Video: Replay - World Cup Fort William Finals

Jun 8, 2014
by Red Bull Bike  
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 I still can't believe this. Was by far one of the best races that I've watched in a while. When the rain came everyone thought it was over, but then instead every rider just went quicker and quicker. And then for Troy to take his first ever win and Sam to be in second. That's pretty special. Looks like the title race this year is going to be nice and open. SICK!
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 Took his first ever win, that in Fort William is just amazing!
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 Amazing many of these guys are on point right now. Long live downhill.
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 Time to sell the enduro and buy the demo!!??
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 So happy for Troy boy , totally deserves it
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 I think specialized proofed that their bike is dailed!
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 I am so fucking stoked to ride bikes. Bikes rule
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 I must honestly admit I used to hate on Gwin. Just a little bit. Not for him being an American or something, but for him making the WC so boring in the years of his domination. But being able to come back after a devastating season with such strength as he showed today is incredible. Truly, I have nothing but respect for him left. Congrats to Troy again, a well deserved win. Also, Martin Maes - awesome. Never heard of him until today, now I am a fan. And real bad luck for the ladies with all the flats, but the race for overall will be all that more interesting. Fantastic WC round.
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flag tobiusmaximum (Jun 8, 2014 at 10:57) (Below Threshold)
 How many years has gwin won the wc overall? I've got a feeling I must've missed his 'domination'.
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 You must be trolling.
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 @tobiusmax - winning 5 out of 7 WC races in 2011 by often ridiculous margins and getting 2nd in the other two, and then winning 4 out of 7 the next season (2012) - many by ridiculous margins as well, and on the podium on the rest of them...I think that counts as two seasons of utter World Cup DH domination. On the other hand, if you're just trolling, I took the bait.
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 Tobius, I really hope you're being sarcastic. Killer race though, so stoked to see Brosnan, Hill, and Hart sittin' at the top! Killer race from Smith as well, crazy to come back to such a high level and deliver. Flat pedals for life!
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flag tobiusmaximum (Jun 8, 2014 at 12:23) (Below Threshold)
 Number one: I asked a valid question. And since he has one title I now have my answer too. Sadly I just feel you need to do more to 'dominate'. When he's cleaned up for two more seasons then maybe. And lads, 2nd in anything (even if it's every time) is not domination.
Number two: had to be three yanks clammering to defend your dominator!
Number three: to understand domination, look for someone with lots of titles to start with.
Number four: I don't troll.
Number five: but there is nothing wrong with putting inverted commas round domination just to stir the gwin groupies.
Number six: remember lads.. don't give no head? no backstage passes! Lol
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 Two consecutive WC Titles and winning 9 of the 14 races in those seasons isn't dominating? I'm no Gwin fanboy, but numbers do speak.
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 He's upset because Gwin keeps beating Gee. ; )
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 And let us not discount the number of qualifying wins in those seasons as well. Those are races too, in that they award WC points. Two seasons of domination counts as domination. Lots of titles - a race win is a title, a World Cup overall victory is a title. So yes, lots of titles. Sam Hill did it too over a couple of seasons. Nico Vouillouz did it with World Championships. Not a Gwin groupie, but a fan of the sport and admirer of those who push it to another level through consistency, hard work, raw talent and a little luck.The man dominated for two seasons. Ask the other racers.
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 tobius, no need to be rude. Anyway, his winning 2 seasons in a fashion well described by herzalot for me meant there was no point in watching the last stages, because they were simply boring without a real fight. Subconsciously I blamed Gwin for that. Today seeing him ride, I suddenly realized he was 100% worth the titles and 0% deserved the hate, because he was simply such a professional athlete.
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flag tobiusmaximum (Jun 8, 2014 at 14:25) (Below Threshold)
 So it suddenly transpires he has two titles!? Can we have the facts in please before you all lose your shit. I don't follow race results, I don't pour over times. I asked a simple question, because I didn't realise that he'd 'dominated'. I am definetly not a gwin hater and I'm not a major Atherton fan. I'm just well aware of the catapulted godlike status people like to apply these days. And I think I'm totally justified in saying that domination is only counted in '1st places' and titles. All the rest is a nice bonus but ultimately it's padding. I actually like gwin, but lets just get this straight... Because I dont know, hence asking the question... How many world champ titles, how many world cup titles and how many world cup wins? I'm happy to concede to evidence of domination. I didn't realise people would get so hyped about some inverted commas. Either that or you just pounce on people who don't know the stats... Which is geeky as f*ck basically, so I hope it's not that. Oh hold on, the gwin hate.. now I get it.. you all thought I was hating on Aaron right? If you did, that's not the case, I'm just looking for the evidence. Which is not the same as saying it doesn't exist. Read my first post again but insert the knowledge that I've not followed dh to that degree for a while, hopefully it sounds more innocent. p.s. I got cheeky because of the response to a perfectly reasonable question. Sorry if I offended anyone. Peace.
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 "I don't pour over times...And I think I'm totally justified in saying that domination is only counted in '1st places' and titles." Well with that sentence there, it is hard to even have a conversation on this subject. You clearly have a different definition of the word dominated, but those who you are asking those questions of have just as justified a definition of the same word. You can dominate even in just one race/game/many other things. He did indeed dominate the DH scene for two seasons using many different categories of measuring that success.
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 tobiusmaximum, Please allow me to respond to your initial post, as you presented it. "How many years has gwin won the wc overall"? He won the WC overall twice, back to back in 2011 and 2012. "I've got a feeling I must've missed his 'domination'."
I don't know if you follow all the races closely or not, but if you don't, it's entirely possible that you did miss it.
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 best race of the season so far, thanks fort bill for getting rid of the enduro bikes !
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 For a track that is supposed to be super gnar, I was quite bummed out that most of the footage shown was the crappy pedally jump section at the end.
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 PLC07 - yeah i would of liked a bit more of the tech on the coverage but the motorway defo made it exiting
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 it seemed a lot of time was gained or lost in8n the woods.. and from claudios preview it look nice and techy.. the limited coverage forcing the show to go by fast... 10 seconds up top 30 at the bottom.. missing the whole course
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 I guess we have to wait for the dirtTV and team edits to see those sections. I'll take what Red Bull gives me as long as it's free.
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 Danny Harts run was freaking awesome, always an interesting rider to watch. But hats of to Troy. Congratulations and good going!
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 I thought hart should have Won for that upper section
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flag chyu (Jun 8, 2014 at 10:29) (Below Threshold)
 his manual at the bridge costs him.
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flag chyu (Jun 8, 2014 at 10:29) (Below Threshold)
 his manual at the bridge costs him.
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 clock never lies though
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 His manual did not cost him 2 seconds. He pedaled through it. Maybe cost 1/2 second or so.
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 the manual looked sick tho Smile
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flag jaurl (Jun 8, 2014 at 18:37) (Below Threshold)
 What kind of imposter american flag is that
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 So happy for Troy he deserved it hes a proper technical rider and as fast as the big guys with the pedaling
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 Sam Hill. Martin Maes. Legends.
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 Was really hoping for Sam Hill to win it, but super happy for Brosnan.
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 Yeah i'm feeling kinda sorry for Hill, would have been super awesome to see him win! But Brosnans Run was awesome though!
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 the man himself, does it again... Rob Warner is the s***.

