...mad respect to him
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 Ain't Brendan Faireclough (spelling?) WC?
  • 9 2
 Think in the US you spell it Fairclaw...
  • 7 2
 Don't try and correct them, they'll only end up calling it fairclow
  • 8 0
 Fairclough does both and Remi Thirion is on the rampage invite list dunno if he'll go or not. There may be others too. The biggest reason world cup riders don't go is because the only thing that matters for the judges at rampage is tricks! they don't seem to care when someone like Fairclough has one of the most terrifying lines in existence!
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 Let's just say faircluff?
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 @billythegerbil laughed my arse off
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 Hardline gave everybody a hardtime
  • 9 1
 World Champs course for next year to shake it up a little?
  • 5 1
 At the moment, the event is in its' infancy, plus it's in an 'uncool' part of the MTB world - hell, it's even in an uncool part of Wales - I live here!, but...
1.If it continues to get the kind of exposure and positive props that you guys on here are giving it, and...
2. Dan and Gee can rope in 50 guys instead of 15 (the original field, this year)
3. Red Bull/geebeebee get highlight reels out quicker.
4. It becomes more spectator-friendly and more of a 'FEST'-ival
5. RB stump up 5 figures for a winners' cheque,
then the event will grow, and we may see the likes of Lacondeguy, Aggy, Zink, Semenuk, Rheeder et al, attend in years to come.
It all depends on how RB market it and whether they (and Athy, I guess) want the event to become a Crankworx style circus,
or keep it more low-key, as it is now, more of an underground event (even with sponsors like Jeep and Red Bull!)
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 uncool??? you are joking right???
this is a Red Bull exotic event, its not a WC race or Fest someone event, its the Red Bull Hard Line and thats it!!!
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 With RedBull behind it, more spectator tickets (like thousands) and more riders this could become the UK's Crankworx
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 Bernard Kerr would have been 1st but he pulled a stoppie for style somewhere on that course!
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 Yeah this is ok and all but I think could use a shark tank between gaps to really make it nuts.
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 When's a decent vid coming out of this..!!?? They produced one of that stupid dangerous one in China or where ever the hell ASAP.... I'm still waiting for one on this
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 shame there wasnt a ladies category!
  • 14 4
 There's not that many great female racers at the moment, I really don't want to see them taken out on a course like this!
  • 27 2
 Yea this is pretty much where equal rights draws the line
  • 14 0
 really neg propped for that? Rachel is undoubtabley the fastest in the girl world right now, and every single on of the women in the world cup is faster than me, but she couldn't hit most of the jumps on the course, either they would get no entrants, or you would destroy the top field when they died trying!
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 Shame the course wasn't dry. Hold that dangerous sh-t on another day Red Bull. Has the potential to be one of the sickest events of the year, especially after all the racing series are done. What else do we have until Rampage?
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 @rcrdrvr it's in Wales though, so it's either wet or very wet
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 Agreed. Would have been nice to see though. It was hard to see that track getting tore up during practice in the rain.
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 jumps over a herd of sheep would be much more entertaining. get on it, Red Bull
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 I'd ride it...
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 That's what she said.
  • 2 1
 Had to.
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 where did Gee's tire go?
  • 8 2
 It had a fight with a rock and the rock won. The rock also had a fight with the rotor... and guess what
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 I'm surprised you're running the Bravo rims on your DH bike let alone on this course. Are yours beefed up at all or are they the ones anyone can buy?
  • 2 3
 @geebeebee Did race on your worlds bike? I thought you're only supposed to use it at world champs
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 Pinkbike comments amaze me on a daily basis
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 Don't be silly...Are you suggesting he didn't take photos of himself racing down a mountain and that there could be more than one person with the name Gee?
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 Geebeebee can I have your autograph
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 Did anyone attempt the step-up?
  • 3 0
 nope too windy
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 These guys are f***ing amazing!!!!!!!
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 Does anyone else have problems watching videos from redbull?
  • 2 0
 yes, they always have terrible music. also they made their own shitty/buggy video player because they wanted to be cool.
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 So was anyone else using Continental tyres? Wandering as Gee suffered again with a blow out;
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 I love that Wales had the terrain for such a long and gnarly track.
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 We've all been robbed!!! No live streaming!
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 Oh Gee, where is your tyre, Gee?
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 This is what every world cup needs to be like, this is real downhill!
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 why is it taking so long for the full edit?
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 almost romaniuk and waste of rim
  • 1 0
 No redbull videos plays for me, anyone know why?
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 Hardline is like Psychosis ( x5 maybe?? ).
  • 1 0
 Red Bull...GNARline....!
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 Which name has that awsome song?????
  • 6 0
 "stab your ears with needles" by seriously?
  • 1 1
 Oh, thank you
  • 1 1
 Germans have sarcasm too ...
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