Video: Red Bull Streams 24 Hours of 'On Track'

Mar 26, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWith the racing world at a standstill, there's no better time to look back at an iconic 5 years of the Enduro World Series. Here's non-stop On Track!

Through the eyes of Curtis Keene and Greg Callaghan, we dip into the world's most prestigious Enduro MTB series, the EWS. As the Enduro World Series grows year-on-year, the barrier of entry becomes increasingly higher as we watch the world's best mountain bikers get fitter, faster and more determined than ever to be #1.

On Track follows the top mountain bikers competing in the Enduro World Series and a behind the scenes look at the event, it's iconic biking locations and the dedication and desire it takes to become the best in the world.
Red Bull


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 I would argue, that of all MTB web-series, On Track was the most influential of the last 5 years. Soooo many names come up here that are heroes today and of yesteryear. Definitley put a spotlight on the fastest changing and growing discpline out there.
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 I really enjoy the series too. For everything you mentioned, plus just how good it looks and how it's presented.
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 Best series no doubt...I miss Curtis.
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 Come on PB, despite the apocalypse I DO have to get some things done!
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 There goes the little productivity that was left for the next 24h
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 Uhh, RedBull, can we re-do the 24 hours of Rampage, please? I need a do-over because I didn't realize there wasn't going to be a replay. Thanks!
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 24hrs of history of rampages greatest o Moments and fails. God yes!
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 WFH is not too bad after all Smile
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 I love On Track. So cool to see the development of Enduro from the first series onwards.
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 Makes me want to ride my bike even more
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 they need to do a life behind bars one
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 Love it! We still need On Track for this year though, hopefully they can make it happen
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 Love me some On Track
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 Now that’s what I call going full enduro!
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 2019 woldcup season link anyone?
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 This isn’t far, still have to work and and they drop stuff like this
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 Hey Bert!

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