Video: Remy Metailler Shreds Flat Out & Rocky Bike Park Laps at Kicking Horse

Jul 29, 2021
by Rémy Métailler  

2nd and last resort of my Bike Park trip, this time we stop in Kicking Horse just above Golden BC, to ride some long, fast and rocky laps!

Check out the map of the trails:

Riding Kicking Horse New video here https jz7 Qg1kR5Y

Video by @the_frenchliner

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 He looks like I think I ride. Awesome!
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 These trails look so fun especially the roller coaster wood section through the woods. Amazing!
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 So Sick! Someone is loving the DH bike. Wish I had one!
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flag Bomadics (Jul 29, 2021 at 12:15) (Below Threshold)
 I think Lew Buchanan just proved that most of us don't need DH bikes!
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 @Bomadics: was that his Norco Enduro frame with full DH kit on it?

So he was 1" travel down on the rear compared to to the others.

What Lewis proved is Lewis (former Dher) is still some rider.
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 @betsie: You make my point, an enduro rig is much more useful than a DH rig, you can't set up a DH bike to go uphill.
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 @Bomadics: I’m sorry, but a modern DH rig at a bike park is going to feel many times more capable than a trail bike.
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 @leviatanouroboro: I am not debating that, I currently have a DH bike, and I used to race, for the people that have one bike and enduro rig is more useful, but if you can afford a DH bike, of course it is better in a bike park.

What I said above is MOST people don't need a DH bike, and bike frame sales prove my point. Outside of a bike park or shuttle location, DH rigs are close to useless, I know I have spent years walking my bike up local trails. 45 mins up, 3 mins down.
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 @leviatanouroboro: Also very few people have the ability to fully exploit the capabilities of a modern enduro bike, let alone a DH bike.
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 @Aptlynamed: If you want to ride that tank uphill go ahead, I have ridden a DH bike uphill, it just plain sucks!
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 @Bomadics: I had my VPfree, 224 and Sunday setup as all mountain bikes.
My first clean of the Torridon Achnashellach descent was on my Sunday and a modern enduro bike would struggle up there.
I raced Dh on the Vpfree as well as all day mountain rides. I even rode it with a Thomson layback backwards for some rides to steepen the seat angles
It's more about the kit on the bike for certain frames than the frame itself.

Bikes are longer and slacker these days and enduro bikes have steeper seat angles. There are more choices these days too, but some old bikes did the job too.

Wouldn't ride my current V10 up anything. Lol.
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 @betsie: I had the original enduro bike, a 2003 Stinky Deluxe, I raced it, jumped it, rode it up and down hills, commuted for 5 years, and even did a XC ride in Wales, which was a 6 hour/50 km circuit, all off road. That bike was heavy but it could do anything, try that with any DH bike ever built.
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 @Bomadics: I think it’s just different strokes for different folks man... not trying to square up on big hits like this without a DH bike. That’s just me though.

The last gen pivot phoenix carbon was routed for a dropper and I used to pedal circles around my friends with trail bikes. The polygon xquareone was also designed to have very little bob on the pedal. Both were fantastic all around bikes in my experience.
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 @leviatanouroboro: I don't believe you understand my point at all, so have a great time on your DH rig dude, have at 'er!
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 Reminds me of RHS who was guiding with Bike Verbier in the Swiss Alps in 2006 riding his Orange 224 uphill for about 3 hours, and then kicked our asses on huge alpine descents. At one point I was nearly ready to murder him Big Grin
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 @wallheater: orange even made different shuttles to change the geometry on the original 224. You could also move the shuttle to change the geometry. Took a couple of minutes to do.
I remember having Boxxer WC, DHx air and 717 wheels on it as an AM bike when not racing, it was under 32lb. Raced it with coil or air out back and Dh wheels.
Cant recall if I had 2 seatposts for it.
Arguably a 180mm modern 29er Enduro bike is more of a Dh bike than that old 26er 224 with 32mm boxxers.
(I never liked racing the 224, just could not go fast on it).

I always say my next Enduro (all mountain, general riding) and Dh bikes will be a 1 bike to do both as cant justify a new Dh bike for 5 races a year when Enduro bikes are so capable.

Back to where I started basically!
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 Never been but I plan to go one day. I have both an Enduro and DH bike. Seems like kicking horse would be better on an Enduro. Thoughts?
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 Enduro for sure, except for Pioneer (the race run) which is doable on enduro but enjoyable on DH.
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 @BlackCrowe: thanks! Will take my Enduro when I go
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 speed. mountains. a bike. wildlife. incredible views... love the vibe here
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 Came within 50 feet a bear cub @ silver mtn yesterday. Got the hell out of there!
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 What kind of hubs do your wheels have Remi? It sounds so good!
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 e13 LG1r
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 Ride more Talk less
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 You again !?

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