Video: Rémy Métailler's Best iPhone Clips of 2020

Dec 27, 2020
by Rémy Métailler  

Words: Rémy Métailler

2020 is coming to an end and as always I collected quite a few iPhone clips... It's been awesome to share these moments as to me they represent some memories that are stuck in my brain forever. Also some stressful and scary moments, who turned into a great time in the end.

Thanks to all my friends who helped filming that! All these clips were posted on my Instagram (@remymetailler), but I wanted to make them available to everybody.

Cheers to all the people out there who supported me!

Photon by One Up Components Sterling Laurence
Photo courtesy One Up Components / Sterling Lorence


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 100% the most rad rider of 2020. Brought us some of the best most consistent videos all year, thanks Remy!
  • 13 0
 Worked his ass off all year and didn’t even bother us with a whiny post about this sponsor or that not being on board for 2021 (and I think a few are changing over). Just quality content to the end. Consummate pro. Respect.
  • 9 1
 Just wild. Some of those things shouldn't even be possible and he makes them look easy. One of the only riders I follow on youtube!
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 Could not agree more. Has brought a lot of stone to a year that otherwise had me feeling a bit empty. Thanks Remy.
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 Agreed. Thanks for the stoke Remy
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 Totally Sick! I nominate Remy for rider of the year!! Thanks Remy!
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 It’s unbelievable how liquid he looks on the bike. Fascinating!
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 There’s a part in this video which appears to defy quite a few elements of how I define reality:
-Remy begins casually decending deathly-steep giant slab on a nose manual
-Loses nose manual, so decides to TURN AROUND halfway down slab
-proceeds to pedal straight back up to the top
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 E bike life man.
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 Every single year Remy just continues to push the boundaries of freeride mtb. Content has been insane this year, also can't believe he & Steve didn't win GoPro's line of the year this time around. One thing I would say, is that he should wear a full face helmet more - not a safety related comment, I understand his views on risk - but mainly because everything looks gnarlier in a full face and that's a fact.
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 yo i just watched his slab in gnarnia vid, shit was sick. Dude is a dope rider and this vid really shows it. He is fast AF. And i like how he admits its suicide no handers and scrubs in the trick basket haha.
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 Awesome stuff, so smooth. And every time I see those glasses in the pic, I think of Taron Egerton as Elton John LOL..
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 Watching Remi ride is always a treat. People like him make me wanna ride and go big! Keep it up Remi, always love the tech lines you throw down.
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 Always look forward to Remy clips...can shut it down from flat out better than most. Amazing bike control!
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 Beautiful work worked your a$$ off this year and it shows. Loved everything and believe you are the closest a MTB rider will ever get to the great James Stewart and the "Bubba Scrub"
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 Hold the phone horizontally brah
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 My thoughts exactly
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 This is SQ, not Whistler Bike Park and especially not Cape Cod. Those slabs are too long to fit on your screen horizonal-like unless you're zoomed out to pointlessness. Well, at least most of it..
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 @slowerthanmydentist: how did you
I loved cape cod
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 bubba scrubs... ill
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 Anyone else noticed how recently pinkbike is more or less just videos, I understand it means more content, but for most people reading at work. Its a lot harder to get away with watching a video compared to reading an article.
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 try working at work, ya lazy jabrone!
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 Hands down the best content creator for me right now(2020v. Not even Remy can make vertical iPhone footage watchable. I got to 2:24 and had to more on, to distracting.
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 That scrub!!!!!!! Whoa the speed
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 Hater s gonna hate
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  • 2 0
  • 2 0
  • 2 1
 Better than Trump
  • 1 0
 @barbarosza: by far better then Biden too!
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 Remi vs. Woodlot 2021!!

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