Video: Red Bull's Wildest Shots from the 2018 Downhill World Cup Season

Jan 1, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Want to shake off that New Year stupor? How does four minutes packed with the wildest and loosest clips from a year of World Cup racing sound?


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 Gwin's side-scrub gets me every time.
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flag Franzzz (Jan 2, 2019 at 9:12) (Below Threshold)
 Easy american boner
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 Kade and Kaos are both animals!
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 Agreed, I'd say they are among top 5 most versatile bike riders in the world, they could win a WC on Saturday and compete slopestyle on Sunday. Hope they get invited to rampage one day!
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 Thanks for that video. What a great and spectacular discipline. I don`t know if it is like that in your respective countries, but in France, the medias absolutely DON`T talk about mountain biking. I am very angry with that, especially in a country where we have so many champions, isn`t it unbelievable? Talking uninteresting crap about the palace of dope and treachery that is le Tour de France: yes. But I checked: not even a single word about Amaury Pierron, Cecile Ravanel or Loïs Bruni.
Stupid France!!!!
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 Same in Belgium. Literally no one here knows who Martin Maes is but our cyclocross riders are national heroes.
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 @bressti: Pffffffff: Belgium and cyclo-cross... I know unfortunately. Martin Maes is such an alien, a super-hero for me, and he is so nice and funny. A Belgian - flemish moreover - ultra talented in gravity mtb: this would be a scoop for medias, but you know: medias are so uncurious and shy. Vive Martin Maes godverdomme!!!!!
Cheers my friend!!! Meanwile: I am drinking a Blue Chimay to celebrate Belgian mtb Smile
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 Personally, it doesn't bother me at all that main stream medias don't talk about mtb. We still have good coverage, with websites like Pinkbike with good pictures, videos and reports. We also get free decent broadcasting. Mainstream medias would probably turn it into a money focused circus, like it happened with Tour de France, Olympics, etc. I feel like right now, mtb is in a nice spot somewhere between underground and mainstream. And I quite like it.
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 @Franzzz: lol Martin Maes is so not Flemish he speaks your language
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 @t1000: and??? that is not a reason. Ignorance has no excuses, sorry. Who deserves to be recognized for his talent should be recognized. End of the story, merde!!!!
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 IMO, this video is best watched in 0.5 speed, in full screen, at 1080p. such skill, so wow. Pierron and Kade in particular are wild to watch in slow-mo.
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 I'm going to be that guy damn it , first of 2019. But hot damn them chicks at 0.15.
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 I know man. I know...
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 Is that a Wilhelm scream at 3:41 over the clip of Thomas Estaque? He detonated that corner like no one else, wild!
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 He kicked up a rock and killed Tonto.
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 One of my favorite race moments in 2018 was Tahnee's one-hander for the crowd in Fort William
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 High speed crash clips make my titanium tingle.
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 Estaque MVP
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 Sweeet looking forward to next season!
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