Video: Pump For Peace Returns to Lesotho

May 15, 2018
by Velosolutions Global  
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When the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship was conceived, Velosolutions' goal was to ensure that even the most remote communities could have their chance at being a world champion. Take a look at the impact #pumpforpeace has had in Roma, Lesotho one year on.

The Red Bull Pump Track World Championship is open to anyone, simply register to race here

Laying asphalt in Roma, Lesotho for the first pumpforpeace project 1 year ago, now the host track of a Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Qualifier

Find out more about Velosolutions and #pumpforpeace.

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 Very inspiring. I'm sure very rewarding for Claudio/Velosolutions.
Let's hope that in future events the local kids will manage the change the color of the podium!
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 Agreed. These events are awesome and I am glad Velosolutions is putting so much time and $ into bringing this to every corner of the earth, its inspiring. However....the winner is the reigning junior XC world champ from Australia...and the other 3, South Africans, didn't qualify in the Durban, South Africa round so just hopped over the border to Lesotho and SURPRISE, they qualify. Just seems to take a bit out of it for me.
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 Good to see the project working. When I am bored i go to the track, when I am stressed i go to the track....They might not have much compared to us, but from her attitude that simple project is having a huge impact on her life and the others around her having a place to come and relax and have fun. You never know next year she could be challenging for the podium.
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 This is definitely a feel good project for 1st worlders, however, it can't do any harm. Any respite from the daily grind of living at poverty level for those kids is likely welcomed. Also. If just one kid makes it out and goes pro etc it could have a lasting long term positive impact.
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 If one kid chooses blasting laps on this track to get his kicks instead of whatever else shiny seems tempting, that is one positive impact, no matter where in the world. Kids at some age need challenges and kicks. Some shady stuff provides that, progressing on a track like this does this too. No need to be pro. A positive self esteem is a goal in itself too.
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 Good inspiring vid. But I found myself actually looking twice as I mistook Claudio for Peter Andre. ???? "What's that dick doing there?"????
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 Very cool. Now that the groms saw what it takes they can start taking over.
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 How about building them real roads? That they can actually drive on. They need real infrastructure, not a pump track.

What ever makes you feel warm & fuzzy I guess?
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 The length of asphalt they put down there wouldn't contribute much to an infrastructure. And it won't be nearly as much fun. Now kids (or well, people in general probably) who engage in sports activities are proven to be happier and less likely to get their kicks from the bad stuff. I haven't heard of a half kilometer of infrastructure to have this same positive effect.
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 Yeah I’m sure Velo has the millions of dollars it takes to lay down miles of asphalt to actually make a difference. Retard.
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flag m1dg3t (May 16, 2018 at 12:52) (Below Threshold)
 @TightAF: Way to miss the point. Retard.
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 @vinay: When I want to end a drought, I piss into the wind.

What bikes are these people going to ride on this pump track? The ones Hans Rey just dropped off?
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 @m1dg3t: you, the intellectual, says that these people need real roads and infrastructure. Wow what a mind blowing and novel idea. While simultaneously making fun of those that offer what they can, in this case velosolutions, saying that they are just doing it to feel good. What an imbecile.
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 @TightAF: This is akin to pissing on some ones shoes and telling them it's raining.

Pure marketing/photo op for Scott/RedBull. If you wanna stroke these guys off because they made you feel good go right ahead!

These people have real needs, and a pump track isn't 1 of them.
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 @m1dg3t: what’s with your fascination with pissing on people. No shit these people have needs. No shit. Redbull/velosolutions/Scott are clearly not equipped to build an entire infrastructure to address these needs lmfao. But what they can do is build a pump track. Wow how evil. How inconsiderate that this company cannot save a struggling country, but can give back in their own small way. It’s like your saying these people (who have a bike shop, who own smartphones, who take people on bike tours) shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy their pump track cause their country is facing larger and more pressing issues. I guess velosolutions shouldn’t build in Any country because CLEARLY they need to solve the country’s pressing issues of the Day first!!!
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 @m1dg3t: Have a look at Google satellite and street views - if your definition of 'real roads' is one made of asphalt, then they have them. It just happens that the only road shown was one of the smaller roads in the the town that aren't sealed.

The satellite view shows Roma has a large hospital and a massive university campus. They have electricity and running water. Plenty of shops on the main street.

All the cattle seen look fine, as would be the case where the grass is green everywhere - something most Australian farmers dream of.

Obese kids are missing, but I guess you can't have everything.
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 @iamamodel: Hey, you're absolutely right! What they really need is a McDonalds Smile

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