"(Stevie Smith)... the greatest comeback since Lazarus!!!"
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 crap I hit neg prop. That quote made me laugh hard.
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 I'm stoked with Stevie's return, 6th on the first race after a broken foot and he looked soo freakin quick already. This race was absolutely phenomenal to watch. Every rider seemed to be on top of their game and that's what makes it a blast. I got chills every single time a rider came down beating the previous time. There was f1 racing in my city sunday but everybody who wanted to see real racing should've stayed home and checked the WC. Can't wait for the rest of the season
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 If Carlsberg did World Cup races...
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 Steve Peat would win!
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 I'm really happy with the top 10!
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 well done Troy! Almost thought Sam had it for a minute though! Great racing throughout and at least the Scottish weather held up! See, flat pedals really do win medals! Well silver anyway!
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 14 brits in the top 30. can't complain!
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 There's just something about watching a guy in flat pedals nearly destroy all the competition. Great run Hill. Hats off to Troy though.
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 Connor Fearson's middle section was SICK! This guy is quick. Oh and Redbull, would be nice to see a little more of the race... Cameras in the wood section would be nice.
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 I agree that coverage in Cairns kinda sucked but to everyone b@tc&ng to Redbull, think about it, free costs them, they can charge for better coverage or say blow me and read about it tomorrow! So thank you Redbull for keeping us in the loop and please just study the camera placement.
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 The broadcast was awesome & conditions were sweet for racing. Big up to Troy takin out his first mens elite win, & to do it @ Fort Billl-fantastic!!!I'm a huge Sam Hill fan & was cheering hard when he bettered Gwins time..surely its just a matter of time before Sam wins again...?!!!
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 Stoked to see brosnan win! Awesome to see gain retain the leaders and jersey and now there are two Americans in the top 10 overall. Good showing by Steve Smith for coming back off an injuring and riding that way!
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 Out of all this insane racing, I think the most impressive was Fearon's bottom section. Un-fucking-believable! He looked like he was dancing
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 loic's step down whip tho
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 would have loved to have seen a Brit on that top step but congrats to Troy sweet run! And so cool to see such an open competition for the title this year its gonna be a good one!
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 dannys line through the rock garden was amazizing!
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 Any coverage or the Junior runs?
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 Was such a good race, just kept getting surprised when every rider kept going quicker and quicker and quicker!!!
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 "Is there a detective in the finish area because Brosnan just murdered this course"
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 Kinda crazy the wind changed direction for the last 5 guys or so, youll notice if you watch the flags
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 Sorry my bad just a bad spoiler at the beginning.
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 The fact that is was on not of a massive distance from me and I have been sat here studying for 14 hours this weekend ain't cool
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 thats awesome happy for troy and sam cool finish
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 Sam Dale peDALEd sooo hard.... He was like rocket on a finish jumps!
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 Pretty sure he won any long-jump competition they had for the last jump today.
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 Demo 8 1&4 yes :-)
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 so good!
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 "Regardez le time!"
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 Amazes me that on a track where the bike bounces so much and a very pedally bottom section that flat pedals can still get second!

Flat pedals win medals, but clipped in takes the win! Wink
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 yes exactly what i thought, i don't know why pps neg proped me.
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 Bet Greg is gutted he didn't have 650b wheels on that v10! Going fishing
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 Lolwut. Times haven't really shown proving anything either way, atleast not yet. Imo Wheel size should be more directed as proportional to the rider's height/size and depends on the suspension too.
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 And I've caught one
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 que prendida la final :O
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 Why are there so many flats? Why don't these riders go tubeless?
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 poor rachel
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 i could be wrong but was that an official, or course marshall who was helping her on the bike?
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 Exactly... And I doubt she asked him for help, but she gets dq'd... Pretty lame.
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 ... looking at it the other way, maybe she should have got another run because a course marshal messed with her bike during the race. Wink
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