Video: Remy Metailler Shreds Whistler Bike Park with 13-Year-Old Mateo Quist

Jun 14, 2021
by Rémy Métailler  

I took Mateo Quist for a few laps in the bike park last week. He just turned 13 years old and his speed and style is absolutely unreal. I let you have a look by yourself:

I had met Mateo in 2018. At the time he was 10 and I followed him at the Coast Gravity Park down Coastal Cruise and Fly Deck.

New Raw video following the future

New Raw video following the future

Follow Mateo and I on Instagram: @mateoquist @remymetailler


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 Surely the Dirt Merchant run was impressive, but what struck me was his speed on Samurai Pizza Cat... holy sh!t.
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 “Thats the local line”

Yeah , not so much now that you showed it to the entire world…thank you for that ! ( insert facepalm)
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 It was good while it lasted
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 Gotta say thats a major problem all around the world with mtb influencers
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 how long as that been there? surprised someone would bother cutting/raking in a line where it's so busy... looks fun though, too bad it will get hammered and shut down now.
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 the world's most popular bike park is probably not the best place for a "local's line" regardless if it gets shown on the youtubes.
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 I give the kid some slack, as I've seen grownups behave even worse about local trails here in SoCal 25 years ago.
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 Thanks for showing everyone the loamer trail… it was something built under the radar… now it may have to close because of your video… thanks again
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 This is proof that if they want to be, kids can be absolute badasses
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 Yeah, Desire + Opportunity is a great combo!
I wish more kids (or any of us) had the opportunity to ride amazing trails like he does locally. That kid rips!!
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 no fear! awesome to see his confidence. Riding CGP like that at 10 is so killer ahah. New dirt merchant looks challenging and fun
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 Man, at ten, he was better than 90% of the riders I've seen, and in just 3 years he's made quantum leaps in speed and style.
Mateo can write his own ticket!
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 Devil's Club loamer looks fun.
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 The Force is strong with that youngling.
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 wtf when I was 13 I was eating belly button fluff!
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 Wow what a beast
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 Wow! The kid shreds! Wish I could corner like that!
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 Young wizard!
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 Don't think I ever saw kid sketch, even once. So smooth and powerful.
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 SICK! Gotta get up to whistler sooner then later. Wanna send dirt merch sooooooooo bad!!
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 Sick riding Mateo!
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 best mtb vid ive Eva seen, surely FF was used in a few places ? can't be 'real time' !!!
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 I was thinking the same. The kids obviously fast, and an absolute animal on the bike, but it does seem to be sped up in sections. Still an insane run by any standard! Good show Mateo!

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