Video: Retallack Dream Lines in 'Back to Basics' with Micayla Gatto

Jul 9, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

When life gets to be a bit much, you need to get Back to Basics. Follow Micayla Gatto as she gets back to her roots.

Athlete: Micayla Gatto
Filmed By: Scott Secco
Photography: Hailey Elise
Location: Retallack Lodge

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 Wow beautiful riding, filming, and locations!
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 Big fan of Micayla - such a sick rider. Looking forward to more vids!
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 She is a true ambassador for our sport
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 Micayla is awesome but for the love of all things holy someone please fix her cables!!!!!!!
2:40 in the video
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 its for those sick ass barturns!
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 I’m so pleased it wasn’t just me cringing at the badger snare of cables and hoses there !
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 Totally loved watching her Perspective video and reading her story about her trip to India in Freehub mag and the incredible photos related to it. I couldn't wait to watch her riding at Retallack, so I put the kids to bed, set everything up on my 4k monitor, start drooling at the awesome trails, landscape and riding, and... the DB logo pops up after two minutes. Wait, what? That's it? two minutes! Where's the full film? More please!!
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 Amazing, beautiful, natural, rugged terrain.... and highly manicured, buffed, un-natural trails.
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 Rock on, Micayla!
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 Sweet riding. My backyard rocks. Sweet drift Vic!!
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 I like her videos, she seems fun!
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 looks like a machine made trail in the sub alpine ?
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 Some sections are machine made but most of it is all hand done. Place is amazing!
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 Too bad she's not a cat-mom.
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 Love, feed and nurture a dog and it will worship you like a God.
Love, feed and nurture a cat and it will think you worship it like a God.

...The difference between cats and dogs my friend :-)
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 @karatechris: animals don't know what gods are. Cats are certainly different than dogs. Some of them just want to chill... And have snacks
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 @karatechris: it was a “dad joke”

Gatto -> gato -> cat -> slaps knee laughing hysterically
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 @karatechris: Well there's that, another difference is cats don't drag their arses across the carpet. ;-)
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