Video: Remy Metailler Rides Rocky Trails in France with Tito Tomasi

Mar 1, 2020
by Rémy Métailler  

Tito Tomasi is an adventurer! MTB, art, surf and trips everywhere, this guy has ridden more trail than anyone I can name. I met Tito years ago in France but we had never properly ridden together. He took me on a lap in his backyard, the famous Col de Vence.

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New Trail Preview

New Trail Preview


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 Loving the attention given to the uphill obstacles. I'd love to see more of that for sure! Also props to Tito for not crashing into those hikers and of course glad that they weren't upset either. Outdoor recreation relies on mutual respect.
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 I don't want to hate on remis videos but maybe instead of creating a post of every single video he uploads on his youtube channel, you could post something of other content creators. There are some really awesome mtb related channels on youtube that post some cool stuff and some of these go under the radar. Maybe you could make something like a "creator of the week" idk but there is a lot missed potetial. Anyway, love you pinkbike
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 That's all true, but one must not forget these A list videos are very important to drive the clicks, and therefore Pinkbike's revenue. We need to live with it if we don't want a paywall. But in the end, the two things are not mutually exclusive.
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 Remy's videos are posted regularly because Remy is an internationally acclaimed mountain biker who can compete and podium at elite international events. The "other content creators" you are talking about belong on youtube, that is exactly the purpose of youtube. Remy has earned a bigger profile and so we get to see his videos on pinkbike. When "other content creators" compete at Rampage your point will have merit. Does that makes sense?
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 I mean I literally have that trail on my youtube channel yet wouldn't expect Remy to post my video... He is already effectively doing what you mention by showcasing his "semi-pro" friends like Greg and Tito, rather than just the top enduro riders that live locally.
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 @Mugen: I try to showcase who ever can be the most relevant and someone that deserves some exposure as they are a pro or on their way to become one. If a trail builder is more relevant I will film with a trail builder, if it is an ex pro, a guide, the manager of a club or association I will film with them. But I will film with more full pros in the future too.
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 So I would not want to reply for Pinkbike, but based on what I observed they will not share any "youtube specific content" even if it's educative content "how to build a bike, how to ride in the wet etc..." if it is something Pinkbike can do themselves. They will only focus on content that features good riding and discovering new places (with Trail Forks, their own app). Pinkbike shares any content from any good rider that features something they find useful for their website and does not compete with what they already do or try to do. They feature the videos from Yoann Barelli, Sam Reynolds, and plenty of other athletes. Also keep in mind, it takes some extra work to create a post on Pinkbike and submit it. If other people don't take that time, Pinkbike won't go out of their way to make the work for them.
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 I do love the series from @remymetailler; those videos, almost uncut, with no real edit, including all mistakes, no prefect line on the trail ridder for the very (or almost ) first time. don't get me wrong, I like all those videos with prefect jumps, wheelies etc, but this is the life, this is the ultimate fun when you ride as good as you can and get a lot of fun from it!
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 One of my favorite trail in the area (after Bramafan may be). Good sea view for drone pictures. Did it under the snow, so fun ! (
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 This is mountainbiking.-
110% focus all the time because you get eaten up by thos rocks before you know it.
Southern France is gnarly. Hats of to you Remy and Tito.

I did Col de Vence on asphalt with my 911 in 2012 and saw plenty mountainbikers along the way. Have to get back there on the bike one day!
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 Brilliant - Merci Remi et Tito - I found that trail (the bottom half) when I was on holiday in Vence after TP. I rode up from Vence and back down again. Amazing ride!!!! I recognised a lot of it - especially the bits through the town Smile A+
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 Their "fast and flowy" is my "look out, it's choppy."
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 Flowy doesn't need to mean smooth and manicured. It's also about a trail which you can ride with all the features interconnected without awkwardness. Anyway, love the trails in the video, those are my favourite type by far
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 To be fair, 90% of the trails on that hill are one continuous rock garden, so that particular one is quite smooth and flowy by comparison!
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 @Mugen: Yes ! By Far !
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 @Arierep: Now you're starting to realize how little riding talent is talking on this end, but good point nonetheless.
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 All of these videos get me so pumped to ride! They also make me want to go explore and ride more trails I've never ridden. Keep them coming!
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 Very Nice! I guess you could say I am "Pro-Vence". ;-D

But seriously, looks like some of my home trails in Northern California. Fun stuff!
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 I was thinking the same thing
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 No thanks - very nice scenery 90% straight - practically no corners. Good for hiking.........

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