Video: Remy Absalon Hauling on his eMTB in Les Vosges

Dec 16, 2020
by Rémy Absalon  
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bigquotesBetween rocks, wet roots and loam, the Ransom eRIDE is the perfect bike for a winter in Les Vosges.

New toy: a bigger E-bike with the all new Ransom eRIDE. Rémy Absalon gives it a test on a sick technical E-bike home trail! Just enjoy how good it is to ride Les Vosges with some more power! 


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 Insert obligatory eBike hate comment from dude who will buy one in 5 years when he realizes all his bros get 3x the amount of downhilling in one ride.
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 I recongnize myself... Mine just come in one month after many years spitting on it Shame on me
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flag wibblywobbly (Dec 16, 2020 at 7:35) (Below Threshold)
 Or the obligatory “ebikes are awesome” comment from a guy who rides a six year old Stumpjumper and has never ridden an ebike.
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 @m4rmot: lol embrace it. Bought one for my dad to use and it’s essentially become my main bike, shocked at how well it handles / jumps for what it is.

I expected it to be a gimmick that I’d mess around on every once in a while.

I still feel a bit embarrassed by it, but man 6+ dh laps erases that feeling in a hurry.

Maybe it’s just a honeymoon thing, time will tell.
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 @wibblywobbly: You sure that guy doesn't just exist in your head?
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 Ugh, me too. I hate myself but the truth is that ebikes are amazing and that I'm having more fun than ever
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 None of my "bros" get nearly as much downhill as I do, they likely never will. Even when you include all their shuttling and bike park laps, I still get more, even though I climb 99% of it.
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 Says "wet toots" on the preview. Wet toots are the worst.
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 Oh yea, much worse then your average skid mark.
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 It's spelled "Las Vegas"... Sheesh.
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 What happens in Vosges, stays in Vosges.
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 @mi-bike: As for what happens in Mos Eisley, all bets are off.
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 How many dudes who absolutely shred named Remy are there ?!
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 So many fast Frenchies!
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 Hahaha, my first thought as well.
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 Hahaha Pinkbike admits wet toots. Shit happens!
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 What happens in Les Vosges...
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 Loam (/lōm/): a soil with roughly equal proportions of sand, silt, and clay.
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 Sold my spec enduro the other day. Just keeping the Levo.
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 Turn on your e-ped filter and stop commenting if you have nothing constructive to add! The rest of us need our safe space, please
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 I have the filter on, this still showed up.
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 dude rips and shreds so nice.
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 at first, it's like hang on, at last an e bike that doesn't look a...,then last side shot confirms the wait continues..
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 If I want to watch a guy on a motorbike I'd rather see guys like Manuel Lettenbichler, Johnny Walker etc
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 How nice. I the eMTB filter not working for you?

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