Video: Remy Metailler Follows Steve Vanderhoek Down Steep & Slippery Trails

Mar 15, 2021
by Rémy Métailler  

My time now to show Gnar Master, Steve Vanderhoek some technical and steep trails! Steve came from Vancouver to ride some Squamish goods. The sun came out to make this day pretty cool but it was still a bit slippery out!

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 I love that Steve Vanderhoek is just a normal ass dude too, like he's got a day job and still send the gnarliest lines in his spare time. Freaking Boss.
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 Pretty sure his day job is fighting forest fires, which is like a normal day job, but dialed up to 11. Just a rad dude all around.
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 Amazing day Remy!
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 So good to watch! Keep it coming
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 Nice to see pro's are human too/stopping for unknown features, etc.

Lol that one edit when he turns and starts talking and then they switch to the other camera and you can't hear what he's saying... Smile

great riding, slippery stuff! Some spooky lines where your so close to a rock/tree and then because it's so slippery the whole bike janks sideways... like the trail is just trying to put your bar into a tree!
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 Every time I watch him I am still astounded at the skill and control he brings. Its nuts! Also....the ability out there to seemingly just dig and ride at will, wherever the hell it pleases them. Jealous.
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 Am I the only one who gets super excited to see gnarly trails in other parts of the world?? Smile
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 Based on this video alone, I was able to exactly pinpoint the location of this trail and I haven't even set foot in Squamish in over 10 years! Not sure if the trail is hush hush, but might want to cut out a fell tell-tale clues from the video.
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 Yeah a certain local Youtuber did the same a year or so ago on the main line that these two lines are off which is how I originally found the first one. I'm guessing the builder doesn't mind at this point? I think most of us (including me) are too crap to ride them anyway Big Grin The last line with the drop to RH turn is nuts. It's a nice dog walking area though ha ha....
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 @wallheater: haha as soon as I saw the horizon and the exit I knew where it was and then immediately thought "that's nice, not gonna dare ride that!"
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 There may be faster riders, Bruni, Hart etc but Remi has got to be one of the best in the world today. I watch everything he does and his skill is off the scale.
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 Bikes are so amazing now. I know they require a great operator but watching these sleds efficiently (& quietly) roll through rough terrain like that is pretty cool......and yes,props to Remy and Steve.
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 No speculation here, GIS show that it is on private land. Honestly I have no problem with non sanctioned trails as long as they are not publicised in this way, as this type of trail building sends all the wrong messages to the local and national authorities who we depend on for access. Agree with builders, riders, influencers and companies making money off the land should recognize and be thankful.
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 that looks so much fun ! Nothing beats fresh loamy trails
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 Sick riders and amazing techy and raw trails. These guys are entertaining.
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 Trails like these = the funnest way to ride mountain bikes. Thanks for the awesome footage & super cool to see the guinea pig run then two top to bottoms!
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 I would be interested in their forks suspension settings. I struggle with finding the sweet spot and having an upper end reference would help me narrow down the combinations.
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 Everyone is different but I really like to tune with spring rate over compression. I find lots of people choke their forks out by closing off compression rather than compensating with more air or tokens. I get my air pressure and rebound dialled through a ton of trial and error then fine tune with compression. I personally like a progressive front end which is why I don't run a coil front. I currently run my 38 at 107 psi which is 10psi over recommended at my 180lb is weight, 3 tokens, LSR -4 HSR - 3 HSC -5 and i cant remember how many clicks back from closed my LSC is but I run it 8 clicks from open. Sorry that's convoluted.
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 Totally off the point...can someone help me figure out how to add a profile pic....sorry for the off the wall comment
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 these guys have mad braking skills. there can be no chink in one's armour to ride a trail like this well. always a pleasure to watch Remi and friends.
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 New favorite dropping in phrase: "3, 2, 1.. baguette!"
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 So good man
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 Great stuff. Dinner theater.
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 I can't do that... I also stop at many features and then I decide to walk on Wink
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 Oh hi my names Steve Wonderhuck
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 Gnarly riding, I love to watch all of Remy's vid, and that dude Steve has very good style, fun to watch !
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 Remy: "it's pretty impossible to mess it up"

Me: hold my beer...
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