Video: Red Bull Rampage Best Tricks of All-Time

Aug 27, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Hard to believe they were able to pull some of these tricks without a Boost rear end or 27.5+ tires.
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 BOOST = Brainchild Of Our Sales Team
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 even though he crashed, tom van steenbergens frontflip should definitely be in !
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 thinking the same
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 for sure!
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 And Kelly's 100 ft gap over shoot
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 Arrrggghhhh..... Rampage shouldn't be about "tricks" with the cliffs turned into groomed slopestyle courses, it should be about crazy, shady lines that only a handful of people can get down, let alone trick. Must be getting old Smile
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 I'm going to have to agree with this comment
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 And this is reason I vote for Brendog!
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 Gee, Vink, Romo, etc were awesome to watch at Rampage each for slightly different reasons but they don't stand a chance when every top 10 run has a flip or 3 some where. The lines of days gone by were so sketchy if you did a flip or 3 it meant you had crashed and were rag dolling! Nothing compares to seeing a WC DH rider (Vink, Gee, Freeracer) schleying Rampage or a good old fashioned hucker (Romo, Hopkins)
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 These guys literally risk their lives for what is peanuts. Redbull, stick a "0" on the end of the prize money u cheap b@stard5.
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 Seriously... How is this em allowed to continue?

Redbull pulled in 5,000,000,000 in 2014.

Purse for Rampage winner (who could just as easily die or be paralyzed while they make Redbull more disgustingly rich) is less than 10k.

I know the riders WANT to compete, but if they all just stood their ground a little bit, Redbull would loosen the purse strings I bet.
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 in Dota 2 (a videogame), for the biggest tournament of the year the organizer put 1.6 million dollara and the community about 16 millions more. we might give redbull a hand and contribute with some price money @redbullbike
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 same thoughts here... that nosedive 3 was sick!!
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 cause red bull doesn't sponsor him
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 Dumped three!
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 Piss off redbull player, and also windows phone.....
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 Awesome video but how can there be a best of rampage edit without any clips of bender?
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 right?! Where is the no-footer to mega dead sailor??
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 Mega dead sailor...when standard dead sailor just isn't enough Big Grin
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 nevermind, missed the shot at 1:09
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 Was kinda hoping for a top ten countdown just to see pinkbike comments section melt... ah well.
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 Sweet! an x up made it in..... does this mean im still relevant?
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 Defenetly not best tricks... just random ones
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 180 mm Fork travel and single crown.
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 why arent there more riders with that set up ?? it's easier to barspin than with a dual crown;..
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 It's not easier to barspin, it's actually possible :-)
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 seriously ? please guys do you know humor ?
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 ZINK........made some memorable moments I tell ya.....!
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 Can't wait for it. This year will be crazy if some of the FEST- guys will compete against the FMB guys. It might be quiet interesting to see Viny T an Laconde..... ride against Semenuk and Zink... on the other hand I'm quiet scared because I can't imagine that they will decrease the size of the jumps like the ones from Malmedy.... so it's kind of getting really scary, even watchint it on the inet.let's hope that there won't be any collateral damage...
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 Super T still owns the award for greatest rampage line.
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 Two honorable mentions that come to mind, Robbie Bourdons cliff line and Wade Simmons double drop at the first Rampage in '01.
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 May I suggest to add Gee's quarter pipe transfer? Only one to land it whilst another guy snapped his forks clear in half that year on that jump.
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 Tricks are for kids, maneuvers are for men.
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 Wonder what crazy line Zinky winky will produce at rampage in October? Same goes for Van Steenburger gunning to land that front flip this time round... Also there's the FEST boys (notably Laconsteezeguy and Aggy).. and there's Semen.

God it's going to be an interesting one this year with the line up of riders emulating & bigging up their lines for glory!
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 The only reason I didn't prop your comment is because you used the nickname "zinky winky". Please never say that again
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 redbull you missed the point
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 Im kinda worried if the next Rampage is gonna be a problem at all for guys like Lacondeguy after accomplishing all the Huck-fest-jumps....
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 Kelly mcgarrys Backflip over the canyon is still best trick ever in my opinion.
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 Norbs was robbed again! Should have had at least two 3's in that clip.
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 How did they manage tahat tail whip?? Looking back at the footage they were using an endure bike, but wouldn't the wires get caught?
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 haven't seen anybody do a nac nac yet in rampage I love doing that trick!!
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 Surely Brendan stuck one in somewhere.
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 Must be getting to that time of year again....
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 That must be Romo doing the signature one footed table top. Classic, miss that dude. Yeah Buddayyyy!
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 A lot of those weren't even tricks. Cool mashup, though.
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 Wade's still the man
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