Video: Rémi Thirion Tears Up Morgins With a Racing Drone

Aug 20, 2020

bigquotesAs you know, we’ve always been and we will always be Remi Thirion’s fans! His unique style is well known by every MTB lovers: clean, fast, and flowy.

Ask him to ride one of the sickest Bike Parks - Morgins (Switzerland) - get his best action shots captured by JR Ceron and Arnaud Blin's race drone, add some chemistry and a good ol' Ozzy Osbourne song and you get this result:




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 The more I watch the more I love commencal....they come out with so much great content showcasing not only their bikes but also their athletes, I know its just a marketing thing but I think they're way ahead of the competition when it comes to videos like this. I freaking love my clash and the more I ride it the more I wanna buy a furious. Keep up the good work Commencal!
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flag IsraelB (Aug 20, 2020 at 20:33) (Below Threshold)
 commencal are aluminum crap
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 @IsraelB: alloy bikes. Facepalm next.....
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 @iljahsimpkin: if you lived in squamish youd know
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 I liked the part where he jumped really far, cornered really well and rode really fast.
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 I liked the part where he scrubbed almost every feature and still went further than I would. Due to his cornering really well and riding really fast.
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 I wish it was RAW.
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 Ozzy is great. The chills were from Remi's riding and Randy's guitar though
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 maybe the best ozzzy solo song ever!?
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 Morgins is a real hidden gem. Just far away enough from Morzine so the masses don't flock there. And the journey over there from Morzine feels very mega avalanche.
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 The masses flock to Pleney and its totally fine every single year
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 It's a lot busier than it used to be, more and more braking bumps seem to be making their way over there.... from Les Gets I assume...
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 @Imabigboy82: yeah, it was top qual only this time last week
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 Dude. Who doesn't NEED to ride after watching this?
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 Some steeze on the man. Drone work's on point as well????
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 I really am not sure. Let me come back to you on that one.
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 Dammit! Who put a question mark on the teleprompter?!?
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 that was crazy. I could barely train my eyes on the rider!
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 So sick! Great song! That bike park looks amazing! Oh, and the riding wasn't too bad either.
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 Style and speed AF, both Remi and drone operator killing it. No question marks. Thanks!
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 *That wasn't a question, just to clarify.
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 We were all fooled by the four question marks, subterfuge is on point!
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 Bamboozled again!
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 Drone pilot drank too much beer the night before.....
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 Was crazy seeing the drone flying that day. So much skill on it
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 That was sick !
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 Reminded me on a old school NWD. Great video.
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 Yeeaaaaahhh Boy.... Ozzy for president
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 I couldn't watch it because of the music. could you have picked a worse song????
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 Nice baeys!

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