Video: Rémy Absalon, Damien Oton & François Bailly-Maitre Explore Incredible Natural Trails in Jura

Dec 6, 2020
by Rémy Absalon  
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Web series: Come ride with me - Episode 2 / Jura mountain

Have you seen the first episode last week?! Rémy Absalon, Damien Oton and François Bailly Maitre are back with their new web series they came up with during the lockdown "Come ride with me" - inspired by the TV show “Come dine with me”.

This second episode takes place at FBM's beautiful riding place in the Jura mountain.

Episode 2 / François Bailly Maitre’s place – Jura mountain: Near the Swiss border, FBM lives on the highlands from the Jura. He welcomed Rémy and Damien with a typical meal made with the Jura’ cheese. Then he showed to his riding friends one of the best trails of his area: a long ride starting from the highlands till the waterfalls at the bottom of the valley. A must-do in accordance with the “Come ride with me” series!

Concept reminder: The concept is simple, one of the riders hosts the others and makes them ride one of the best trails in the region. The main goal is to show people that there is no need to travel too far in order to find a very nice biking destination. Up first was Damien who hosted the team in the Pyrenees, close to Perpignan. François, hosted them in the Jura, close to Geneva (Switzerland), where he now guides riders for his guiding company Jura Sick Guide. Remy showed them his favorite trail in Remiremont, in Les Vosges, where he lives and also manages his enduro camps company Irwego.

bigquotesWe’re all convinced that our spot is the best, but more than that, we are convinced that France is amazing for mountain biking. There are so many great places to ride your bike. As well the diversity is amazing for a quite small country.

So, once the 3 lads rode the trail, they had to give notes about a few criteria like,
- landscape (what is surrounding you on your ride is almost as important as the quality of the trail)
- dirt quality (good dirt loamy, versus sticky clay)
- global quality of the trail, that includes the flow, the trail features, length, diversity,…
- And the extras, like how they have been hosted, including food, drinks,…

But more than everything, it was a good excuse for these 3 friends to ride together during this crazy year with the lack of events. There is nothing better than having a High Five at a bottom of a trail with your best buddies.

Enjoy! And be ready for the last episode of the season in the Vosges mountain, at Rémy Absalon's place...


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 And with raclette too... always. Are you turning red right now ?
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 Cheese = red wine!
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 @Clem-mk: No !
A good Jura white : chardonnay-savagnin. Or a Savoie wine.
But the Jura is not for everybody's taste, it's really different and strong. Great with Jura cheese. But if you hear the video it seem's Damien and Remy know of it... and don't like it. Si handro is right : peasant !
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 @handro: don’t be conventional....
Some reds will better fit than some white. White is not a must. Be open minded.
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 @kegron: for sure Jura or savoie wine really are for tourist to complete the local table... But white with vegetables, fish...ok, anything as salted as fondue, raclette, tartiflette... RED worthy! Personal taste though Smile
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 @Clem-mk: I love the fact the PB comments section has turned into an argument about what wine pairs with what
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 @hambobet: what wine pairs best with a 2017 enduro?
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 2.36 His pants must have been full brown after that!
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 Does someone know the precise location of this trail?
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 this video has some comments
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 @OrangeSeba it´s all around in that area -> parc naturel régional du haut-jura

There is a hotel up on the pass if you start driving up from Mijoux and the trails start in the backyard. I guess you can see most of the trails on trailforks and if not, maybe write a message to François Bailly Maitre - I´m sure he he can give you some directions to start with.
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 Looks amazing. Just watch out for the Chasse hunting 5 days a week and shooting you!
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 I would love to ride there.
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 gave me a Bodeee

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