Video: Practice 2 - The Biggest Features Rampage Has Ever Seen

Oct 24, 2019
by Mike Levy  

bigquotesThe atmosphere on site is getting tense as riders start to test the bigger features on their lines at Red Bull Rampage 2019... Feast your eyes on some big hits, bigger drops, and a first glimpse of some of the tricks these guys might throw tomorrow. Red Bull Bike

Featuring: Andreu Lacondeguy, Brett Rheeder, Brandon Semenuk, DJ Brandt, Thomas Genon, Vincent Tupin, Cam Zink, Carson Storch, Brendan Fairclough, Johny Salido and Kyle Strait.

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 "went for a bike ride today"
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 "went for a bike flight today"
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 "So you were out for a bike with the boys the other dayyy"
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 "went for a ride on a smooth, wide as a highway trail today, no different than a slope comp. chill bro lemme post this on PB today"
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 @TheJD: "went for a bike flight today"

"No. No, Mav, this is not a good idea."

"Sorry, Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."
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 Looks like the boys built the landing on the 69ft drop at a good angle if Boggs can send it that deep without bottoming out! Wild!
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 And the man played it safe and wore protection!
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 @InsaNeil024: Ribbed for extra protection
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flag spankthewan (Oct 24, 2019 at 11:44) (Below Threshold)
 Based on his time in air, I'd estimate that's about a 48 to 51ft drop. I know they're measuring at an angle to get the 70ft number, however.
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 @spankthewan: straits and godzieks drop is 69ft
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 @nikifor88: Actually, Strait said the drop is now 70ft lip to lander. The drop is also about 51 vertical feet.

Edit: to the naysayers, the thickness of your skulls tells me all I need to know about its volume.
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 @spankthewan: I was intrigued by your estimate. The problem can actually be solved using a physics 1 distance equation X=1/2at^2. The flat drop makes it easier to figure out because we can rule out the projectile motion of say a jump. The acceleration is due to earths gravity being 9.81m/s. Figuring out time is the only variable we need. Its pretty dodgy but using a phone stop watch several times, it appears that Boggs is in the air for about 1.8seconds. This equates to roughly 52 feet of vertical drop. Such a massive drop. I would like to hear your estimate on the diameter of his testicles because they must be impressive. All jokes aside hope everyone gets down safe. It's gunna be rad
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 @pstriege: Seems we're both at the mercy of our phone stopwatch reflexes. Ok, here's what we "know:"

Height = 51' down
Lip to Landing = 70' send
Distance = 48' out
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 Straits and Zinks drops are nuts. Then I saw Tmacs. Wtf.
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 Where's Johny Salido? We want to see him!
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flag webermtb (Oct 24, 2019 at 11:50) (Below Threshold)
 So annoying dude, the bias in here is unbelievable...
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 They did a feature on him yesterday?
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 Se ha salido :-)
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 @Jim-laden: Ya lo sacaron más bien...Smile
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 "It's a skate park feature"...sort of sums up a lot of it. Insane crazy hard skate park.
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 @explodo Dirt boards were a thing for a while. I wounder if any diehards would try any Rampage lines on one of those?

Wait - I know exactly who would.....leave your answers below:
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 OK.......Dylan Stark.
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In his younger years atleast
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 @endlessblockades: Stark needs to be in Rampage!
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 Rampage has become the greatest sporting event in history, I cant wait to watch it go down and see the sport progress. I truly hope all the athletes end the event in relatively good health. I get mixed emotions watching it because I don't want to be encouraging very dangerous activities, but I feel these guys would be doing it for zero money and fame, just for the love of it. They are supreme athletes and I could not respect them more.
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 TMAC's drop: From history, the judges hate to see slowness. Tyler doesn't have a choice with this monster. He has to come to an almost stop before it. What does he do? I would suggest coming into super HOT then locking the brakes into a big dust smoke show. Then slowly emerge from the dust creeping off that massive drop. Gets the crowd hyped and judges hopefully stoked on the showmanship factor.
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 Lol. Tmac will be robbed this year mark my words.
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 "falling with style" says Buzz Lightyear.
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 Somebody get Boggs a proper fitting helmet
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 looks like he was borrowing tippie's.
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 I almost enjoy this coverage as much as the event. Going to be epic tomorrow
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 Less stressful, sick to see the guys first go at some of these features.
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 I hit like a 15 foot drop the other day and it way and it felt insane. I was so pumped. Then i see this. These guys wouldn't even notice the drop I did
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 I've done a small calculation about the drop.
It takes 1,76 seconds the rider to land (done 9 tries and doing the average)
Parabolic trajectory ecuations (y=-g*t^2; g=9.81m/s^2) says that he fell aproximetly 30m (98ft)vertical drop.

