Replay: Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup DH 2013 - Remembering Stevie Smith's Win

May 10, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesThis Sunday, we remember one of MSA’s most iconic races. Dominating a 2013 season, Stevie made history with his legendary Mont-Sainte-Anne run in the rain to secure vital points for the overall UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup win. Those points ultimately became extremely valuable during an upcoming battle in Leogang with Gee Atherton that year. Smith still stands as the last Canadian to win a World Cup at home.

Joining Rob Warner & Claudio Caluori on commentary duty is a roster of downhill talent including Finn Iles, Myriam Nicole, Brook MacDonald, Emmeline Ragot, Gee Atherton, Mark Wallace, Sam Blenkinsop and Brendan Fairclough.
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 Every time I listen to the downtime podcast and they ask "who would you want a coaching session from?” I’m always screaming at the speaker to say STEVIE!!!!!

I’d just love to know how he looked so good riding a bike, I know there’s been faster, more flamboyant riders but he was just downright fast no matter what the weather and did it with (IMO) unrivalled style.
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 My favourite thing about this season from Stevie was him showing up to Crankworx after MSA and absolutely dominating. Most guys in the title chase stay home to play it safe and focus on the overall (fair enough) but Stevie’s confidence was at an all time high and he loved racing so much that he showed up and took the DH and Aline. What a champ
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 And He still holding track record on canadian open Wink
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 I remember that, just flat out destroying Canadian Open... the infamous Heckler's Rock pic of Stevie is from that year right?
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 @gramboh: yep,I think that was that year and bigger party on Heckler,s rock.Shirts down Big Grin what a sweet memories
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 I was there that year. I remember everyone was bitching about how gee laid up in qualifying to get an early run for finals before the rain moved in. It was so awesome seeing Stevie cross the line with green on the board. The crowd on the lower mountain went wild and everyone started rushing down toward the finish line.
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 @mlr428 must have been amazing to have been there! And too bad people bitched about Gee qualifying mid pack. That’s smart race tactics, and exactly what Matti Lehikoinen did at Champery in 2007 to take the win from Sam Hill.
Clearly Stevie was man of the day at MSA, and a master class in commitment. Also a class act for Gee to come on and give live commentary for a race that he didn’t win.
Also - 26” wheels look comical now under some riders, especially big guys like The Goat.
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 So... Stevie got 2nd. At worlds, in Canada, with his bars turned and fork crowns twisted.
An amazing testament to raw skill and also one of dh racing’s big what if’s that nobody knew about. Not even him.
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 Could have been a different story at MSA in 2010 if Stevie’s fork wasn’t twisted for his race run.
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 Can’t wait for this. I don’t really remember it. Was it broadcast on the old freecaster back in the day?
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 Atherton set the top time and then it started to rain, As the rain progressed times coming down were not able to crack the top spot. Smith came down last man on the mountain and put together a winning run in the mud. I remember watching live, one of the most exciting race runs I have ever watched live. Also helps with RW going crazy on the mic.
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 Yeah, Steve is legendary. Such a great person....
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 Tugging on my heart strings here guys. Making a trip to his bike park is on my bucket list
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 Robs hair hahahaha
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 he looks like Worzel Gummidge ha ha
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 Whats with Gees 70s porn star look???
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 Enjoyed this - lets have another one - Champery???
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 Claudio wins best lockdown haircut
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 Enjoyed every moment, and Rob you’re the
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 They did this???
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