Video: Reece Wallace Shreds His Way Through British Columbia

Nov 14, 2023
by Giant Bicycles  

Words: Giant Bicycles

Throughout the summer, Reece Wallace embarked on a road trip across British Columbia riding some of the harder to access spots onboard his Reign E+.

Follow along as Reece puts his electric mullet through its paces!

bigquotesOh my lawrd, I love E-bikes! Seriously though, so much damn fun - Reece

Produced & Directed: Reece Wallace
Video: Liam Wallace
Additional Cinematography: Calvin Huth

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 The World Champ rides again!
  • 6 0
 So glad he's healed up, that leg break sounded nasty!
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 haha, I get it! Because other guy name close to me, amirite?!
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Reece , I’m afraid that along with
Looks like a session
Norbs/Brendog got robbed
Dick Pound
And other repeat pinkbike jokes, you and Reece Wilson will forever be pretend mistakenly identified . Just keep shreddin !!
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 @jimoxbox: I'm here for it. Being an immature man myself, I too enjoy dumb things on the internet.
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 @reecewallace: good lad amazing riding mate
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 @jimoxbox: BMX background
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 @bmx-background: user name checks out.
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 not to be confused with the Scottish pilot.
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 This'll never get boring
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 I don’t know why, but the cable cam shots in this stood out to me as being awesome? Dare I say, preferable to a drone shot?

Maybe it’s because it’s the “old school” way of getting that type of shot and is just so smooth. Idk. I’m into it.
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 Y’all don’t even know who Prefontaine was.

Also best e-bike vid I ve seen.
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 obvious comment....dang BC is beautiful country.
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 Yea, come and live on the coast of BC, $5000, two live babies, and three kidneys in rent per month please!
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 @Bomadics: we're spoiled here in WNC, it's beautiful and not nearly as expensive...pisgah is our backyard.
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 @reecewallace was any of this filmed on the sunshine coast? some spots looking oh so familiar
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 Nope. Vancouver Island, Revelstoke, Kamloops, Lillooet
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 @reecewallace: that checks out. Awesome video!
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 That's some mighty fine ridin'. Just wonderin' where I can get a good sarsaparilla.
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 VO: This bike helps you conquer steep ascents
Video: Entirely down hill
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 Electric Mullet, what a great name for a band.
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 Don't be like reece kids, bring your whips back.. must be all that excess baggage from having a motor, barf.
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 A bit GReign-E but maybe my internet is slow today.
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 Epic video and riding with a great soundtrack too.
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 Not sure what hurt me more, the music or the red fork on a purple bike. This vid would be fantastic on mute and black and white, lol.
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 (Unpopular) opinion: e-bikes for fit people are lame
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