Video: Remy Metailler Chases Down Cole Bernier at Big White Bike Park

Sep 25, 2020
by Rémy Métailler  

I had never seen a bike like that before! 3 wheels and a motor!

Cole Bernier and I met at the Big White Bike Park, and I was not to sure how capable this bike was. Cole is a shredder! He comes from Motocross, and I guess you can tell from his skills and bike control! Well I was not expecting him to be that fast! This thing rips! Faster than the Grin Donut maybe...?

You may also remember my video with Stacy Kohut. It was a complete different bike, check it out here!

Check out his Instagram: @cbreezy614
Cole's bike:

Thank you Big White Bike Park for having us:

New video with Cole Bernier

New video with Cole and his 3 wheel bike on the channel.

New video with Cole Bernier


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 Bike check?
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 This is my point on asking for a bike review on these types of bikes. Look at all of the unique cool sh*t in this bike check.

I have ridden trials for a long time and I see some innovations on trials bike then end up on standard bikes. Maybe some of the innovations on the adaptive bikes could then end up innovating things on standard bikes I.E. 4 bar link was originally a suspension link on a race car. Just saying.
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 @vjunior21: Yea I think we need an actual article on adaptive bikes rather than these single pieces that get lost in the shuffle.

I'd also like to know their limits, and what types of trails are ideal. It seems like they might require a slightly wider trail surface than the average MTB.
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 Some steezy bike handling skills there!!! Let's hope that you don't bump it to that dumb ass couple from the vid the other Keep on rolling dude!!!
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 " ebikes allowed...." What a dick.
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The no e-bikes allowed guy will likely now start the movement to complete the sideway curb where access ramps are. Nothing like regressing in making life more accessible for those with physical limitations.

If I was in guy in the video I would have said "Sorry sir, I did not know you owned this municipal park."
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 this looks like a s*** ton of fun Big Grin
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 hate to be that guy but i'm trying to get money for that bike too thx for any support!
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 Fuck yeh Cole!
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 Am I correct in seeing that the front end of that does not actually have any sort of shock absorption? I see that it articulates, but there' no shock. Impressive skill of that driver/rider given the amount of impact he's sustaining.
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 It is full suspension. two shocks up the front as well as articulation.
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 I wonder why they made the bike like that with 2 smaller front wheels. Having the fat tires all around would give it more ground clearance and more traction.
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 So cool! Thanks for that video guys! You made my weekend!
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 Yes Cole!!! So fricken rad!!!
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 Bike therapy works in so many ways
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 Just blown away with this... massive props to Cole for keeping it real #sendit
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 Hero status
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 @remymetailler Thanks for doing this and showing true leadership and inclusivity in our sport. We need more like you.
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 Ive been riding mountain bikes since 1994. When the sport started Mt. Bikes were seen as the new plague in the forests. The hikers hated us and some city, State, and National forests banned us from riding in their woods. Hikers booby trapped trails with tacks, nails, and fishing line across the trails at neck hight. I didnt fight for the right to ride all those years ago to now try to ban fellow riders on E bikes. To all the young riders out there, You're Welcome!!
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 Holy hell that dude shreds. That Gecko trail is not easy to ride fast like that.
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 How awesome for him to have that technology available. Nice to get a look at the trails at Big White too.
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 BROOOOOOO that dude rips! I would love to try one.
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 Another great inspirational video, awesome. Where are the Ebike haters moaning about 'motors' now then?
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 That's the perfect use for an Ebike. Not for those healthy guys who are just lazy to pedal.
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 Man how convoluted of an idea do you have about people who dislike e-bikes? @PHAbiker is right some people are just too lazy to pedal.
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flag KoanB (Sep 25, 2020 at 7:29) (Below Threshold)
 @PHAbiker:'re saying this dude isn't "healthy"?
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 @monkeybizz: Having ridden both kinds of bikes, both E and non, I can say without a doubt you do more peddling on an E. It replaces pushing, and if you wish you can pedal against the limiter ,and get more of a work out. After 3 hrs plus of riding, you will have rode enough anyway in my opinion.
If you've never ridden an Ebike, I suggest you try one, then you can see how 'lazy' Ebikers are.
And i can say from people shouting cheaters, as I ride past up a fire road on which they are pushing. to most people now saying 'that's what I need, an Ebike'. Especially when we're hitting the same big jump lines, of course you're entitled to your opinion, and I respect that.
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 @b4uwereborn: I see from the difference in heart rates over the whole ride between an e-biker and someone on a normal bike. That's actual scientific proof right there. You should ride a normal bike more if you have to push.
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 @monkeybizz: I've ridden my trail bike with guys who were on E's, now i'm pretty fit as I commute to work 4 days a week on a full rigid hybrid. But I struggled just to maintain any pace, and as for climbs no contest.
The great thing about Ebikes are, is that you can cover just so much more ground quicker. So we can go to a trail center, eliminate any pushing, and just enjoy riding 3hrs plus. You still get a work out as you never stop peddling, personally for me I love it and so do my mates, We still ride our DH bikes, which we also love.
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 @monkeybizz: Some people ride for fun. I have both and depending on what I feel like riding, I'll choose one over the other. They are both a workout but why ride to heart rate when you're just going for a bike ride. Not everything is push the limits for exercise or training. You can always turn the motor off or ride in eco mode up a climb where I guarantee you that the 54 lbs uphill in eco mode is a ton more than a 30lb on a regular bike when doing technical climbs.
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 @MMOF: Oh I agree, most definitely me and my friends always ride for fun. Whatever your goals are riding wise, we're all different. I can appreciate riders who love to climb, as much as those who do it just for the downs. We're all here for the same thing, and that is to ride, have a blast, even a solo ride on the road is fun for me, at my age hopefully I've got a good few years left too;
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 I'm fine with mopeds but seriously you just sound irrational when you try to convince actual cyclists that you're getting a bigger workout. Keep lying to yourself you'll eventually actually believe it
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 @monkeybizz: I think it is hilarious that people who live in a country with chair lifts everywhere have the nerve to moan about ebikes.

To do the amount of descending in a day that can be done in a place like Whistler I would have to ride about 75km. If ebikes are bad then so are chairlifts and shuttles. I don't even own one but I see no problem with them.
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 @humoroususername: doesn't mean everyone uses chairlifts or shuttles just cause they're around lol
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 @KoanB: I mean people who don`t have any physical handicap.
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 @mollow: I'm not trying to convince anyone, how do you judge a 'workout', by miles, by how out of breath you are, or calories burned? I just said you can get a workout just the same on an ebike, as a normal bike. I ride both, so i'm neither biased against one or the other. Each has it's benefits, and I enjoy riding all.

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