The calculated value it is too high but it can oscillate between 25-35m (85-114ft).
Possible factors could be: speed of the video not right, stopwatch incertities, not considering air drag and others.

Big Grin
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 It must be a combination of getting older and watching the progression of the sport that makes you feel like the bar continues to go up every year. Insane and I love it!
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 "Life's too short to not go big. Gotta go big."
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 mind blowing coverage. nice one.
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 This year is going to be heavy!
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 Those 5 minutes went by like nothing
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 Red Bull need to start giving out bigger prizes for these athletes all risking their careers and possibly lives to make this event happen.
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 Itd be cool if they could somehow get bigtime coverage for this and crank up the revenue and prizes. ESPN could do this easily and market it globally. Everyone likes Rampage but not everyone knows it exists
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 “They have balls like atom bombs, two of them, 100 megatons each.”
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 10 years ago my DH trail was gnar and epic. Seeing this today, its entry level and spits weee and
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 Anyone else wondering why most riders have minimal protection?
It's like riding a motorcycle with shorts....
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 Seriously lol.
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 Can't wait to see this in person!!!!
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 This is Amazing, worlds biggest dirt skate park!
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 WWZD - What will Zink do?
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 Reed Boggs is gonna fuckin' smash 'er tomorrow!! YEWWW!!!!
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 Opening clip is clearly Boggs, but he’s not even mentioned in the caption (“Featuring...”)
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 Mind Blowing Big Grin
What kind of music is this? Smile
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 Mind blowing Big Grin
What kind of music is this? Smile
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 In breaking news, policies were canceled by health insurance companies for all US RedBull riders.
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 Seeing stuff like this just makes me want to hang my bike up and give up.....
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 Makes me want to ride
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 I'm going to send the next jump I see because of this. It may only be a curb.
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 It kinda makes me feel silly for being so nervous hitting my local jumps, which are anthills in comparison. I get the same feeling from watching street BMX movies, when those dudes do rooftop drops to flat with no suspension or helmet. Incidentally, the lack of a helmet in BMX is so stoooopid and will contribute to later health issues from repetitive concussions IMO.
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 @endlessblockades: @nvranka Just me on this one? I guess I'm being pessimistic. I just get so stoked thinking I'm a decent rider, then I watch stuff like this and it just dwarfs all of my 'accomplishments'.

But you're right..... I'll go send it!
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 @InsaNeil024: No I get what you mean - it's like why even try when the level so high. Like watching a 9 year old send Crab Apple Hits with style and I'll never be able to clear them alive. But you just gotta get psyched and ride your personal rampage behind the supermarket or whatever. We can dream
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 bollocks to your feelings mate.
I am sitting here with a broken ankle wasting 6+ weeks of reasonably good riding conditions in UK.
I cannot wait when I do another tiny double or a gap! I am not a rampage rider, drops, gaps are not that big too, but I think we all ride because it is what we love! Cheers.
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 @InsaNeil024: dude, you probably are a decent rider in a relative sense.

The fun is the progression and these boys show us one version of the peak...dh / enduro racing are others...pure slope if that’s your thing, whatever.

You can ALWAYS find people that make you feel less significant at whatever it is you think you’re good at; the key is to be excited by what they can do and draw inspiration from it.
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 Jesus f christ

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