Video: Remy Metailler Rides a Lesser-Known but Fun Looking Bike Park in Switzerland

Sep 27, 2022
by Rémy Métailler  

On the way back from Lenzerheide, I rode in Chur, a not so small bike park that very few people talk about. It has two gondolas, some good elevation, speed and steepness, but also some very intimidating features. It actually offers all you would want to ride in a bike park and I was stoked to be able to do a few laps!

Chur mountain biking trails

Watch the video from Lenzerheide:




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 It's actually one of the oldest bikeparks in Switzerland. It's rider supported and built. And it's right in the city, you can do your evening bikepark lap on this gnarly stuff. That's why the riding level there is so crazy, they ride this stuff all the time. They have done some changes to make it more suitable for normal people, but it still not a place for beginners and even hardly for intermediate riders. One my favorite places to ride a big bike!
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 Great trails definitely, but you really need to check the timetable for the lower gondola. It only goes like twice an hour. So when you don’t check like I did, you could be waiting for almost an hour to go up again.
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 Well half an hour that is, but it seemed like an hour…
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flag ratm54 (Sep 27, 2022 at 3:10) (Below Threshold)
 French point of view on switzerland bikepark :
* The price of communication is huge,
* Moreover in case of injury take your credit card because you advance the (huge) costs

So Thanks, but no thanks ;-)
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 @ratm54: American point of view on French point of view of swiss bike park: what do you mean ADVANCE the costs?!"

Lol, when you pay your own way all the time, you get used to it and go wherever you want to ride bikes. It sucks to pay for your own healthcare and to be honest I've never realized it was a benefit to travel the world freely knowing we have to pay for our own healthcare either way. I wouldn't want to leave my free healthcare zone either if I had one, but I don't so this park looks SICK! Might need to visit my uncle in zurich
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 @brass-munky: I think he means you'll have to go trough some paper work but will be refunded. In EEC countries ussualy you don't need to
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 @miguelcurto: Exactly. I have had a severe injury on french bikepark last years. The first four days of hospital cost is around 10000$. In France thanks to social security i paid nothing directly. It's the same thing with EEC membres thanks to agreement but not for switzerland.
Probably american is not concerned but europeen who read pinbike are !
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 @brass-munky: "I've never realized it was a benefit to travel the world freely knowing we have to pay for our own healthcare either way."
Lol :
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 @transitter: not true. gondola goes every 20min. also, when it's crowded, it goes back to back
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 @bastifunbiker: guess I’m spoiled, but that’s still too long.
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 First rule of Chur club...
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 never talk about chur
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 Tourists can take a train ride from Zurich, with their bike, hope off at Chur station (about an hour and a half), then pedal to the bike park. Afterwards, get a cheese fondue at the many restaurants on your way back to the train station.
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 Sounds fucking magical. Taking a train to a town with a lift access bike park, and eat cheese afterwards. Europe does it right.
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 @withdignityifnotalacrity: until you see the prices
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 @bashhard: comment couldn't be more german Big Grin

How many clicks of rebound do you run? - None, they're to expensive.
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 @cro-magnon: *too expensive
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 @bashhard: grammar and correcting. quite german too? Wink
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 @sack-zement: well observed
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 @bashhard: Could be worse, at least you're paying in a stable currency. I was in Switzerland over the last few days, shit was costing more every day. To the point where it was costing more in pounds than the advertised Swiss franc price. Yay Brexit.
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 It's crap, don't go there - ever. Please, forget about it. No fun, look at Remy complaining about arm pump, it's from all the terrible break bumps, and rocks, and huuuuuge roots. It's dangerous, you can fall to your death into the valley, there are no security nets. There are also no chicken ways. On weekends you don't find a parking spot and the cable car is crowded with hikers. You queue for 4 hrs if unlucky. Seriously, don't go there. Don't go there ever!
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 this guy knows what's up.
also there is terrible music playing. there is no bar that blasts "radio hits", there is no photo trap und there are sooooo many trees, bushes and whatnot. the gondola was built in the dark ages and is slow af. It's red, but it isn't fast. horrible.
Also, you might find cows standing on the track...
To go back to the lower gondola you have to ride trhough the streets of chur and maybe you get run over by a Postauto.
Don't do that!
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 how true... to add fuel to fire the cable cars are old and breakdown often so you can wait hours without riding (unfortunately that's true!!!) can't wait for the new one...
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 @motorstone: new gondola will come soon™
for real.
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 Isn't Chur Nino Shurter's hometown?
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 Chur is!
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 for chur, this park's a very good find. Great video and riding as chursual.
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 I live in Chur and this is my local park. I used to live in Squamish and North Van and it’s similar to all the big stuff there but it’s lift access so whopper,… and as you might imagine it’s the secret trails where the action is at. Great to see some publicity about his place and not all about Lenzerheide. Thanks Remy.
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 Didn't Sam Pilgrim visit this one? @Flosse there are no secrets in the digital age!
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 sam pilgrim did, lukas knopf did, several others did
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 I wonder what the plan is for those "bikes" at 6:23. I wish them the very best.
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 they ride down a fire road. it's some normal people's stuff
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 And here the „secret spot“ dies.
- one local park rat
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 If you don't want the sport to grow...
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 @therealmancub: oh I want the sport to grow. But the volunteers that shape that park don‘t grow on trees and the cablecar is at it‘s limit.
There will be a new one in a few years.
And maybe there will be more kids that shape that park and not only post vlogs and stuff.
Back to that shape together, ride together.
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 just keep in gnarly. no chicken ways, death gaps everywhere.

but seriously, it's kinda pointless to complain about people visiting a public bikepark. there are lots of possibilities if you decide to make the best out of it instead.

also, you can relax, no mass tourism will happen in Chur because:
- Switzerland is expensive af. There are nice bikeparks in Austria, France and Italy that are way cheaper like Morzine
- In the region there is lots and lots of riding that is nice too.
- And, as mentioned earlier, Chur is not for everyone, as long as it stays gnarly, the traffic will be limited.
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 Don’t worry, I can’t imagine it getting overrun anytime soon. If a pro rider is finding it tough, regulars are not going to have fun. I imagine most people will instead head up the valley to Lenzerheide or so and ride there.
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 You want some tissues?
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 I rode there in 2010 or even earlier, when there were barly any bike parks in Switzerland at the time. Lenzerheide Gondolas would not even carry bikes then

By the time it definitely was not a secret spot. It's always been well known in Switzerland but also always known for it's difficult trails.

The masses will anyways go to Lenzerheide and the "Tsürii" park rats might try it once, find it too tough and never come again.
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 hello friend.
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 Hey @remymetailler -- hello from Atlanta!

Just curious - why is your water bottle empty? Just curious if you made your own SWAT box or something lol.

Thanks for the video!!
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 I'm pretty chur there will be very few French people there. Non-positionally speaking
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 chur bro
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 Not into the woodeen jumps at the top, but the lower sections look like so much fun!
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 Delightful to watch! Rad park!
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 wow.. never knew there was a park... looks properly tough though....
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 I thought the Scott Velosolutions DH team mentioned Chur quite often, didn't they?
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 Looks like you could give the WC DH scene a run for they money!!!
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 he tried before
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 @bashhard: and rampage too...guess hes just a doomer now.
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 True I tried before. Also 15 years ago I tried to do a bike videos but that did not work out. Look now, I made it work. A lot of it depends how badly you want to make it work, and I did not enjoy racing, so I did not pursue it.
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 @remymetailler: Thanx for the reply!! Yeah I gave up racing when it became not fun anymore.. How does Hard Line compare, looks like its more of a jam vibe?

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