Video: Red Bull Joyride, Crankworx Whistler 2015 - Highlights

Aug 18, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Rogatkin in second. That dude makes me happy. He continually improves. He knows he doesn't have the style points that semenuk and rheeder do, but he throws plenty of hammers along the way. Props to all the riders that competed.
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 yes was awesome, but the final jump is very importante, and Rog just did a tuck no hander in, and backflip out.
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 I feel like Nicholai isn't as comfortable with the big stepdown feature at the end because of his bmx background, their really isn't anything like that in contests for them. (I remember Brad or Cam also mentioning that the four-packs were his favorite part of the course, which are the closest things to regular dirt jumps.)

Either way, dude still hammered it. That front flip tuck onto the cabin was stellarrrr
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 yeah I cringe every time someone does a big trick on the way out of the whale tail. you don't want to pull a semenuk: land bangers the whole way down and then fall on the last jump
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flag scott-townes (Aug 18, 2015 at 19:46) (Below Threshold)
 How can you have more style in a cork 7, cash roll, backflip dub whip, trip whip, backie tailwhip to nac, beyond doing it smoothly like both riders did? I never understood how people can say there is different styles in such hectic, quick tricks like that. There's no time for style, just better execution. Semenuk won partly because of that cork 7 off the step down, that trick is so far ahead of the time, and because of the large amount of combos including the opp stuff. He's more of a well-rounded slope rider with crazy ass tricks no one can match. They were both insanely smooth. I cant wait to see what Rheeder has to match that next time around since it didn't come together, or what Rogatkin will learn.
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 Rogatkin is fun to watch. I think people give him too much crap about his style. I find those cash rolls incredibly entertaining to watch. 2nd place is well deserved.
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 hes still really young remember..and hasn't been riding mtb as long as brandon and brett..give him time to develop his style and he will deff get there..i think hes really good for slopestyle..good to see new blood coming thru who can smash it out and go he is always so amped to be there and ride..i think he is really good for mountain biking !!!!!
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 I just can't get enough of his cash roll. Such a fun trick to watch!
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 Disappointed that they didn't include Torquato Testa's flip whip off the cannon since it was an attempted first and he would've landed it if he hadn't hucked to flat and blown off the bars.
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 This vid is focused on legend's and North American riders. Testa is not... Even if he had landed this flipwhip off the cannon he wouldn't be in the highlight part. Just like Lemoine
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 not a bad video, but the pinkbike edits of the two past years was more exciting than this edit!
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 There were some serious budget cuts this year. Hopefully they bring it back next year.
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flag chyu (Aug 19, 2015 at 2:54) (Below Threshold)
 Rheeder is so upset he doens't bother to chill with other riders?
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 Already pumped for rampage!
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flag llamaman110 (Aug 18, 2015 at 18:08) (Below Threshold)
 Blank Stare so is Semanuk. Blank Stare
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 Backflip off the giant boner log!!!! So funny that they put giant bicycles on the boner log. lol
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 rogatkin wasnt even close to being robbed...Brandon has so many more oppo tricks and the technical difficulty of his tricks are at a higher level. rogatkin is pretty predictable when it comes to his runs...brandon invents new combos and is so smooth making them look effortless
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 rogatkin wasn't fucking robbed
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 I Love Bicycles.
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 Rheeder not on monster anymore?
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 where is the biggest highlight ?? torquestas flipwhip !!!
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 I watched the entire thing live, and this still gave me goosebumps...
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 Those top three runs were amazing, yet I'd would of liked to have seen more from the other riders because there were some bangers RedBull left out.
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 such a sick joyride, but cant help but miss soderstroms steeze at these events
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 Gutted to see Rheeder dropped his iphone after his flip dub whip.
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 the only thing that rotgakin got robbed is his helmet visor good run but semenuk was def best.
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 How Cam Zink was able to case that jump, legs flying up in the air almost pulling a superman, and still ride away is beyond me.
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 Anyone can explain me what happened whit Brett after of his flip double whip?
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 He landed to deep on the flip double whip so he pedaled in and slipped a pedal right before the lip of the jump
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 Absolutely loving this brandon Brett war
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 Seeing Nicholi being sandwiched between two riders sponsored by Red Bull on the rankings at Joyride(1st and 3rd).... Red Bull you know what to do now #hooknicholiup
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 Did Rheeder lose his Monster sponsorship?
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 Rat boy isn't with Monster anymore either
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 Norbs got robbed!!
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 not to take a stab at rheeder but didnt semenuk do the backflip can off the entry drop last year
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 When is the full replay gunna be posted??
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 Anyone know when the full replay will be posted
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 yes yes yes yes
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 The crowd seems louder for Rogatkin. Just seems like everyone went more berserk during his ride.
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 not really
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 what do you think are the next bmx tricks that will be done on an MTB?
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 You sir have a valid point
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 Why not Lacondeguy ride here?
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 It's too hard to ride in the new belt that he won at the whip-offs.
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 he didnt have enough points from the fmb tour to be able to be in it
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 Errrr..... he's competing at Rampage which is a FMB diamond event?
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 he won last year which means he gets automatic entry i think
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 I just skimmed the top 100 names in the FMB points list and didn't see his name. He's been busy in the Fest series, so it isn't surprising. Jaha might be getting voted down for being correct.
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 how dare I !
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