Video: Remy Metailler Follows Thomas Vanderham Down the New OneUp Components Trail in Squamish

Jun 25, 2022
by Rémy Métailler  

The good people from OneUp Components have been working on a new jump trail in Squamish for the past 5 years. From planning, getting a permit, building, testing, tweaking etc., it's finally ready for everybody to enjoy!

This is a preview with teammate and freeride legend Thomas Vanderham that we filmed a few weeks back. The trail is called Airplane Mode and will open this Saturday! See you there!

Photos by @Margusriga and @joelkfuller



Photo by joelkfuller

Photo by joelkfuller

Photo by joelkfuller


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 TV can ride a bike....
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 Can’t wait to check it out, realize how big that drop and hip gap actually are, then ride all the chicken lines.
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 Many people don't realize but when they built this trail they actually cut it right through a local jump spot that had been there for years and builders had put 1000s of hours into. Now the jumps are are unridable as a full line. you can see the reminisce of the line at 18.21. This trail could have been routed easily above or below the set of jumps, but instead they said the line had to be cut directly through the line. Thanks One up for taking away another dirt jump spot locals had worked on for years to build up the trail network.
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 One of the classic and unfortunate side effects of getting legal trails approved is it will almost always result in the removal of hidden stunts and trails that were never approved. Really too bad to see nice jumps get ruined. I think this is why dirtjumping hasn't grown like trail riding, it's almost impossible to have legal jumps built by people who care and in good locations. Sadly the Queens "public" land is not for all people. Any trail building association that finds unsanctioned jumps is almost always going to remove them to protect their government granted "privilege" of building legal trails, and no jump builder wants to have to consult the liability police and get told they are not allowed to create exactly what they want to. For the record I do think trail associations at least improve land access for most users, it just comes with a big price for those who want to see their own vision created. I hope the jump builders' next location is never found. RIP
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 I can understand the disappointment but at least there is a kickass new trail built instead of say...the bullshit thats happening on Burke Mtn right now...
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 @Bikedude666: what’s happening at Burke?
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 Let's fill the people in then...

So, first off, OneUp didn't decide to do any of what you are laying out, I did. Point your sarcastic shade squarely at me if you must. It was my decision, and I'd make it again.

Secondly, nothing on this trail build came easily. Not the least of which was a workable and consistent grade for this much-needed brakeless jump trail. Above or below were not easy alternatives as you say.

The Trail boss of the jump line at the time we were in the final layout phase (approved section 57 in hand) was Justin Whyper @wypdaddy. He was pleasant, measured, and reasonable when we met. He seemed to understand how in the middle of everything the jumps were... a stone's throw off of the busiest trails in Squamish. He was disappointed that we had gotten a trail approval in for that area, which I totally understood a the time. It had to sting to have your spot found and have a target on it's back.

Maybe Juston will chime in here, I didn't take him to be the type to wait 4 years only to troll our opening day press release but maybe he's 'user101'?

At the time it was clear our lines were going to interact, but the details were years away. At that time I said that we would delay working on that zone as long as possible, leave it to the end and call it good knowing that the jump line was filmable for (likely) years still. We exchanged numbers/texts and left it. I believe there was a Dirt Diaries entry in the works or something, they were deep in film prep mode so we just moved on.

Much later, when it looked like we were inside 18 months from getting to that end of the alignment with tools I reached out to Justin and he said he was not involved any longer and referred me to Dawson Amann @_thewildduece who had taken over the trail boss status.

I reached out to Dawson and we met for coffee at Cloudburst Cafe in late 2019. He was understanding of what I was laying out, which was... We'll do as little as possible to the line and advocate with the Rec Sites and Trails BC officers who need to sign off on our trail to leave the jumps be and not decommission them completely, which was the assumed outcome from everyone all along. He and I left it at essentially 'it's time to get all your filming in asap because I don't know what the province will do when they get to these unsanctioned massive dirt jumps'
In the 2 fulll years after that meeting we didn't disturb a thing. Shimano filmed Jackson Goldstone for his 'this is home' segment there but otherwise it didn't seem like much activity was happening.

