Video: Remy Metailler Shreds the Coast Gravity Park

Oct 7, 2021
by Rémy Métailler  

Back a few months ago, Peter and I went to the famous Coast Gravity Park for a short day trip to get some clips on some of my favourite trails. Some now classic trails who always deliver a great amount of fun and fluidity. World-class trail building!

Peter Wojnar behind the lens. No music, just the sounds of the tires.

Photos by Forrest Riesco

New edit from Coast Gravity Park tomorrow

New edit from Coast Gravity Park tomorrow


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 The best scrub award on the wooden stepdown! Would love to watch him ride in person.
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 One of my top riding moments was following him down A line - the man is the definition of steez.
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 So good
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 Damnit I always love Remy edits and his riding style. So smooth, fast, creative, etc. Kudos
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 Not sure who gave the negative props, but wow. Must be a miserable person or just hate Remy. I complemented the guy and his riding. Ride on folks
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 @bman33: How dare you love his edits.
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 @bman33: it was Remy himself. Man is just so humble.
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 I hate to be pedantic but the gravity at Coast Gravity Park is identical to the gravity elsewhere in British Columbia, and indeed the world, allowing for local geomorphology and latitude... Who am I kidding, I love being pedantic.
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 The sound of well setup suspended tires hitting rocks, roots, and the ground is absolutely the best. Nothing like it.
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 What did he pop into his goggles that I'm supposed to go buy immediately so i can ride like that?
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 Huh. He rides CGP different than me. I guess you don't need to brake all the time, case everything, and crash on Sliver. I'll try his way next time
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 He throws that DH bike around like it's got half the travel and weighs half as much. Eek
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 Mint little edit. Need to get back to CGP soon
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 so angle almost looked like the footage was sped up. great stuff!! Hope the recovery is going well.
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 Finlly got it.Its that bear that made him rush like that.
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 Paul Wall would approve of this...
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 Similar to an ant cuz he's low to the earth
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 @shredthe915: sittin sidwayz
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 Is this pre or post scapula? Remi is a shred master!!
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 scrub off the wooden drop was delicious!
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 Hats off to Peter, incredible video
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 But they had to cut so many trees to build that park ….
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