Video: Reece Wallace Rides His Search & Rescue Inspired Reign

May 4, 2021
by Giant Bicycles  

Reece Wallace rips his new custom Reign Advanced Pro 29 0 in his latest shreddit.

bigquotesAfter a winter of hand building this trail, it was only suiting to ride my Search & Rescue theme Reign. This video is a tribute to all the hard work the SARTECH's (Search & Rescue Technicians) do for Canadians - Reece

Video: Anthill Films
Directed by: Matt Butterworth
Produced by: Reece Wallace & Matt Butterworth
Builders: Dan Fleury, Alan Mendal, Dillon Butcher, Reece Wallace

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 That's why he is world champion!
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 REIGN-ing World Champ @reecewallaceSalute
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 In lieu of May the Force day.....

*waves hand all cool like*
This is not the Reece you're looking for...
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 Came here for this comment...
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 @cycling247: Dude, do you even Pinkbike?
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 There would be a cosmic meltdown if Reece won this year’s world champs !
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 @Matt115lamb: I plan on it
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 @reecewallace: back to back, let's gooooooo
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 @cycling247: You might have been #cycling237 that one day when this beauty came to life,
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 What am i missing? Who's who here and what world champ is being agreed upon??
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flag n1ck (May 4, 2021 at 18:21) (Below Threshold)
 Reece Wilson ≠ Reece Wallace
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 @n1ck: It’s okay man, you had to be there.
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 @Bureb: Killed it
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 Sweet edit! That Slash's Paint Job looks sick!
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 Amazing riding the bike looks sick. I think I is a perfect opportunity for a fundraiser Giant could make a limited number of these and sell them profits going to search and rescue or forest fire relief fund. I am gussing with all the fires and Covid their is not much government money for any of these causes
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 I would 100% buy one of these. The Public Safety, Canadian Armed Forces SAR, and the HUSAR / Disaster Response Teams receive federal funding [though never enough]. The volunteer Ground SAR teams usually struggle to get funding and could really use help - check out to find out more and donate.
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 Super good idea!
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 I'm currently saving up for a car but if they released this I think the car could wait a bit
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 hey @reecewallace you runnin' the rear end of the Reign stock or long-shocked? You probably cant answer that. Just bumped stroke on my Reign from 60 to 62.5 to squeak it out to 152mm travel with no frame clearance issues. She's real nice at 62.5, but wondering if I can go all the way to 65...?
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 I run this bad boy all stock, except for 170mm fork up front
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 well done, the bike is sick and the edit was rad!
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 Make it a Must Watch!!
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 If I rode that trail I would definitely need the SARTechs, awesome video!
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 Seen at close range a Canadair CL-415 scooping and waterbombing, amazing
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 Both ride and rider are dialled. Maybe brands should do nice paintjobs and people might buy their frames...
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 Not if it's a Giant.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: never thought i'd say this but i agree with you
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 This guy is so awsome!!!!!!!!
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 Sick riding and filming
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 I'd like to forward a motion to use the term Tactical Medic in Canada
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 For CAFSAR? Nah man, Tactical Medics are ALL KINDS of badass, but those SARTechs are a whole 'nother level.
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 @CrashAB: I was reffering to this article:

Seems the local SARTECs are former SWAT members and referred to as Tactical Medics.

I have some friends in the SARTEC community out here and they're total badasses.
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 Hand built, wooooooow! Thats more impressive then the riding.
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 Always stoked to see bikes we paint get ridden to their full potential. Killer edit!
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 Great riding Romeo Whiskey!
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