Last year we chopped the set-up lip down in order to cross Airplane Mode off the old road grade it traverses before intersecting the dirt jumps. This was done with the aim of keeping the showpiece tombstone left hip still hittable, which it is. Max Langille sessioned it literally the same day as Remy and Thomas filmed this trail preview. From what I hear, sailed that hip like a boss.

The new shared roller with Airplane Mode acts as the setup now, that's it. Other than the sketchy blownout plywood ramp at the back (which the province said had to go) all we removed was a large load of trash, many empties, discarded broken buckets and plastic film and tools. It was a trashy forgotten insult to that forest with some rain-beaten jumps in the middle when we got there.

I personally advocated for keeping these impressive jumps alive as much as possible. The feature that remains is the whole point of that spot from my understanding. I feel absolutely zero remorse about changind a setup jump from an unsanctioned jump line, build without permission on crown land in a Squamish nation woodlot that is 30m from a forestry highway and the epicenter of mountain bike tourism in BC. None. This is not a hard-to-find, far away secret spot, it nver was, not even close.

Worth noting also is that there was another decade-old jump line that Airplane Mode crossed as well, just below the Half Nelson lot. When the province said they absolutely had to go as it was a one-rider-landing-on-another level safety concern, I reached out to Pat and Jeremy who built them. You know what the response was... "Yeah no worries, they had a long run. Excited for Airplane Mode!" They both came up and did a bunch of laps today and shared a beer with me after. They got to enjoy progress and improvement.

Literally, hundreds of people had a great time on this trail today. Thousands more will this year.
I get that it sucks to not have your hard-won 3 piece jump line remain untouched, unfound, and preserved forever...but if that means others can't go through the established process and bring a far more inviting riding experience to people than hyper elite/niche djs... I think you need to rethink where you are digging rogue.

As far as 'taking away another jump spot' that is simply out of touch. The move is still there and works AND is as grandfathered in by the Province as possible.

The Casino jumps, many private property jumps sets, and AIRPLANE MODE itself are all new and wide-ranging options that have popped up in the last 4 years since this project began.

RIP a setup jump and a rotten old plywood ramp...
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 @pasales: I too hope the jump builders' next location is never found. This one however was 10m from Another Mans Gold, a 25 year old trail that currently has 8,523 rides logged on Trailforks and 7463 on Strava
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 @knice: Developers building homes and roads by levelling trails in the forest and marketing them as “live next to the trails”

RIP Green Bastard & Ray Rays.

The more Section 57 legal trails that get entrenched on land-managers books, the less chance of condos and rowhouses.

@user101: Hi Justin!
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Thanks for all your efforts for everyone and consequentially keeping the condo developers at bay with the Sec.57.

RSTBC has been quite supportive of advanced level trails built safely. Quite a change from the war in the woods of other previous land managers in other areas. Keep up the battle and who knows, maybe one day big DJs will get Sec 57 legit. That’ll only happen by someone making the effort before the shovel.
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 @pasales: precious privilege indeed.

If you for one millisecond believe that any trail-building association would do this, give your head a shake.
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 @knice: developer destroying some of the lower trails. It was only a matter of time.
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 All that aside ... what is going on at Burke? Last I knew, there were flow skate-park-like trails like Jester on the lower half of the mountain and more choppy style riding up high?
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 Stoked for this addition to the trail network! Can't wait to put tires down this one
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 Thanks OneUp, I can't wait to ride it!!
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 Insanely good - flows so well & progresses really well. Thanks OneUp for all you guys do for the community!
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 Haven't been there before but near the bottom are the dirt jumps off to the left existing trails?
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 Soooooo sick. rode it today.
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 TV is pretty smooth for an old guy. This track is ridiculous, thank you One Up!
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 The follow cams on TVH are pretty sweet. You can tell he's a total natural talent on a bike.

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